As The Dust Settles From Pima County Primary Election

John Backer

As the dust settles from the primary election, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the campaign from my perspective.

First off, I want to thank everyone who volunteered to help me, those who supported me, and those who voted for me in the primary. Although I did not win the primary to be your supervisor for district 4, my glass is “definitely half full”. I’ve built friendships with a number of people who are active in our community and serve others – something that, sadly, isn’t very common. Also, in going through the campaign process, I feel I have learned a tremendous amount and understand I have much more to learn.

After the primary results were posted, I received a number of messages and phone calls from candidates in other races with words of encouragement who had positive things to say about my campaign and me personally. I had a very pleasant conversation with Mr. Christy where I congratulated him on his victory, and he shared some kind words about my campaign and me personally. I also sent a private message to Mrs. Closen’s campaign Facebook page to congratulate her on her achievements during the campaign.

Of those who reached out many asked “what comes next”? I will continue with my work with IBM for the foreseeable future and continue working as a Realtor. I don’t have any immediate interest in running for other offices, but definitely will stay involved – helping in ways which doesn’t require winning an election.

First, I will shift to help support other candidates who feel they can benefit from my help as we approach the general election.

Kim DeMarco is in a pivotal race to represent supervisor district 3, and I have already pledged to help her in her campaign.

Mark Napier is in another key race to be our sheriff, and I will definitely support his campaign.

During my campaign, I endorsed Supervisor Ally Miller, and I’m very happy that she won her primary. As you can imagine, I would also be willing to support her campaign as well.

Second, I would also welcome the opportunity to speak to scouts or other groups of children to share what I’ve learned about the process of running to serve in public office. Where we can plant the seeds of public service early in their lives.

Finally, I plan to make myself available to speak with others who are interested in running for office, but don’t know where to start or perhaps are unsure about running. Part of my desire is to help our party field candidates in every race going forward and to get more people involved in the election process – both through helping candidates and encouraging citizens to vote.

In closing, I wish to offer my hand in friendship to everyone reading this including those who supported either of my fellow candidates. We are all Republicans and we have far more in common than any differences. Let’s come together to magnify our efforts to make Pima county the best it can be – working side by side to bring about the positive change we all are seeking.

Thank you!
John Backer
Former candidate Pima County Supervisor – District 4


    • Mr Holden with all due respect Ms Closen came across as an angry, arrogant candidate and I doubt that Mr Backer’s support could have helped her after all she often pointed out that she had been campaigning much longer than anyone else.

      I believe that it did not help that she mysteriously dropped into The community and decided to run for one of the county’s most powerful offices with little information about her background.

      • BTW Mr Backer never said a negative word about Marla. While she felt comfortable about making negative infrerences about Backer, Christy and Supervisor Miller.

    • Mr Holden, Christy won a majority the votes – 55%. Even if you feel that everyone who voted for me would have voted for Closen if I were not in the race, she still would have lost by 10%. We all need to come together to support and help Kim DeMarco to win in November!

  1. In my opinion, the ultimate goal was to place a candidate in District 4 that will work for the people and oust Huckleberry. I do not believe Steve truly has the interests of the taxpayers at heart as he is beholden to the people that enlisted him to run. Now the mission is to keep an eye on him if or when the vote to renew Chuck’s contract comes up. If DeMarco does not make it, Steve will vote NO. If she makes it, then we will see if he has any integrity or not.

  2. I get where in any three member race the third person gets the title “spoiler”, truly I get it.
    But the math doesn’t support this stance. If Christy won by a smaller margin then yes the title is fair, but Christy won with more votes then the other two candidates combined, so numbers don’t add up to support the spoiler name.
    Time will tell if the majority called it right or wrong.


  3. You hit the nail on the head Scott. Christy’s integrity is on the line and we all need to watch. An honest person would vote their conscience either way. We will now see.

  4. Anyone suspicious of the large mail ballots christy got when I could not find anyone who would vote for him? Maybe I’m paranoid but looks like hucks and rays fingerprints all over this.
    I agree that we need to all come together for kim. Ally needs help on the bos.and stay vigilant

  5. John, I hope to still see you when I’m out there campaigning. You were always right there with a smile for me making me feel welcome. You are truly a wonderful man and have my support in your future endeavors.

    • Thanks Suzanne, you will see me out there while you are campaigning. Although, I’m not moving forward to the general election, there is a lot of work to be done to help Pima county residents. You always returned the smiles – you have my support also – good luck!

  6. Dear Mr. Bank Ker, I voted for you after hearing you speak only once. You were so fresh and so savy and intelligent. No bull! Hope to see your name as a candidate again. Lou Ann Preble.

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