“Fake News” Shines On The Star’s Opinion Page

It’s no secret that the folks over at the Star dislike me. Tim Steller–justly–took me to task for a column in which I inadvertently misspelled his name. That, somehow, morphed into a Twitter conversation during which he accused me of poor writing, and even offered his aid to teach me how better to write.

Look, if anyone wants to enhance my skill, I will always be a willing pupil.

But when I tore yet another inane Star editorial to ribbons and Mr. Steller could argue only with my mishandling of his name–and I genuinely am sorry for that ignominious oversight–but not argue with any of the points I handily dismantled or made myself, well, I had a damn hard time imagining that anyone in the legacy media, much less the Star, could offer me much I didn’t already know.

Save for how to pander to the already brainwashed audience of the legacy media, I suppose.

I’m not sorry to say my meager writing ability is already advanced well beyond that point, and I can thank you, the readers of the Arizona Daily Independent, for keeping me motivated to continue learning and improving.

I am also not sorry to say that the Star’s latest editorial hires come as no surprise either: They didn’t come to knock on my door.

Or call me.

Or even tweet me.

But Sarah Garrecht Gassen–yes, I verified the spelling this time–is ebullient in her proclamation that the Star now has two “Conservative with a ‘big C'” commentators on the opinion page.

Forgive me a bit of graphic imagery, but it was when I read that “big C” line that I found myself in need of a rag to wipe my beverage off my keyboard. And my chin. Nobody should read something that amusing while sipping from a glass.

Interestingly enough, one of the two “Conservative with a ‘big C'” writers is not just a fledgling author but also a benefactor of the failed–and embarrassing–John Winchester campaign. Yes, that’s right, Joseph Morgan joins the Star after campaign finance records reveal he received at least $4,500 in payment for “field director” services to the unbelievably foul Winchester campaign. You see, Joseph Morgan is little Johnnie Winchester’s cousin. Fake conservatives and fake news are close relatives, too, you know.

I’ll pause here to allow you to find a rag and clean up your keyboard.

Supposedly, this Mr. Morgan–spelled correctly, too–writes for another publication. But I’ve seen a couple of his pieces, and he clearly was no English major. Granted, neither was I, but I take pride in my work. And I certainly do not fill pages with bunk in support of the establishment’s choice to defeat the one representative in Pima County who had actually worked to curb the gross malfeasance that typifies Pima County governance. Morgan had written several junk editorials and letters to the editor in support of his relative that first praised Ally Miller for holding to her campaign promises, then chided her for being “incompetent to the extreme”, and then defended Winchester’s frivolous lawsuit against the City of Tucson.

And this is how the Star adds “conservative” voices. No, seriously. Does the editorial board over there want to help make them better writers, too?

This move of desperation belies the fact that the Star and the legacy media are in their death throes. They promulgate the same “fake news” that the general public learned to despise even more broadly in 2016, and you and the growing number of ADI readers innately know that. Maybe they think some shoddy writing from a couple of alleged “Conservatives with a ‘big C'” will magically and instantaneously imbue them with some specter of balance, but reality will prove their new efforts futile.

We see right through these thin, sputtering smokescreens and realize the narrative from that rag remains the same. So let them throw up a token “conservative” column each week. It’s like giving a dose of aspirin to the brain-dead victim of a fallen grand piano: It fosters classic comedy, but it won’t even delay the inevitable.

Two things still bother me, though: How does any ill-conceived campaign of a worthless candidate under the control of a ruthless bureaucrat have $4,500 to waste as specious payment to a family member, and why would the Star–that acts as a willful extension of the Huckelberry-Bronson waste machine’s media arm–hire on a relative of the candidate that Chuck back-doored into the primary? Anybody else wonder if Huckelberry needed to get that raise and to create new jobs so he could pay back some of the money his cronies threw away on the failed Winchester primary and the costly-but-razor-thin Bronson victory?


  1. so I have a idea for the new paper – it’s the ‘media machine’ paper like screen that you plug into the ‘paper machine’ downloads the video news with audio to your ‘paper like viewer’ you unfold it for big screen effect, grab your coffee and unfold the sheets that come to life with data stream from the attached chip – I know it sounds a bit back wards – a tablet will do much of this.. but it’s that newspaper thing – maybe they can add ink smell to the device that you spray onto it before you use it. See you at Coffee Times.

  2. Jim Click and his ads are the only things keeping the lights on at the ADS. If Click bails, the ADS goes dark, and it can’t happen soon enough.

  3. And the community longs for a local newspaper with investigative reports that uncover wrongdoing at any level. Not some phony bologna UA “Journalism” graduates that toe the Alinsky line.

  4. Back in the mid-90s the Star did an editorial on me and an organization that Phil Murphy co-founded — Brassroots, Inc.
    Brassroots, Inc. sued the Pima County Board of supervisors over a worthless waste of taxpayer money to conduct what they called a gun “buyback”; as though they had ever owned the guns in the first place.
    The article claims the scheme yielded bout 600 firearms, of which about 30 percent of were inoperable. “Inoperable”? We personally watched as people turned in things like a rifle stock with no action attached and received a $50. voucher to go to the mall.
    The crack editorial staff at the Star opined, “Isn’t this what the community wants — to get guns, even just 600 of them, even broken ones, out of circulation?”
    Uh, no’ the community wants criminals and inept editorial boards out of circulation.
    Over the years nothing seems to have changed. They are still inept, out of touch and partisan as ever. But that’s just me.

  5. I think you may need to check a little further. I thought the Star shut down 10 or 15 years ago. It was during the fake ink shortage.

  6. There is very little left in life that seems to follow a pattern of order, outside of the four seasons of the year. And while the sun still rises in the east and sets in the western sky, it alone sets the standard of common knowledge and continues to be as true as it was thousands of years ago.
    For as long as I can remember the Arizona Daily Star (ADS) has been a biased left wing lie. While weather reporting is as much a guess as it is science, it’s still a 50/50 chance of getting it right. Sadly that same standard of accuracy is the benchmark goal for the “news section” as well at the ADS.
    If little Timmy Steller was half as stellar as he thinks he is, then why are his prospects so limited as to still be working for the ADS? And having the touchy feely good Sarah Garrecht Gassen sharing her inner childlike wonders of the world no matter how sappy is far cheaper the group therapy for those suffering from ambition or relevance. And no rebuke of the star would be complete without a jab in the face with a sharpie at the ever autistic editorial cartoonist David Fitzsimmons whose pencil is far sharper than his one-sided witty attempts at anything pro-democratic, anti everything else humor.
    The majority of the ADS is not even local news. The word news derives from what is new, and as long as the ADS is the lone king fecal of the local news, nothing new is happing in Tucson, Pima County or for that matter southern Arizona. Most of its content is cut and pasted regurgitated news from left wing leaning national outlets with credits given to the sources.
    But the ADS has an important role in southern Arizona, it’s a like a leftover flower child from the 60’s preaching peace, love and dope, currently acting as a sensitivity trainer for the mindless left that hates Trumps, loves bad roads, loves anything pro enviomental, loves higher taxes, loves out of touch and out if control local and county government, embraces corruption at all levels and above all else hates republicans. And did I mention they also hate Trump with a deep passion and conviction?
    There are certain things that I will see fade away from my daily life, I’ve seen phonograph records fade away, I’ve seen the Foto-mart booths fade away from store parking lots, no one has a working TV antenna on top of their house, soon landline telephones in most homes will be gone as well. It’s safe to say that I haven’t missed most of these things going by the wayside, the Palm Pilot, dial up internet with AOL, and just like BlockBuster video stores, ADS will soon fade away, but as far as the ADS, what will I wrap my fish in once its reckless suicide results in a going out of business sale for new and unused reporting equipment?
    I recall a few years ago that the ADS polled readers and found most didn’t support a local version of Pravda, and the editor promised fundamental change, but short of the romper room changing of desk locations and the introduction of environmentally friendlier soy based print ink, nothing has changed at the ADS. It is safe to say that until that “going out of business” sign hangs proudly on the facade that nothing will ever change at the ADS.
    The hiring of two phony pseudo-Conservatives, (drum roll please) yes with a capital C only to demonstrate drama, is paramount to placing a band-aid on a sucking chest wound.
    As for the attacks on Steve Spain by the sphincter spelling police, it’s a long tried and sometimes successful diversion of the hard truths that can’t otherwise be defended or debated by the mindless far left. It often seems the bigger the failure from the far left the harder they proofread the criticism from those opposing them. And if you don’t have merit, you’ll always have spell checker……


  7. The Arizona Daily Star has been nothing but “Fake News” for years upon years! I’ve always said in wasn’t even fit for my Bird to shit-on. The only that keeps it alive is the advertisers, however they might realize that it is not worth their advertising dollars anymore, but maybe not. There is still a lot of lemmings in Tucson follow the Yellow Brick Road of the City of Tucson and Pima County politics of Balloon Rides.

  8. to all, if they want to hire a shill let’em it’s their money and still a free press, that they sell more printed feces as fish wrap is ‘their business’ to bad so many labor jobs depend on their owners brains to keep their print or distribution jobs. As the economy evolves I’d anticipate another source to evolve with it.. there’s something calming about sitting some place turning the page and reading a paper with a cup of coffee – I know it’s the I’m a near extinct being as I type away in front of my machine talking of printed media but I’m sure you’ve all sat on the porch or at the table doing the same.. I can only hope something worth reading will come soon – I’ve stopped the Star some years ago.

  9. Just one more feeble attempt by the ADS to make one think that they do report/give credence to the other side of the news. I would really like to know what their definition of a conservative is at this point. And anything that Gasser/Gassen/Gassless writes about isn’t worth bothering to read its so far left. Yea, Morgan is a real conservative alright, he was bought and paid for by the cronies to help knock off Ally Miller and it simply didn’t work. How the man can call himself a conservative is beyond me. He is simply another lackey for the system and will do anything anyone tells him to do. Pathetic, pandering dumbass.

  10. Yes, The Star is circling the drain and will soon follow The Citizen, taking Stella, Steller, Stelar, what’s that guys name again, with it!

  11. What an interesting Freudian slip
    by the Red Star. The big “C” is
    traditionally known to be a
    reference to cancer- and that’s
    exactly what the Star’s content
    perpetrates on the truth.

    Slowly, painfully, insidiously eating away
    at it until it dies.

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