The Intolerance And Violence Of The Left

Trump supporters attacked across the country.

Since the election of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, the left has engaged in gross intolerance and violence.

In Cleveland, Ohio, one Zachary Benson tweeted that his “goal is to assassinate Trump.”  Twitter was awash in anti-Trump death threats. The hashtag #Assassinate Trump appeared.  In San Diego, the former CEO of a cyber security firm, Matt Harrigan, went on Facebook to declare, “I’m going to kill the president.” His Board terminated him.

Soros funded and managed riots erupted in numerous cities. The violence and intolerance, at the hands of the left, who allegedly love tolerance and civility for all citizens, demonstrates the hypocrisy of the left. In liberal cities, the left refused to protect the innocent thereby creating an oppressive environment.

While the Democratic Party’s main-stream-media (MSM) blamed Donald Trump for the violence and hate of the left. The MSM pounded the theme of Trump intolerance while the Soros funded left burned their New Balance running shoes because the New Balance senior manager did not like the administration’s trade policy.

The intolerance and violence can be seen in the left’s willingness to deface confederate symbols, remove confederate flags, and change the names of schools and other institutions. Yet they refuse to eliminate the name “Democratic Party,” the only political institution that promoted slavery, created the Klu Klux Klan, killed thousands of black people, created Jim Crow laws that oppressed black people, and continue to enslave black people in Democrat plantations in inner cities. The hypocrisy of the Democratic left and its MSM reeks.

When a report falsely claimed that members of the Republican Party were demonstrating and rioting, Donald Trump turned to the camera and said, “Stop it.” President Obama and Hillary Clinton have failed to stop the leftist demonstrations and violence because they apparently support the intolerance and violence.  Project Veritas revealed Democrat operative Scott Foval bragging how his organization, Americans United for Change, deliberately incited violence at Trump rallies to build a narrative that Trump supporters were violent.

Project Veritas also revealed that Richard Creamer, husband of Representative Jan Schakowski, (D-IL) and a frequent White House visitor, bragging about the operations of his Democracy Partners. Scott Foval admitted that he is contracted to Bob Creamer, and further stated that the Clinton “campaign pays the DNC, DNC pays Democracy Partners, Democracy partners pays the Foval Group, the Foval Group goes and executes the s***. Democracy Partners is the tip of the spear on that stuff.”

The left cannot stand the fact that Donald Trump was elected and Hillary Clinton was not. The left bitterly clings to the belief that Hillary won the popular vote. Not true. Trump won the popular vote in 33 states to Hillary’s 18 plus the District of Columbia.

According to, Trump had 62,235,228 votes versus 64,235,413 for Clinton. But Trump led in the aggregate popular vote for all states except California. In effect, Hillary had about 2 million more votes in California. When you subtract the alleged 3 million illegal alien votes identified by,  it leaves Trump winning the popular vote by more than one million votes.

How could 3 million illegal aliens vote? Because President Obama gave them permission to vote and promised that the government would not prosecute them. This is probably the reason Obama “threw cold water on the vote recount effort” while Hillary Clinton supports it. A recount could reveal how many illegal aliens voted in the recount states.

The intolerance and violence on the Democrat left: keep it up and you will lose what little you have left.