Thorpe Sees Town Hall Invitations As Opportunities

Rep. Bob Thorpe in Flagstaff, at KAFF recording a radio spot in favor of Proposition 410, to support community colleges [Photo from Twitter]

Across the country, lawmakers at all levels are being called on to participate in town halls. Many believe that these town halls are simply a ruse by political opponents in order to create optics that could later be used against public servants.

Arizona State Representative Bob Thorpe sees these town hall invitations in a different light.

“I am so honored that for the first time in over 5 years, Democrats actually want to hold a town hall for me, so that they can learn about my conservative values which include my work against corporate welfare and my support of our small business job creators. After years of losses at the ballot box, it doesn’t surprise me at all that the Democrats are finally being forced to re-evaluate their political beliefs,” said Thorpe.

“Since 2008 alone, almost 1,100 State and Federal Democrat races have been lost to Republicans who now hold majorities in most states, in Congress, and in the White House.

Here in Arizona, Republicans hold all statewide elected offices including the Governorship and majorities in both the State House and Senate. Unlike our congressmen, state legislators typically do not hold town halls, however, I am truly pleased to see that the Democrats in my district are finally willing to cross party lines in order to promote nonpartisan cooperation.”

“In an effort to reach all of my LD-6 constituents within our huge legislative district, I will honor the Democrat’s suggestion by holding a tele-town hall on Friday, March 17, from 4-5 p.m. on the Jeff Oravits radio show. All are welcome to tune-in to FM 97.1 and participate,” said Thorpe.

Thorpe recognizes that the economy, especially within Arizona’s rural areas, has not recovered during President Obama’s painfully long tenure. As a result, offering a tele-town hall will allow Thorpe to be available to those who cannot afford the fuel or time in order to travel and attend a traditional town hall.

During this legislative session, Thorpe is working to ensure that those who have been hardest hit by the dismal Obama economy (which has only averaged about 2 percent growth over 8-years) have an equal opportunity to prosper. From proposing legislation that will relieve regulatory burdens that are stifling the creation of more small businesses, to fighting for education opportunities, Thorpe is mindful of the needs of all of his constituents, not just the few who are tucked-away within their ivory towers and trendy urban coffee shops.

“The vast majority of my constituents do not have the time or resources for organizing optic-extravaganzas. They work long, hard hours and expect me to do the same. They do not have the luxury of time for game playing and gotcha politics, and neither do I,” said Thorpe.

“I always look forward to tough questions from my constituents. I look forward to hearing about their concerns. And I even look forward to hearing their criticisms. It is only through an authentic desire to engage in thoughtful discourse that we can begin to discern and address what is needed to achieve true social justice.”

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