Phoenix Woman Sentenced For Faking Cancer For Late-Term Abortion

A judge has sentenced Chalice Zeitner to more than 25 years in prison after Zeitner faked cancer to qualify for a taxpayer funded abortion and scammed veterans charities out of more than $15,000. Zeitner was convicted of 17 felonies at two separate trials. The Attorney General’s Office prosecuted this case after an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation Phoenix Field Office and AHCCCS.

“The crimes for which Ms. Zeitner has been convicted are particularly offensive, from defrauding veterans’ charities to faking cancer in order to receive a government-funded, late-term abortion. The FBI is committed to protecting the public from frauds and is well-situated to investigate frauds occurring in multiple states and jurisdictions,” said Special Agent in Charge Michael DeLeon. “I would like to thank Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich for dedicating the resources necessary to prosecute Ms. Zeitner.”

In April 2016, a jury convicted Zeitner of fraud and other charges for faking a cancer diagnosis to get the state to pay for a late-term abortion. In August 2016 after a separate trial, a jury convicted Zeitner of Fraudulent Schemes and Artifices and Theft for scamming veterans charities out of $15,000 and charging more than $25,000 to a fraudulently obtained credit card associated with a family member of an owner of a veterans charity.


  1. That sociopathic woman who is crazy and conniving and needs to be prosecuted. I agree hope they do prosecute Hillary.

  2. This is one sociopathic woman who is crazy and conniving and needs to be prosecuted. When they start to investigate Trump and all his dealings with the same fervor that you guys want for Hillary; then let the chips fall where they may.

  3. Yes what she did was wrong. 25 years. Lets put that in perspective shall we.
    Lets make an example of this woman with low income.
    Especially like the comment: The FBI is committed to protecting the public from fraud.
    Are you kidding me. We must prosecute this woman to show America we are looking out for the American People.
    Why is the Clinton Foundation not being investigated.
    Why is Hillary Clinton not in jail for treason, you know, the classified e-mail.
    Oh, I forgot, if you have millions you get to slide.
    The justice department RULE, all interviews are recorded; but not Hillary. She would only be interviewed if it was not recorded. The justice department complied with her DEMAND.
    Of course there is no double standard here, is there.
    Just wait till this liar, cheat, thief, crook, raving bitch is President.
    You are going to get exactly what you deserve LIBERALS.
    That’s just my humble opinion.

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