Frank Schmuck Defeats Schmuck Jeff Dial

[UPDATE] Arizona State Senate Races 2016 Results

Republicans appear to have kept control of the Arizona Senate thanks to the surprising win of Frank Pratt over Barbara McGuire, and the likely victory of Kate Brophy Magee over Eric Meyer.

Republicans appear to have lost the LD18 seat, as Sean Bowie defeated political newcomer Frank Schmuck. Schmuck defeated Jeff Dial in the Republican Primary.

Challenger Frank Schmuck appears to be on his way to an easy victory over incumbent State Sen. Jeff Dial.

Just last week, a group of veterans called for Dial to turn over his DD214. In a statement released during a protest at the State Capitol, the veterans said they were upset because they believe that Dial has “touted his veteran status for political gain.

According to an article in the Arizona Republic, Arizona Sen. Jeff Dial’s military record questioned, “… what Dial doesn’t say about his military experience is that soon after joining the U.S. Army Reserve in 1996, he got in trouble for his weight, triggering a personnel action against him and making him ineligible for promotion. Four years into his eight-year commitment, he was transferred to the inactive list for “unsatisfactory participation.”

Dial’s honesty about both his military service and work experience has been called into question over the years.

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State Senator – District No. 18 (REP)

Candidate (REP)VotesPercent
SCHMUCK, FRANK9,11453.0%
DIAL, JEFF8,09647.0%
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  1. I know and work with Mr. Schmuck personally at a major airline, and vouch wholeheartedly for his integrity and passion to help people. Congratulations sir on winning this honorable seat!

  2. I have to admit I don’t even know who Jeff Dial is. I only voted for Schmuck because I liked his name and thought it would be awesome to have a politician in office with the name “Schmuck.” Glad the Schmuck won.

  3. Dial treated parents like schmucks. He was dismissive of mom’s in his district and across the state
    The governor and former state Board of ed pres endorsements along with chamber pals were not enough.

    Dial should have listened to the moms.

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