Nanos Accused Of Interfering With Mansion Party Busts For Chief Deputy’s Family

Pima County Sheriff Chris Nanos [Photo from Youtube]

In August, Pima County Sheriff Chris Nanos told reporters that his office would get the culprits behind the destruction of expensive homes during “Mansion Parties,” yet this week Nanos maneuvered to end that investigation and allowed key evidence to be destroyed.

It isn’t the first time that Pima County Sheriff Chris Nanos has been accused of thwarting an investigation on behalf of his chiefs, but many hope it is the last time Nanos’ nepotistic tendencies leave Pima County residents victimized twice.

According to sources, a joint operation involving the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, Marana School Resource Officers, the Tucson Police, and Oro Valley Police Departments, was brought effectively to an end when officers attempted to arrest the nephew of Chief Deputy Christopher Radtke.

The juvenile, a student at Empire High School, was identified as one of about 80 associated adults and juveniles between the ages of 15 and 20 years old, who allegedly broke into high end vacant homes for parties. The group is accused of leaving homes in shambles including broken windows, holes in walls, and in one case, according to a KVOA report, a door was “ripped off its hinges.”

Pima County Detectives identified 18 students to be interviewed and obtained a Precursor Warrant from Pima County Superior Court judge to seize all cell phones for evidence.

The potential charges included 1st Degree Criminal Trespass (Felony 6), Criminal Damage Greater than $10,000 (Felony 4), Criminal Damage Greater than $5,000 (Felony 5), Burglary 2nd Degree (Felony 3), as well as drug, firearms, underage drinking, and contributing to a minor.

Authorities identified 9 High Schools associated with the crimes: Amphi, Tucson High, Cienega, Empire, Catalina Magnet, Catalina Foothills, Pueblo, and CDO.

According to sources, Chief Deputy Radtke’s nephew was at Empire High School when contacted by detectives. The juvenile called his mother Patricia Radtke Cordona. Within minutes all detectives and investigators were called told to stand down, by orders of Sheriff Nanos. Sources report that officers were advised that no one was to be arrested and no one was to take any cell phones. All collected evidence was returned.

Detectives watched as tweets went out to suspects to delete any information on their phones.

Later, detectives found that the cell phones were reset to factory settings or erased. Detectives believed the phones held key information to numerous crimes.

The damaged homes were listed on the market, with some families paying two mortgages. The victims were stuck with repair bills. Most of the damaged homes were taken off the market while being repaired; with families losing valuable sales time.

Combined damages are in excess of approximately $50,000.00.

The situation has raised many questions including why Nanos is interfering with yet another investigation. He prevented a thorough investigation into the death of Deputy Chief Gagnepain earlier this year. Nanos has also refused to turn over records requested by the ADI regarding the restaurant in Sheriff’s Department facilities operated by Radtke’s niece.

That alleged misuse of RICO funds is currently under investigation by the FBI.

Nanos did not respond to the ADI’s questions as to why collected evidence was returned to suspects, and why the students were not arrested in connection with the Mansion Party cases.

The ADI also asked Nanos why after Chief Deputy Radtke was notified that his nephew was about to be questioned and his cell phone taken was the operation shut down by Sheriff Nanos in minutes. Nanos did not respond.

Under the leadership of Nanos, the Department’s morale has suffered as well as its reputation. However, not nearly as much as the victims of the Mansion Party vandals.


  1. All the police Association’s in Tucson need to get the word out of how unhappy the deputies are at the sheriffs department. Friends family and others need to know the true story. This is the chance to clean up the sheriffs department. Let’s give Napier an opportunity to show that he can lead the agency without all the political crap Ness and favoritism and cronyism that happens under nanas and Radtke,

  2. KVOA’s Lupita Murillo did a follow up interview of the Sheriff following this article. He denied that the involvement of his Captain’s nephew at all swayed the course of the mansions parties investigation. He also said that the decision not to seize suspects’ cell phones was made in order to allow contact with the parents to get them involved. A cutting edge investigative technique or an attempt to shine on the community? You make the call. And Sheriff Nanos, please let us know how this approach works for you.

    • That doesn’ make sense Nanos. These are burglaries, high dollar damage…these are not children pulling a classroom prank.
      Parents can become involved after they are charged with the crime.
      Your attempts at being a leader and politician are shamefully awful.
      And why do I keep hearing Radtke’s name all the time?
      I know who I am voting for in this election. Why don’t you start having your minions pick up your signs now. Your silly show is over.

  3. This “John” poster is annoying as heck. Where is his concern for the victims? Why is he trying to be underhanded in trying to set people up for discipline? Is this the culture of an organization he belongs to? Asking a person who has first hand knowledge of the facts to post those facts while the case is under investigation is asking that person to set themselves up to lose their job and AZpost certification. They are voicing their concerns so that SOMEONE will listen and impartially investigate. Governor’s office? Turn it over to DPS? These are real concerns the public have and concerns employees have. Employees who want to keep their jobs or do their job without harrassment do not become whistleblowers for fear of harassment or worse that befalls those individuals. Social media is a safer outlet to voice concerns. Whether it is effective or not depends upon if there is someone reading who becomes the catalyst for a “movement to create change”.

    • Annoying is putting it mildly.
      It was amusing at first at how brain washed he sounded. Then it just went into full retard.

  4. Boo hoo, live on the inside…more stress comes from this administration than anything confronting the officers on our streets. If the deputies are distracted from these people how are we supposed to serve you? These people in charge of this current administration are greater threat than any criminal on the street as they are crippling the efforts of the great men and women of this dept for political gains. Photo ops are the norm for this admin, lock them up!!!

    • Maria is invariably a Radtke relative or perhaps a John/Parrish one…and we all know once he/they are out of a job so is their gravy train of free passes for them and their friends. Her concern funnily enough is not for the rank and file who ACTUALLY work and put up with constant threats of where their “loyalties lie”…her concerns are for being mean…doesn’t matter the truth behind it all. Honestly, I thought this was a pretty civil discussion until John came along in annoying childlike behavior ( just like on Facebook) and starting the delusional mantra of blindly: “Save the administration’s image” at all cost. And poorly so. Bad form.

  5. It is very sad to see that grown men are acting like whiny kids. Stay on track and stick to what you are going to do that is different. Why is there such a need to bash people and hurl insults to each other. Ridiculous! Grow up!! We are sick and tired of hearing from the crybabies.

  6. This has been going on for far too long. A a prior county CO. I have seen Dupnick personally take his crackhead daughter straight from booking out to Lts row on more than one occasion. Of course that was more than 12 years ago.Back then people turned a blind eye nothing was questioned. THE GOOD OLD BOY system is usually something you here about in the South.Well guess what it is alive and well here in pima county.From the sheriff all the way to the board of stupidvisors.Huckelberry or as we call him chuckleberry are a corupted lot. I have said it years ago and I will say it again if the county SO was a company they would be brought up on charges and walked away in cuffs.To set things straight I was a county CO for the PCDC. I was brought up on felony weapons charges and FORCED TO RESIGN because the commander told me HOW WOULD IT LOOK FOR US IF THE MEDIA GOT A HOLD OF THIS. I HAD TO RESIGN PAY AN ATTORNEY MY 14 YEARS WERE WASTED. GUESS WHAT THE PROSECUTERS DROPED THE CASE because I was innocent. Just because the dept might look bad. Well CHRIS you look not only bad but like a bag of shit and you do it publicly.If you think I am telling story’s look up my file. I WAS C.O.CUTLER BADGE 4373.The dpt is F***ed up.I can’t wait for the foundation of this dept to restart.

  7. Well there’s a bucket full of BS. John is sadly enough a prodigy of the current administration. Despite his aspirations of commandership will most likely find himself ass out at the end.

    • One can only hope. It’s crazy/scary to think an organization that is this vital to our society is run by blatant self-absorbed corruption and supported by delusion.

    • And the verbage used is curiously the same as the aforementioned Mr. Parish’s on other posts via Facebook and other article coomments. Perhaps his middle name is John? Temperament and linguistic patterns will always reveal identity. Nice attempt to John. I think it’s entertaining he talks of integrity, lies, and slander all while doing these very things himself. I’m sure we can’t wait until the 130am witching hour arrives and he respond stealthily.

  8. I hesitate to comment, but I will. John, as you know, is a plant. None of what he is saying is true and it is simple to see that. It will take him a few minutes to jump on my comment. I will not respond to him because he is making the case for change better than I ever could. If this is a Nanos supporter, well you can discern the rest. They protest in this manner because they are scared. Putting this to bed would be easy. All Nanos has to do is address the allegation, which is serious. He does not do this by sending his lacky forward to insult everyone. Law enforcement agencies have documentation. It would be easy to put this to bed, but they do not do so. If any of the nonsense stated about me where true there would be documentation to back it up, not some sorry little fellow monopolizing a comment board.
    We can do better than this. It is pathetic that when legitimate concerns are brought forward all they can do is say liar and attack the messenger. If these allegations were untruthful, they would confront them head on and discredit them with documentation. Thanks to everyone for their support. We will fix this in November.

    • Our household voted for you in the primary and we will all cast our votes for you in the upcoming general election.


  9. @Galt, Read the entire policy. It says may be put on leave if daily functions or work are affected. Its not a must. I don’t recall seeing anything substantial that showed functions or operations affected. From the radio and the papers it is clear that the reason was unclear having found three different reasons (with one disproved) and the others not substantiated given by Sheriff Nanos.

    You are right about innocent until proven guilty. Bad Politician? Maybe. I see a lot of posted pictures and baby kissing events. Food drives and community based photos. When are the candidates going to debate over the real issues faced?

    • Dom, Nanos either does not show up to events (facts on record for “John’s” sake) or he leaves these events he is invited to when asked to discuss anything of substance. He does not even stay at some events because he’s on to the next event for a photo opportunity. He gets his picture taken but he isn’t actually there to help with a food drive or walk a 5k.

  10. I normally don’t do comments but, I just had to chime in. There are two things that I felt needed clearing up.

    First, People keep saying that Nanos put Staten on unpaid leave as punishment. The county has a policy that has been used for at least 15 years to put county employees, running for elected office, on unpaid leave. Here is part of the policy you can look it up:
    LEAVES OF ABSENCE WITHOUT PAY Effective Date: December 15, 2015
    D. Candidacy for Elective Office

    Secondly, we live in a society where people are innocent until proven guilty. If Sheriff Nanos is found guilty of the allegations against him, send him to his own jail. If he is found innocent, what did we learn? At worst, he is a bad politician and needs to work on his damage control skills. At best, he is a victim of a slander campaign.

  11. Hes a plant or a troll or perhaps Nanos himself. Might even be Chuckels Dingleberry protecting his “legacy”….


  12. what an incredible suck up whoever this john guy is……..why would someone defend so hard. there is nothing to gain…..or maybe a promotion in sight…..

  13. John,

    Your words make you a troll. Unfortunately you are not very good at it. We’re not buying your gas. We know corruption when we see it. So do the majority of your deputies.

  14. Will Tell is correct about the search warrant. Calling it speculation, or assumption is simply trivial as it is locatable in the superior court record. John (a.k.a. Terry Parish) you have spoken enough to let everyone know who you are. I wonder if the new regime will look back on your choices and actions and hold you accountable. I believe you are newly promoted. Which explains a lot.

    • I am not Terry Parish geeeezzz… Hi, my name is John nice to meet you! So since you looked up the Warrant how was it worded as you left that part out of your attempt to slime me. My issue sir is truth. Which there isn’t much of in this article if you could really call it that. There hasn’t been any truth in the slander aginst Nanos and Radtke… so how about we start with the truth… since you looked up the warrant what did it say?

  15. The fact is the deputies do not support Nanos. He does not show the temperament needed to be a good leader and he surrounds himself with others that are arrogant and act out of self interest like Radtke. This group has brought more shame to the sheriffs department then Dupnik ever did in 30 years. my first choice is for a Dupnik to have stayed in control of the sheriffs department. Missing that, the only other reasonable choice is Napier. It’s too bad somebody like Danny Sharp or villasenor didn’t run. It’s not that I support Napier, but the current nano’s and company has to go to save the sheriffs department From complete ruin

    • Dupnik was a shill you support keeping Boykin on the payroll + retirement+ all benefits medical for 20 years without duty to perform didn’t have a assigned job there went 2 million over the years for what? Nanos was the henchman behind the Gin Nosed Dupnik. The absolute maleficence over the last 10 yeas by the gang of 5 is unbelievable. To not have a deputy on site when a Congressman is present is not up to a unqualified ill advised untrained elected public officials if the call was even made to do crowd protection and allowing Gabby Giffords to make that call and some call this the effective duty of a sheriff lord help us in Nov. Tucson dont have a chance with that kind of logic.

      • You’re just mad and spewing hate because your Daddy Napier keeps losing. Well there is a reason for that. Cause he isn’t the best man for the job. Everything Napier has accused Sheriff Nanos of doing Napier has actually done in his law enforcement career. There is a reason he hasn’t practiced his trade in 10 years ejected from the field.

        Everyone spreads all these lies about Nanos, Radtke and the PCSD. because you didn’t like Dupnik??? well by that logic then all of the deputies and support staff are just like Dupnik too… Just because you work for a person dosen’t mean you will be like them and Sheriff Nanos is his own man! He proves that everyday through his actions! Stories like this fact less fabrication can’t change that!

  16. I guess all this speculation wouldn’t be here for John to complain about had these screwballs not started to investigate then ran like scared little pups after little stupnick yanked the leash chain.

    This is what happens in the public court when the law is acting like a circle jerk.

    I feel sorry for all the other deputies and personnel having to work in this degrading environment cuzz now everyone looks sub-standard and we all know that’s not true.

    Hold your heads high rank and file, for the day that Napier comes to clean this cesspool out.

    No demotions Mark, fire them all and prosecute the dirty scum if possable, maybe a shot of speed in thewall will get her kick started to get these bums.

    • Give me a break Savage… Napier looks like pig pen from peanuts he has so much stink on him… there is a reason he hasn’t been working in law enforcement for the last 10 years… hmm waiting on the NDA and no compete and statute of limitations to run out on his activity! Lol

  17. John You are looking like a stooge for Nanos and Radtke. Perhaps you even work for one of them. propping up lies and wrong doing is tough work, hopefully you are being paid overtime.

    • I assure you I don’t work for either man! I just happen to know the truth and the garbage the media and Napier have been pumping out doesn’t contain a shred of truth. In addition Napier has been asked time and time again to share his plan for PCSD and still he has nothing to say. Vote for me cause I am better isn’t a plan and frankly isn’t true if anyone bothers to look into the man you will find that reality. One man’s stooge is another man’s concerned citizen I geuss.

    • I suppose we could consider you a stooge for Napier! Hope your getting paid well, and hey don’t drop the soap I understand he has a bit of a sex addiction.

  18. Of note, if what your article called a “precursor warrant” was in reality a search warrant or anticipatory search warrant an Arizona search warrant directs any and all law enforcement officers to seize the evidence listed in the search warrant. The actual word used is “shall” seize, not if they feel like it or if they want, no it is a court order that says law enforcement SHALL seize the evidence. Another issue is that this court order aka search warrant directs that law enforcement maintain the seized evidence in their care and custody until otherwise direct by the court.

    It would appear that kingdom of Banks violated two court orders.

    Should we have no reason to be concerned? The Pima County Board of Supervisors are there to make sure the Nanos kingdom follows the rules, as is our County Manager Chuck Huckleberry, and our County Attorney Barbara LaWall, and our Arizona Attorney General’s office.

    Relax pima county residents all criminal activity that does not involve relatives, friends, family, and members of Nanos’ administration, will be professionally and vigoursly investigated and presented for prosecution.

    • Wow drawn and quartered the kid in the court of public opinion before anyone has had a chance to talk with him. You are all passing judgement on someone before anyone has any facts. Shamefull good thing we still have laws like innocent until PROVEN guilty in this country!

    • Well the real issue here is that you don’t know what the warrant stated or if there even was a warrant. So this is an exercise in useless speculation!

      • Are you related to a Perry Mason? Cause your starting to sound like a defense attorney or a P.R. firm….


        • Could be either or maybe I am just a concerned citizen and tired of all the lies being spread about Nanos and Radtke! Napier is sitting out there acting like he is a better choice, but people don’t know he was remove from a law enforcement position for sexually harassment or at least very few know and how about the illegal pension practices he was involved in at TPD where under statute 842.12 prohibits sick leave buy back which causes an illegal spike in retirement compensation. But no one wants to talk about that. Not to mention the fact that Napier has never worked for a Sheriff’s Department and he hasn’t even worked in law enforcement for 10 years! In addition he is running from a platform of slander as this article clearly highlights!

  19. In regards to the latest of the Nanos administration at PCSD regarding “Mansion Parties”…

    Who will take action?

    The Pima County Sheriff’s Department command staff and appointed sheriff are running amok with out regard to their sworn duties, the laws, or personal decency.

    Where is C. Huckleberry the Pima County Manager and what is he doing to right these wrongs?

    Where is the Pima County Board of Supervisors and what are they doing to right these wrongs?

    Where is Barbara LaWall, the County Attorney, with her own staff of Arizona Post certified law enforcement officers, who are all experienced criminal investigators?

    The added insult is to the persons who joined PCSD, took the oath of office, and are doing an outstanding job, that deserve respect and admiration. These people are now tarnished by the actions of the Nanos administration.

    The Nanos path forward for PCSD is a destination that mirrors early France, “Let them eat cake”.

    The only bright spot is that the Nanos administration can no longer lay all their sins on the desk or coffin of Gagepain and will have to prepare a new sacrificial scapegoat when they are held responsible for their actions.

    I can only hope that anyone the Nanos administration reaches out to in the effort to create a positive image for themselves, for example schools, churches, charities, care givers, and others, will wisely decline to participate in the charade.

    Where is the Arizona Attorney General, that office stepped in and cleaned up the Jeffers mess with law enforcement in northern Arizona?

    Where is the Tucson media with their widely advertised “Investigative Reporters”, who have been provided withe the inside track on how to expose the Nanos administration by honest members of PCSD? Their fear of being cut out of Nanos’ loop of news releases regulating their consciences?

      • Not going to go very far now, is it? With phones set back to factory standards and loss of data. But thanks for that. It seems you have a lot of information that could just set the record straight and vindicate your position, yet you fail to give us ANYTHING other than….”Liar, liar, pants on fire.”

  20. Everyone should post this story to facebook to get this information out there. These kids were using electronic media to carry out their crime spree. It is only fitting that we use it to defend our homes and educate people about the level of corruption in our Sheriff’s office.

      • The definition of “Slander” as described by the dictionary (You do know what one of those is right?) “A malicious, false and defamatory statement or report.”In the words of Inigo Montoya of the famous movie Princess Bride: “You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.” There are FACTS and if you have contrary FACTS please post them. Inconceivable!!!

  21. Oh yeah, the commander I mentioned earlier, failed a drug test which was “taken” care of…allegedly for the same drug his son was arrested for, weird huh?

  22. At least there is one property that we can be sure won’t be the victim of a “Mansion Party”…

    Chris Radtke added 2 new photos.
    September 12 at 5:28pm · Tucson

    Day 1. After 9 months, finally broke ground! Lot 5 Rancho Soldados.#NonRaddreamhome

    22 Chris Nanos, Charlene Radtke and 20 others
    View 2 more comments
    Char Nanos
    Char Nanos Awesome!
    Like · Reply · 1 · September 13 at 8:06am

    Chris Radtke
    16 hrs · Tanque Verde ·

    House update. Pad complete. About ready for plumbing and slab. #NonRaddreamhome

    16 Chris Nanos, Charlene Radtke and 14 others

    September 12 at 5:28pm • Tucson •
    Day 1. After 9 months, finally broke ground! Lot 5 Rancho Soldados.#NonRaddreamhome

    22 Chris Nanos, Charlene Radtke and 20 others

    Charlene Radtke Congrats bro
    Like • Reply • September 12 at 5:37pm

    Chris Nanos Nice 😊
    Like • Reply • September 12 at 6:44pm

    Char Nanos Awesome!

  23. It is all about who you know; when you keep doing for your children; the less they do for themselves. That kid along with all of his friends should have been hauled in and prosecuted while having to pay restitution and if nothing else; make them to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity by building houses or something. Whatever happened to having boonie parties in the desert? Are they too lazy to hike somewhere?

    • Cecilia you are absolutely correct except for the fact that there needs to be evidence to support that action in the first place.

      • And now all that information and data is gone. Convenient ain’t it? I fail to see John expressing any sort of sympathy for the true victims or their property loss…just like the Nanos/Radkte administration. But Patricia’s boy is protected and the element of surprise for those detectives is gone. Citizens are obviously not a concern here.

  24. As a homeowner affected by these breakins, I am appalled. We need a Sheriff who cares about the safety and wellbeing of Pima Country residents and their property. Don’t forget to vote.

  25. I guess this explains why the first 911 call to one of the larges parties generated no response and why only one officer arrived on the second call but left without taking ID’s or license plates or shutting down the destruction. I guess the Sheriff’s do know where their children are and what they are up to. I hope the County attorney and the FBI get that fact clearly investigated.

  26. Sounds familiar, just like when a PCSD commander’s son was recently under investigation for drugs. The investigating agency gave a courtesy call to PCSD and another Nanos appointee told the commander in question about it. That commander then rushed to his house and did who knows what…actually we do know, but that should come out with possible Federal indictments.

    • Well actually if you knew anything I’m sure you would have posted it here! You spin a wild tale of speculation containg no truth. But hey let’s throw it out there and see what sticks I guess! Laughable!

        • First the investigations is on going. So not sure what you’re referring to. I believe it wasn’t the investigation that was interfered with it was the lack of subordinates not following proper policy and the last time I checked it was the Sheriff’s job to rectify those situations.

  27. It’s curious how chief Deputy Radke’s name keeps coming up on every controversy at the sheriffs department. Rehiring him two days after he retired was the biggest mistake Nanas has made. As I have said before, some at the top continue to embarrass the sheriffs department and it’s deputies on a regular basis. Nana’s and his cronies all need to go and the department needs to start out fresh. All the people who retired and rehired at large salaries need to go to make that apartment clean again. It really is time for a new sheriff

  28. Hoping the majority of voters hear about this.
    Nanos and Radtke have got to go. What will it take to remove these 2 bafoons? Sounds like the sheriff department is in need of some house cleaning. Let’s go throw a party at Nanos’ place in November, when he loses the election. I want to take a big dump on the family portrait hanging which probably has the faces of Radtke, Gagnepain’s ghost, Kastigar, Buddy Janes, Terry Parish and some others.

  29. It is curious if they were under investigation where was the county attorney on this. Was LaWall’s office notified. Do we just let the sheriff prosecute or not

    • LaWall is as complicit as anyone in the corruption in Pima County. No one can go to her office regarding an issue. she just cares about easy convictions for drug users.

  30. The dem’s will vote for Nanos they will do it just because it’s the party line. Just like Dipstick. It is the fault of right wing visceral talk radio that a mental grabbed a gun and killed. Even how the Sheriff has control of all county properties and oversight of the College police. With threats levied at the college and the college police going to the home and giving requirements of mental review before allowed back into the campus. When simply he could of been charged court order mental review and people would be alive today. This is he second investigation interfered with. Nanos has been involved he and Radtke took the Murder investigation Bradly Gagnepain his retire division commander now Nano’s chief of staff profiled in the FBI investigation. Just where is the state oversight of this rouge police agency. Starting to look like El Centro & Maxi Cali where the FBI has has to shut down the local police agencies for corruption and instilled new people to oversee>>> Lets not let it get that far vote out Nanos

    • Amazing–Always blaming right wing radio for the problems, I counter your comment that the dreaded right wing radio is the only ones with balls to spread the ugly truth about the liberal cancer eating up pima county.

      The blame lies solely on the corrupt law breaking scum that the hated right wing radio brings to light every waking minute, by lifting the filthy ugly liberal tent flap for all to see.

      Time to shake of this croch rot and clean house and take names.

  31. If Nanos is elected there won’t be any of those Stellar Lieutenants, Sergents and Deputies left after November 9th. apparently he was overheard saying there is going to be a blood bath of unloyal officers.

    Just look at what he did to Sergent Terry Staten for just running in the republican Primary. Unpaid leave will likely be followed by pink stationary.

    • Hearsay as usual… lets hear it directly from the mouth of the person that illedgedly over heard this. Every man deserves to face his accuser! Otherwise this means nothing

  32. Just one detective with a set of balls. The order to stand down was illegal and should have been ignored. Not only did the Sheriff obstruct justice, but so did all the detectives holding a legitimate warrant and refusing to serve it. It is their duty on their oath to uphold the law. A group of men that hold no honor.

    Welcome to the new west. Detroit of the Desert. Pima County and Tucson will end the same, bankrupt.

    The voters will not vote these people out. They are sheep. Escape Pima County at your earliest.

  33. Just don’t forget, there are a few commanders, numerous lieutenants and many sergeants and deputies that are stellar individuals who swore to protect the citizens of Pima County. As far as Nanos, his cronies and errand boys…throw them out on their ear, let’s just not throw out the baby with the bath water.

  34. Welcome to Obama’s Amerika where the rule of law applies only to those he deems applicable. The next logical progression is marshal law. Hillary is losing, she can’t buy enough votes. Obama’s legacy is in danger of being exposed for the dismal failure anyone with half a brain cell could see. Unfortunately desperate times call for desperate actions, nothing the leftists do will surprise me. The world continues to wait and see.

  35. November can’t come fast enough. Like any stinky turd, let’s flush this corrupt sheriff and his high ranking merry band of uniformed criminals out of public office. The rule of law must be observed and enforced, if not by the sheriff, then by the voters….


    • Oh please what a lame blanket slander! If you want to say the rule of law has been suspended then your gonna have to get specific! Specifically where has the rule of law been suspended??? Please provide evidence and convictions!

  36. I still ask the same question that I asked when No Noose was appointed Sheriff. Why would he take an $80K pay cut when he was appointed as Sheriff?

    Unreported benefits? the voters of pima county Must clean house in November at Ssheriff office, BOS and TUSD board. Even at the county attorney there is still a choice.

    The definition of insanity, “doing the same thing over and over expecting a different Result.” is so evident in Pima County.

  37. Nanos, the perfect replacement for Dumnick. Even more stupid and incompetent. Can’t find money in his budget for his deputies, doesn’t know what a budget is and shields all of his cronies from any bad press and not this mess. What an incompetent boob. Was never elected, only appointed. Its time to show Huckelberry what we think on him and his pick for chief lackey in November.

    • Well Sheriff Nanos inherited some problems and they are not gonna get fixed over night. If you think it’s so easy to run a budget of that size maybe you should throw in your hat and give it a spin. In fact Nanos is working hard to rectify the deputy decompression. You obviously don’t understand how the pay works, or how it has to be negotiated with the board.

      • Hey idiot, don’t tell me what I know and don’t know. I worded for a municipal government and was a union vice president. I know about budgets and negations and how they work. Nanos is only working hard to cover his ass and the asses of this chief deputies from making fools of themselves. Its quite obvious that Nanos doesn’t give one crap about the deputies or he would have found someway to help them and he didn’t. He is so far under the Hucksters thumb its pathetic. You do know who makes the department work don’t you dumbass? Its the deputies and they need to be taken care of. The department would survive just fine without the top heavy brass but without the deputies that do the real work, it would not survive at all. So, one might think that Nanos might want to find some money in the budget but Huckelberry doesn’t want to spend it so guess what. What Huck wants, Huck gets and the deputies get screwed one more time. Nanos has no balls. Tell me where I am wrong? Thought not.

        • The Sheriff is proving you wrong all over the place case he has secured money for pay increases for the deputies and will continue to get more so well I guess you don’t know what you’re talking about! Typical when proven wrong start with the angry hate speach!

        • John aka Parish (Terry or his brother NOT “John nice to meet you” as the comment says… talk about LIES) ….everyone knows who you are. Everyone. The above comment “idiot” would not be defined as “hate speech” but rather, an adjective of your blatant behavior. I, (nor did anyone else I am guessing) did not need to read anyone’s reply to know who you are because of your whiney, narrow minded, Nanos/Radtke centric world-view spin, Napier-hate (when he is was not even a part of the article or conversation) not to mention writing style, and middle of the night posting pattern that seems to be all over the internet. Seriously, STOP with the pandering and “Its all LIES” party line. It is not lies. There are FACTS to support everything. You are making yourself look ridiculous and uneducated. Most importantly you are alienating and making yourself ineffective to the very people you are supposed to be leading.

      • How long can you claim “He inherited problems” that line is getting old and misused. Sounds like he is creating his own problems at this point. John you seems to “understand” how pay, decompression, nepotism, top heavy administration, and negotiation work, why don’t you go before the board?

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