Napier Calls For Closure Of “Regrettable Chapter” After Radtke Cuts Plea Deal

Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry at Sheriff Dupnik's retirement ceremony [paid for with RICO funds]

On Friday, newly elected Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier issued a statement regarding the indictment and plea deal reached by former Chief Deputy Chris Radtke for his misuse of Pima County Sheriff’s Department RICO funds. Radtke was allowed to plead down to three misdemeanor charges.

Napier’s statement:

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department fully supports the judicial process and understands prosecutorial discretion. We are grateful for the efforts of the United States Attorney’s Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the federal corruption inquiry which resulted in the indictment and prosecution of Chris Radtke for his misuse of Pima County Sheriff’s Department RICO funds.

We would be remiss if we did not express our disappointment that Mr. Radtke’s egregious criminal violation of public trust resulted in only a misdemeanor plea agreement with potentially an extremely light sanction. Mr. Radtke admits the existence of a sustained criminal conspiracy that spanned 18 years, with his involvement being approximately six years. This activity shocks the conscience. It violates the honorable standards of law enforcement held by the 1,500 men and women of our department. This trust is vital to the performance of our duties.

Since 1865, the Pima County Sheriff’s Department has served this community. The Department is filled with good men and women who risk their lives on a daily basis. This is simply unforgivable misconduct on the part of a few. We now need to close this regrettable chapter in the otherwise distinguished history of our agency. We commit ourselves to move forward, follow the law, provide excellent service to the people of our county, and restore the public trust.

Radtke admitted, in a court document filed in connection with the plea, that for approximately 18 years until July 2016, officers at the Pima County Sheriff’s Department engaged in a scheme to launder RICO/forfeiture funds to circumvent the strict restrictions on the use of those funds. The officers collaborated together to make it appear that the Sheriff’s Department was donating the RICO/forfeiture funds to the Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers (SAV), although the funds were actually used by the Sheriff’s Department.

While Napier might be anxious to move on, many County residents are not. According to sources, residents will have no choice but to move on however; as none of Radtke’s co-conspirators will face justice. To top it off, according to the Arizona Republic, “The deal allows Radtke to receive an $82,800 annual pension from the state Public Safety Personnel Retirement System and a one-time $505,000 payment from the system’s Deferred Retirement Option Plan, according to the retirement system’s records. Within six years, Radtke will receive more than $1 million in state retirement benefits.”


  1. It is time to move on. Sheriff Napier needs to eliminate the last few cronies and really clean the slate of the department not to mention save some money out of the budget without hurting operations. Radtke should be prevented from ever holding another government job. After all these years of treating nearly everyone like they were below him, it finally caught up to him. It’s funny how that works out in life. Always be kind and don’t pretend to be better than anybody else.

  2. This stinks of corruption from the theft of funds itself to the miscarriage of justice of the plea deal.
    What a joke to pretend that just-us was served. If you or I did this we would have faced felony hard time.


  3. Guess the “others” are too high up to bother with. Perhaps Huckelberry who knows everything that happens in the county, or Dumnick and Nanos. They had to know what was going on and sanction the transfer of money. Someone had to start this fiasco and yet they walk free. How utterly pathetic. I agree with TOOT. If this was you or me, we would be in jail right now. Plea deal, I think not. The taxpayer doesn’t have a chance because no one is watching our for our welfare. Just that of the perp. Absolutely disgusting.

  4. So I guess the New Sheriff would like to get back to business as usual. Since the FBI and US Attorney’s office can’t be relied upon to enforce the law perhaps the current Sheriff should Hire a special investigator to do an independent investigation to determine if the corruption is really gone from the sheriff’s department.

    prosecutorial discretion, code words in Pima County for what is known in the rest of the country as public corruption.

    Why is it that “prosecutorial discretion” seems to be reserved for law Enforcement, Politicians (hillarY) and elected officials.

  5. I’m thinking of applying for a job with the PCSO so I can steal some money and get a million dollar pension.

    Where can I get a application?

  6. And the taxpayer picks up the $1mm tab for his pension. In six short years. What a deal. Napier is a decent man. But we still wonder how and when did pima county politics become so corrupt? I am not convinced the county is still not corrupt. Not as long as Chucky and his three minions are still running the show. The little guy loses again.

  7. Shame shame 18 years of criminal behavior by one of Pima county decorated high ranking Deputies.

    That clearly proves that Dupnick, Nanos , LaWall, Huckleberry have all had knowledge and we’re codefendants in these crimes. It would be safe to say that untold MILLIONS of dollars have been stolen. What worse the drug criminals or Police criminals who steal from us the people?

    Napier is correct first in awknowlegment of this wrong doing. Second if he wants regain ” trust ” he should investigate all parties who had authority to permit and yes encourage this crime. Bring charges via a non Pima County Attorney’s Office because clearly Barbara LaWall was complicit in this crime.

    Why Radkteade a guilty plea he is low hanging fruit. The top people should be brought to JUSTICE. One of our readers commented that if he or you or I did this crime we be in prison for many years.

    Failure to investigate TOP Pima County Officials will make new Sheriff appear to be indifferent. That will only lead to asking how many other crimes have the PCSD been less than honest/ truthful about? If your a criminal enterprise that has blessing of right people ( good ole boys ) than you can do a crime and never fear justice. Do the right thing Napier and Deputies, investigate and suit results for outside County or Arizona AG office to allow these criminals there day in Court.

  8. Time to finish cleaning out the department and move on. We all know which several folks who retired and came back to high paying jobs still need to go. All part of that same era and corruption.

    The department is on the edge of a clean start. Why the remaining few have not left on the Own is still a puzzle to many of us Just need to look at the unclassified high paying positions to know who they are

  9. I would love to see proof of Huck’s knowledge and involvement, plus any others on the council. Charge and jail.

  10. How can we put this behind us when the County continues its irresponsible handling of taxpayer funds hanks to the strangle hold on County finances exercised by Huckleberry/Grijalva and their three Democrat Pty puppets, Supervisors, Bronson, Elias and Valdez?

  11. Bill Holden aka Chiefs Byron Gwaltney and Karl Woolridge, you are back? Long time brothers. Woolridge had to go to the FBI to cover his own ass and his own corruption when he was Captain of Admin for many years. And Gwaltney why is it that nepotism didn’t pertain to you when you had wifey working there making well over 60K for years. Let’s take about your buddies on SWAT that kill yet you both exonerate those bad sharp shooters. I believe the head of association was one of those too. Corruption? Yes Sirs it remains in the PCSO!

    • And yet there are still others. Let’s ask ourselves some questions. How could Kastigar and Heaney not know anything? Will Janes FINALLY be held accountable, along with Feldt, Gee, Anderson, etc? As we all know, things take time…but seriously, how many people just get to walk and just to poison the water down the line? (ie Lopez (abuse of power and still gets what he wants how is that?!), Cameron/Harvey, Parish, Koumal, Hanna, Ponzio, Capt. Ectasy (have some dignity man, resign), this whole list has such inflated egos of themselves and their “abilities” thanks to the previous administration. No internal investigations? No third party investigation? You can NOT, no matter how well intentioned you are, start with a clean slate until you CLEAN it all out. There is a time you must take the hard route to make people trust the system again. Temporary discomfort will pay off in the long run of ethical and honest accountability.

  12. Will Tell. Roll over and kiss your fellow disgruntled weasel whomever that should be,
    Terry Parish, Jesus Lopez, Buddy Janes, or “I know nothing” Chris Nanos.
    And what kind of retarded statement are you trying to make about snipers ? How can they be bad if they hit what they are shooting at?
    Obviously your head is too far up one of your regime partner’s backside.
    You and the cronies need to exit. Jump while you can, hopefully in front of a Bear Cat with a SWAT team and no medic.
    The days of Dupnik are over.

  13. No heart, integrity, conscious or morals either
    Pee-“nut”! Your badge should be stripped of you. You are a horrible representation to our association. You lied and continue to lie.

    • Peanut. Learn to spell Will Tell.
      And Nanos, Janes, Lopez, Radtke, Parish were outstanding examples to the association? You’re high.

  14. His retirement benefits amount to criminal theft from tax payer funds. We have to stop these pensions. Citizens are robbed by elected and appointed officials. The sentence was far to light.

  15. Karl aka flyingscotsman you are back under different alias! Nice! No no no no….the corruption lies with you all i.e new administration. How about those free tuxes you received all those years for the awards ceremonies, and how about all of Johnson’s dresses for all these occasions? Same Circus different “Clowns”. But this is where the real corruption lies. Stay tuned Pima County…..

    • Ha! Go back and research my posts….assume much?! I won’t dignify your erroneous assumption with denials because frankly, I don’t care enough. However, good to know some details of more Rico spending. You must have or HAD a position that gets you this inside information. Soooo that could mean an internal or third-party investigation would hit close to home. Good luck with that.

    • Remember, Dupnik’s retirement party too.
      You were there soaking it all in with that RICO funded extravaganza.

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