Who Are The Few Who Know So Little And Can Influence So Many?

David V.  MacCollum

A common response you hear today is that the political system is rigged. An inherent handicap is a dishonest and fake news media. Almost daily, violent protests occur nationwide, breeding public confusion and discontent. The real question is, how can the citizen voters, many who work at two jobs make a rational assessment, or a businessman or woman whose time is consumed in ensuring for the survival of their firm on a weak economy?  It appears that the principle issue is that the failing economic environment promotes violent political discord.

Since time immortal, history is all about how people can work together and support their leadership and become great.  Success is dependent how minority groups with different views can provide positive support to the established leadership group. No business can make a profit, no ship can safely sail the seas, or any nation succeed with a blatant minority organized group that fight the established leadership every step of the way. Some of the far left extremists hate President Trump and have a goal to impeach him!

The Mutiny on the Bounty resulted  in a prolonged isolation on a remote island from the rest of the world and when the crew were found years later, the mutineers were executed. Real minority leaders work within the system on one common goal at a time, with the majority to build acceptance and develop a political union.

We elected Donald Trump as our President and a few of the far left members of minority leadership have created chaos with their mutinous resistance. They have poisoned our youth by encouraging violent protests that destroy public and private property rather than teaching them a peaceful respect of law and order. The news media fans the fires of dissent and international discord by alleging an insurgent in the White House, on the cover of a prominent British news magazine. The lead editorial article is an international attempt to disgrace our President, written by mindless, out-of-touch elitists with a far-left agenda.

Here at home, the North Dakota Access Pipeline now has federal authority to finish the three billion dollar project that was stopped when nearly completed by a violent and destructive protest. The Standing Rock Indian Tribe plans to file a frivolous lawsuit to challenge the federal permit. What is needed is to have civil damage claims against the Indian tribe’s actions to recover expenses to the country, state and pipeline company by the violent and destructive protests.

President Trump’s 90 day temporary executive order to ban entry of terrorists that come from several nations known to harbor individuals who want to come to the U.S. to harm American citizens is his constitutional right and duty to protect Americans. Washington State’s federal judge’s order blocked this reasonable and necessary Presidential Order.  Next came support from the 9th Circuit Court in San Francisco.  This handy work of the anti-American way of law and order by the Democratic Party was a deliberate act to destroy the Trump presidency.  It seems that there is no way to rid ourselves of judges who overstep their authority and are “found to be wrong 80% of the time” when their rulings are overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.  Common sense should allow the Government to rid our federal judiciary their authority by writing new laws that cannot be challenged. The three legs of our constitution is that Congress shall write the laws, the Executive branch shall enforce the law, and the Judiciary branch shall ensure law is followed.

The greatest generation grew up in the 1930’s grinding depression. In 1941, Americans’ rallied by enlisting in our Armed Services after Pearl Harbor. They fought the war on two fronts, one in Europe and one in the Pacific. In four years’ time, with loyalty and respect for our leadership, we won. Our participation in the Armed Services was richly rewarded by the GI Bill that gave many of us a college education. What is overlooked is that the war was conducted during a Democratic administration.  Post war was with President Eisenhower, a Republican who developed freeways, waterways, and housing development that fueled a prosperous economy.

President Jack Kennedy, a Democrat who was a WWII vet, introduced us to the space-age and landed astronauts on the moon. In those wonderful days, our politicians worked together with Franklin Roosevelt and Truman’s leadership during WWII to the post-war days of Eisenhower, and then to Jack Kennedy.  Opportunity was everywhere for this great generation.

Today, for the few left from this generation, some see a positive energy with our new President, Donald Trump, who wants to make America Great Again.  He wants to bring us out of a lagging economy and threats from radical Islamic terrorists. It is easy to see that the recent election was a frightening upset to the Democratic Party, as they lost the White House, House and Senate.  It appears that rather than build credibility and confidence with the Republican majority and Independent voters, the few in the Democratic minority act like mutinous crew members who only want to destroy the Presidency. As long as this dangerous relationship is pursued by the Democrats, it is the few who have little real knowledge that are influencing the many. When the greatest generation began our Golden Years, I wonder – did we fail our great nation by not keeping a focus on a conservative leadership of law and order?



  1. If all government functions were on a contract basis no civil service protections or collective bargaining agreements by principals or labor.

  2. It has long been my observation and heartfelt belief that for the most part, Republicans don’t know how to behave in power, while Democrats don’t know how to behave out of power.
    Sadly over time, I have come to further believe that most Democrats just don’t know how to behave at all.


  3. You do not need to go very far left to get to the wacky left anymore. They are the mainstream of the Party now.

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