Flake Fan: Sunday’s Comic

It is hard to find something nice to say about Sen. Jeff Flake, but one of his followers managed to do just that!

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  1. He is too much like McCain, starts listening when election time comes around, telling us what he thinks we want to hear. After the election victory he stabs us in the back. Drain the swamp!

  2. What part of “Flake” did we miss?

  3. another DNC operative who is a little more invisible to the people of AZ. Does like mclame (NOTHING) tries to get into news by insinuating he is also a ‘maverick’, but his real call sign is GHOST.

    2 years to end this idiots political career, IF we can get ms ward to run and the idiots to vote other than established party candidates.

  4. The only thing good about Jeff Flake is his last name. It reminds me of Ruth (FLAKE) BOONE whom I knew back in Jacksonville, FL, as a young child. The Boone family were the most wonderful people, solid Christians, honest to a fault, hard-working, & with strong family ties. Jeff must not be related to them!

  5. I was helped by Senator Flake regarding a problem with the Veterans Administration and commend him and his able and conscientious staff for that help. I had requested help from Senator McCain a number of years back and it was an exasperating experience in that the staff person was clearly just going through the motions and was no help at all. That said, Senator Flake just seems to be on the other side of virtually all the issues that are important to me as a conservative and thus we need to defeat him at the polls.

  6. James Alberts | February 13, 2017 at 10:34 am |

    This clown has to go, he is just like McCain worth less

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