Black Hats Vs White Hats

In the old days of the wild, wild west, “Wanted DEAD or ALIVE” posters had been widely circulated identifying bandits who robbed banks, stage coaches, trains, mines of gold and/or silver and anyone who carried GOLD or CASH. Bold letters at top of these posters proclaimed an award for capture of said bandits along with the bandits’ picture, usually in a black hat. The bottom of the “WANTED” poster, a list of all the crimes the bandit had committed.

The black and white motion picture shows in the 1930’s would typically present the wild west bandits as the bad guys, always wearing a black hat, being brought to justice by the good guys who always would be wearing white hats.

Today, it is not easy for us to identify the good guys vs. the bad guys. It was easy for us in the past to realize who we are being robbed by the bandits and bad guys. The 21 century fashion is different. Today’s bandits are robbing the businesses that are working to bring economic development are not identified. These bandits have no worry of any type of poster being circulated, noting their crimes that have and are being committed, a picture of the bandit(s) with a black hat, and finally, the award for the capture of such villain’s. Where are the good guys, the hero’s in the white hats? In today’s modern technology, we have a conspicuous absence of the good guys to the rescue!

The black hats have falsely proclaimed to the public that they are the saviors of the environment and endangered species. It is business enterprise that has the expertise and tools to eliminate environmental hazards and ensure for the preservation of endangered species in alternate habitats, that present no conflict with human habitation. The bandits pay no attention to the technology enterprise uses to ensure for environmentally friendly operations.

Black Hats have become modern day bandits, stealing from the businesses that promote reasonable development, and incorporate employment that has substantial salaries tied to it. Blatantly over-looked are the federal government environmental standards published in the Code of Federal Regulations that prevent such abuse of the environment.  Abuses that occurred during the days of the wild west when there was no preventative environmental technology. These bandits in Black Hats only point to what was done in the past and poo-poo to any media attention to those in the White Hats who have developed the technology that will protect the environment. For the most part, the biases of our commentators, publicists and politicians never direct any credit to the available technology that can be used to overcome environmental hazards. Our media wears The Black Hats when they seriously avoid proclaiming how modern day technology can protect the environment and bring a DEAD economy back to an ALIVE and thriving economy.

What do The Black Hats do? They scream, they holler, they protest, and they SUE to stop economic development.

What The Black Hats don’t speak about is of the environmentally safe technology that is available and being used by business enterprise. Look at the list of crimes The Black Hats have committed to save “their” environment, which puts money their pockets. Because of a ridiculous laws that pays the legal fees of the bandits to sue the Federal Government agencies that issue the permits for mines, retirement communities and roadways. A short list of what the Black Hats have done:

1. Attempting to shut Fort Huachuca down on the speculation that the San Pedro aquifer will be depleted.

2. Putting a STOP to bringing the U.S. Army Language School to Fort Huachuca. Reason, speculating more growth will deplete the San Pedro aquifer.

3. Delaying the Rosemont Mine permit process by eight (8) years. Reason, speculating that the mine will deplete water supplies, pollute the area, and cause destruction of animal habitats.

4. Objecting to the installation of a necessary electric power sub-station and transmission line into Sonoita on the assumption it is a threat to endangered species. These objections have cost our Sulpher Springs Cooperative nearly 1 million dollars.

5. The cost to build a bridge across the San Pedro increased substantially due to delaying construction for two years all to protect the nesting of a non-existent bird. This was a waste of tax payers money.

6. Attempts to STOP mine development in Superior, Arizona. Reason, speculation that development is targeted on a Native American religious site. The Native American Indians living on the nearby reservation do not agree to this myth as they want the jobs the mine will create.

7. Have filed lawsuits against our government for permits that had been issued to real-estate developers on incorporating retirement communities: Tribute and Vignito. Reason, speculation that these real-estate development will deplete the aquifer. The San Pedro River floods on an annual basis and some of this flood water could be used to recharge the aquifer.

8. Bringing a HALT to the permits that allow the evaluation of a mining development near Patagonia, Arizona. The bandits assume open pit mines are dangerous to the water table.

9. Squandering our State Highway Funds on the building of a dangerous single-lane bridge that creates the hazard of head-on automobile collisions. The one-lane bridge was built in Hereford, Arizona to discourage growth and development in the area. This is a senseless and irrational reason to impede traffic.

10. Creating delays and stopping progress on extending Buffalo Soldier Trail to Moson Road. Reason, discouraging growth and development in the area.

The list of crimes committed or being committed by The Black Hats goes on and on and on. This only prevents the economic development of rural counties within Arizona. Each and every complaint made by a Black Hat can be overcome with technology that can be and should be put in place. Lawsuits do not restore the environment. Lawsuits put money into the hands of The Black Hats and the not-for-profit advocacy groups. Why is this happening? Because our U.S. Justice system will pick up the legal costs for The Black Hats.

I personally believe that the “Wanted” posters circulated back in the wild west days did bring justice by the men in The White Hats. It is the readers’ choice: Do we need “Wanted” posters circulated to aid our White Hat Enterprises, who will bring prosperity back to the people? Or do we look to The Black Hats on their continued path of aiding the self-anointed environmentalists?

The Black Hats have been robbing our economy. They do not promote available technology that is, in all actuality, environmentally friendly. “Wanted” posters of The Black Hat activists would identify all the wrong-doers. The Black Hats are killing our economy and have done nothing to improve the environment. It is high-time for The White Hats to make their own posters and bring The Black Hats to the justice they deserve.

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David V. MacCollum is a past president of the American Society of Safety Engineers and was a member of the first U.S. Secretary of Labor's Construction Safety Advisory Committee [1969-1972]. He is the author of: Construction Safety Planning (Jun 16, 1995) Crane Hazards and Their Prevention (Jan 1, 1991) Construction Safety Engineering Principles (McGraw-Hill Construction Series): Designing and Managing Safer Job Sites Jan 8, 2007) Building Design and Construction Hazards (May 15, 2005)