“Innuendo, Plagiarism, Fabrication, Gossip and General Bullshit” In Pima County

The above quote is from Tucson Weekly political writer Jim Nintzel describing the Arizona Daily Independent’s reporting in his “The Skinny” column of November 3.  His article is yet another attack on Supervisor Ally Miller, and on Kim DeMarco, District 3 challenger to Supervisor Sharon Bronson.  While this reporter is okay with reporters having opinions and expressing them – I do it myself – it crosses an ethical line when done at the behest of political cronies trying to influence an election to oust one of their employers, an elected supervisor.

Consider this December 5, 2015, email from Pima County Communications Director Mark Evans to County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry about Miller’s opposition to paying hundreds of thousands more for a property purchase than an independent appraisal showed it was worth:

“I’ve held off posting replies on Miller’s Facebook page until this page was ready to go.  Want to hit her with both at the same time since it’s sure to cause a reaction. (BTW, I told McNamara what we’re up to and he thinks it’s a story.  So does Nintzel.)”

Huckelberry said, “Proceed.”

McNamara is then-Arizona Daily Star reporter Patrick McNamara who now works for Evans in the Pima County Communications Department.  Nintzel is the above-quoted Jim who seems to be an attack dog for the Huckelberry cabal.

ADI also ran another story based on a different county email, this one from Huckelberry to his Executive Assistant, Nicole Fyffe:  “Please attend all of Supervisor Ally Miller’s future town halls to obtain copies of the information she is presenting to the public.  Also, please video record these meetings….”

Arizona Revised Statutes 11-410 prohibits county funds, including staff time, from being used to influence elections.  “A county shall not spend or use its resources, including the use or expenditure of monies, accounts, credit, facilities, vehicles, postage, telecommunications, computer hardware and software, web pages, personnel, equipment, materials, buildings or any other thing of value, for the purpose of influencing the outcomes of elections…Employees of a county shall not use the authority of their positions to influence the vote or political activities of any subordinate employee.”

That statute was cited in a November 3 Arizona Daily Star article by Caitlin Schmidt.  Her article was about an anonymous complaint alleging that Sheriff Chris Nanos violated the statute by using county photographs in his campaign ads.  That is now being investigated by the county’s Elections Department.  The article says that if Director Brad Nelson finds “reasonable cause” he will turn it over to the County Attorney’s office.  Schmidt notes that the County Attorney is likely to recuse herself due to “conflict of interest.”  She also quotes Huckelberry as saying he didn’t have a problem with the photos.

Queries to the County Attorney from me on behalf of the Avra Valley Coalition about the Huckelberry-Evans emails, were brushed aside as being a “conflict of interest” and referred to the Arizona Attorney General’s office.  That office has not responded to queries except to tell us that the emails are “not a formal complaint.”  Those issues have also now been directed to the Pima County Elections Department.

After reading the Nanos story a copy of the ADI email stories was sent to Star “Watchdog” reporter Schmidt who said she passed it on to their county reporter.  It remains to be seen if they actually do anything with them.

Jim Nintzel, meanwhile, spent two columns attacking anti-Bronson campaign ads, but uses just one sentence to acknowledge that “legendary land speculator Don Diamond (is) spending six figures on a campaign to support Bronson.”

So much for balanced journalism.  As for those improper county emails attacking an elected supervisor, 19th Century muckraker Henry Demarest Lloyd once said, “Only the rich can get justice; the poor cannot escape it.”  Especially in Pima County.

Note:  This article was not suggested, requested, ordered, directed, solicited, bought, or discussed with anyone before it was written by me.  Any “innuendo, plagiarism, fabrication, gossip and general bullshit” is in the mind of the beholder.



  1. another day in paradise awaiting the eco-tourists who want to ride the trolley to get drunk and get a tattoo to make up the 90 million dollar fee for building of their transportation – and now they now want to spend the night on the banks of the effluent river after pumping the treated waste about 10 miles up river to let if flow again and call it natural beauty.. can’t wait for the quarter million dollar deluxe balloon ride.. yeah that’s the ticket! Taco’s get your taco’s while you can afford them..

  2. I really love what has happened this year in the county races. The curtain has finally been pulled back and it shows that the cronies are running the county through Huckelberry and will go to any length to keep their power and their hands in the pocket of the taxpayer. An article that Steller wrote in the ADS a couple of weeks ago was Don Diamond whining about caring about the government in Pima County. The only thing that man cares about and always has is the money in his pocket. Government not so much. Its time for a change and Wednesday morning can’t get here quick enough. I hope that enough voters are ready to start draining the swamp and are ready to take back control of the county from people like Huckelberry and Don Diamond and the rest of the cronies.

  3. WE the People will vote in Ally Miller again and we will make sure she is treated with the respect she deserves!

  4. Everytime I see a Sharon Bronson or Chris Nanos ad it just turns my stomach. Vile, lieing bastards I can swear and have witnessed them just be as dishonest as any criminal I ever worked with in my two decades of public service.

    Thanks ADI for sharing and printing the truth. We have to demand mainstream media stop reporting / working for Chuck Huckleberry and the crime family/ good ole boy mafia.

  5. Let’s not even refer to what they do as journalism. They are no better than CNN and the DNC conspiring together.

  6. Thanks Azdi for providing a platform for the truth to emerge. Those of you who contribute on a regular basis are hereby recruited by me to work together to blow up the huck kingdom and take back our county government . It doesn’t matter how the election goes. We are smart educated and know the truth. The masses will follow. We need to lead. Once the election is done , we can began the hard work of coming together with a huge litany of infractions and illegal behavior to proper authorities. As we have done with audit az we can bring private lawsuits against the perpetrators. My first action will be to sue elias and Bronson for stealing $90,000 FROM TAxPAYERS funds that they gave away to constiuents . They will give us that money and be fired. Once we consolidate and categorize the rest, the fbi should be interested in a systematic defrauding of county govt under hucks rule. We just need to come together compile and organize. La wall is going down too for her lack of her legal and fudiciary responsibility to take our complaints seriously. We will clean house.

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