Trump or Clinton – We Win Either Way

Just looking at that headline makes me angry. I question the sanity, myself included, of anyone writing those words in October of 2016.

What in the world has come over me?

Here’s what: It is time to examine the doughnut, not the hole.

Think of this as a 2016 political spinoff of Russian roulette. With Donald Trump we have two rounds of in a revolver chamber containing six. With Hillary Clinton, at least five are loaded.

Clinton, in other words, will be disaster. The Democratic and Republican establishments will be pleased, as her victory will postpone their ultimate demise, but the road we travel will not change and American decline will accelerate.

Yes, it will be a rapid descent in many areas. Need I list them all? In the end, Clinton cannot help being who she is.

Trump? Not my first choice, but at least he offers a chance of reversing the decline and rechanneling a nation.

There will be change in the White House, that’s for sure, in a Trump Administration. Will it be for the better? Will his changes be done in a Constitutional fashion? Or will they take place via the same cynical and illegal overreach used by our current president?
So, how can I say we win either way?

With Clinton, the fight is on.

As Thomas Paine said, “If trouble must come let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace.”
The words are riveting, the concept more so.

Let’s accelerate a showdown with corruption and lawlessness. Bring it on. Who wouldn’t prefer to take on the perpetrators themselves instead of merely passing down this soiled legacy to our children?

Yes, a Clinton victory means a fabulous teaching moment and an opportunity for action.

To what do I allude? Here is a partial list:

● Forcing Congress to step-up and start impeachment proceedings immediately (if you need to know why, you have not been paying attention);
● Mandating Congress do its job and actually legislate, rein in the Executive and Judicial Branches (not that I think they will, but we need to so demand);
● Relearn the actions of the 39th Congress. No, it never was co-equal branches. Congress has the power. It is time to use it;
● Making the States relearn their role as sovereign entities;
● Creating committees of correspondence and alliances among the states for mutual protection and benefit;
● Bringing a sense of Federalism back to the state leaders and the peoples’ minds;
● Reacquainting citizens with a sense of their own power;

* Understanding the proper role of the Supreme Court as intended and the dangers foreseen by the Founders;

● Encouraging the States and people to nullify unconstitutional Supreme Court rulings.
● Educating the populace with what the Founders would have us do;
● Using Article V of the Constitution so states can handcuff the federal government;
● Stopping us from appealing to Washington and, especially, the President as a great savior and guide to daily life. (Oh, how we want a king these days);
● Putting the President back in her place and limiting ever-increasing, unlawful exercises of power.

A Clinton victory might just spawn a renaissance of rediscovering forgotten truths about the proper role of government, federalism, freedom, unalienable rights and so on.

George Washington told a friend it is a shame that we must feel before we see. It’s time that the majority of Americans start to feel that they may see. If this is what it takes, so be it.

If Trump wins, even better.

Now, we can dismantle the established self-serving corrupt inner beltway cabal. The applecart will indeed be overturned and we have a chance – yes, it is but a chance – to take back the rule of law and accountability from our federal system.

Trump, if flawed in a multitude of ways, does seem to put good people in the right places.

Were that to be the case, we have a chance of the following:

● Getting Constitutionally-minded justices confirmed to the Supreme Court;
● Improving our economy in a way that brings opportunity to more than the connected;
● Creating jobs for skilled and unskilled workers;
● Re-growing, refitting and reorganizing our military;
● Controlling the flow of immigrants to those we seek to have here;
● Tackling some of the larger budget issues;
● Becoming energy independent;
● Forming a cohesive and comprehensible foreign policy strategy.
● Rebuilding trust with our allies.

These are, of course, hopes.

The risk is that Trump may abuse executive authority in an even more pernicious way than his predecessor.

That may appeal to a certain niche of Americans whose mood is vengeance, but it would be absolutely the wrong path. Trump would also turn into our worst nightmare if he deems himself bigger than the office and, himself, above the law.

Come November, include me in the group that would rather have two rounds in the chamber than five.

Whatever the result, we have pending a batch of battles. The only other option would be abandoning hope.

I can’t, however.

I am accountable to history. To conscience. To offspring.


  1. I’m seeing lots of rumors of “UN TROOPS” in various parts of the nation – some saying in the numbers of 56,000 troops with battle equipment. In this time of ‘rumors’ and ‘ rumors suddenly becoming reality’ such as the voter fraud, wiki leaks, FBI corruption, DOJ misgivings, IRS use against ‘political enemies’ – that there is now rumors of this type of troop moving around the USA – can’t be just assumed to be grumbling anymore. Nation is no question – fracturing

  2. The wants and desires lists are long, but it will take guts and balls to the wall action to make this Country Great Again. The Federal government needs to have the brakes put on and State Rights restored. Many won’t like it, but oh well, it is for the greater good of the country. Every other country puts their selves first and it is time for America to put it’s self! I ask you: What is wrong with that?

  3. We’re applying for passports, I think that item is due to become a very popular and sought after item in the very near future.

  4. I and all members of my household have already voted and mailed in our ballots, and we have all voted for Trump.
    Hillary’s view of the world and of America’s place in it is not in step with our own rationale.
    He’s no Prince and she’s no frog, she’s a toad.
    I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone with such lofty designs for the destruction of America as we know it can be taken serious as a candidate for America’s future. Her ideas and plans for “progress” is nothing short of national suicide and drives home the notion that modern day liberalism has become a mental disorder.
    In the last 50 years, being liberal meant you thought that the power of the government could be used to help those with the least should be helped the most, but today we’re not helping anyone, liberal recklessness is hurting everyone. Life is harder today then ever before. Liberal progressives like Obama and Hillary are hell bent on exporting the American dream to the rest of the world while domestically turning that same dream into a homegrown nightmare.
    Trump wasn’t my first pick, but he’s my only choice.


  5. Clinton is going to win and the country is not going to fall apart. Quit with the doomsday scenario. What time period do you think that Trump wants to go back to make America great again? And great for whom?

    • CC – yeah lets hear the part about the election is not rigged, the crats are not buying votes, the FBI with the rest of the DOJ is not corrupt, the rest of the world just loves Clinton, Putin didn’t say if Hill is elected it means ‘war’ (real war), the nation will not be under any governmental repression because they never did any of this ‘stuff’ she’s as pure as the wind driven snow, no corruption whatsoever… right?

  6. Always amazed at how many people hate the MSM, yet they believe the lies and erroneous stories about Donald Trump that they print and talk about on cable TV and network news. The efforts at Voter suppression, directed to Republicans and Independents, is uglier than ever this year…they cannot argue substance, only lies and propaganda from the progressive left and even some RINOS…they can live with Hillary if they keep their power, and we have two senators in Arizona that believe that. We believe that many of wish we had Donald Trump for a friend. No one who has written on this page does really know him…we say get out and vote for Donald Trump, and let us have OUR Brexit moment. The Elitests need to go!

  7. There is one more win win in this situation and it does pain me to use the word “win” when it comes to Hillary Clinton

    At least the architect of our downward spiral into socialism will be gone – Obama

    • As they say in baseball the starter did all he could so now we will bring in the Closer, Ace Clinton.

    • You ain’t seen nothin yet in regards to socialism if Clinton wins, she’ll make obumer BO showing his wood to reporters look like a virgin choir boy.

      Great article Jeff

  8. Good comments. It’s why I wrote the article to start the discussion now as we need to be ready either way.

  9. This should be one of the easiest, best and most important decisions that you will ever make in your life, as it will effect you, your grand children and possibly your great grand children.

    Mr. Trump became wealthy by using the COTUS and OUR LAWS and wants to make Our Country Great Again.

    HITLERy KLINKton became wealthy through CORRUPTION by VIOLATING the COTUS and Breaking OUR LAWS.

    Trump wants to make our Country Great Again, HITLERy wants to DESTROY our country.

    I do NOT care about the women in their past lives. I care about what they plan on trying to do too protect me from INVADERS, who may kill me, and also to better myself and others lives that were once proud to call ourselves Americans……..GO TRUMP, GO TRUMP, GO TRUMP…….NEVER HITLERy, NEVER HITLERy, NEVER HITLERy

  10. I’d much rather try to right the ship, then to sit on deck and watch it sink beneath my feet….


  11. Our fundamental laws have to be enforced to start to clean up this poison that has infiltrated our country. Most of us are not voting for the president but instead are voting to stop communism a corruption from infiltrating our Supreme Court. We have to start there to protect our children and grandchildren from this process of progressive indoctrination.

    • Agree! I don’t think either candidate is worthy of the office but one is a mite better than the other, I want to at least try and clean up the mess for my grandchildren and my one (and not last)great grand child. That will be my legacy, I tried.

      • You compare both candidates as as almost the same with one have a 30 plus year proven track record of lies and deceit and being highly unethical and crooked as a snake and basically evil, to trump that has actually met a payroll and run a business.

        Sure he’s had some failures but who hasn’t, but oh he’s had bankruptcys, so what I say, the airlines have all been bankrupt and I see folks still riding in the service they provide.

        So please cut me a break implying these two candidates are just about the same evil.

        Trump will never get 30 years most likely due to his current age to even come close to these rotten stinking crooked scum bag clintons where one terrorizes and preys on women and the other dirty scum bag covers it up, she’s a preditor of the people and will kill this country.

        I’d take trump over the corrupt clintons even if he was deaf dumb and blind

  12. “I am accountable to history. To conscience. To offspring.” Yes. That’s why I’m voting for the Greater Good instead of the Lesser Weevil. I’m voting for Jill Stein and the Green Party — at least they have a program.

    • And do you think Stein will win? If not,then your just throwing you vote away. Why bother voting? There is only one contest Hillary or Trump, you only cop out by voting for a non entity. It takes courage to vote for one or the other. Trying to soothe your conscience by proudly proclaiming you voted for neither of the stink pots? Then you just covered yourself with a blanky in the fetal position. All those who declined to step up get what they deserve; Nothing!

  13. I am very afraid that the end of our Republic is near. We have not taken time to look after and keep our political class in check, but quite the opposite. We have allowed them to do what they wanted with regulations, money and philosophies to benefit themselves and not the taxpayers of this country. I think that we are in such a deep hole the we shall never climb out and the long slide into chaos will continue unabated. In my life, I have never seen such scum running for public office and of course, the most powerful position in the world. Trump and Clinton are two worthless human beings and we have to vote for one? I indeed will hold my nose and vote for Trump only because I want to see the political class lose its mind. Hillary is all about Hillary and not the country. She has already told us that she has a public opinion and a private opinion and they are not even close to aiding the people of this country. We are truly screwed….either way……time to buy another gun and more ammo. I am very afraid that I will need it.

  14. They are dismantling America without a shot being fired. We were warned. If Hillary wins I see a prosecution after the 2018 election and an impeachment. President Kaine any one? How long would he lost? Just as far as his qualifications can carry him. America on it’s knees.

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