Kern Warns of Procedural Tricks Regarding Taxpayer-Funded Arena

Arizona Rep. Anthony Kern is warning the public that a strike everything amendment to SB1149 has reopened the discussions for the Arizona Coyote’s relocation plans, which previously were stalled by an assignment of the original bill to the Senate Commerce & Public Safety Committee.

The “Community Engagement District” as outlined in SB1149, resembles another scheme; Rio Nuevo, which has been the most notorious waste of taxpayers dollars in Arizona history.

“Procedural tricks in the Senate are now being used to circumvent the legislative process and hide the grim reality from the taxpayers directly affected by these bills,” said Representative Kern. “The original bill, SB 1474, could not stand on its own merit and didn’t have the correct number of votes necessary to advance the Senate Commerce & Public Safety Committee it was originally assigned to. This disservice to the citizens of the state who should not be responsible for funding yet another sports arena.”

The bill is scheduled for hearing by the Senate Transportation & Technology Committee today, February 14 at 2:00 p.m. in Senate hearing room 1.

“I encourage members of the community to contact their state senator and voice their concerns for taxpayers subsidizing another stadium project,” said Representative Kern. “It is bad public policy and sets a bad precedent for government transparency.”

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