GVR Could Be Stepping Out Of Boundaries

Imagine purchasing a home that includes for one price a health club membership, pickle ball courts, tennis courts, swimming pools, lapidary, camera, computer clubs, live entertainment events, movies, enrichments classes, bus tours and so much more. The home carries a deed restriction that forever obligates you and future owners of the home to pay yearly membership dues. A retiree’s dream come true, right?

The annual dues begin to climb. What was once affordable becomes confiscatory. The song, “Welcome to the Hotel California” starts playing in your head.

You grow more alarmed when the Board of Directors of this 501C3 non-profit tells members to expect dues increases every year in perpetuity.

Many member comments are directed at the proposed authorization for the Green Valley Recreation (GVR) CEO to enter into negotiations with Kino Landing officials for GVR participation in services at a proposed new development at that property.

Most believe that such an authorization is unwise and outside the authority of the Board of Directors of GVR.

First, the basic charter of GVR as a not for profit organization is to provide facilities and services for its members, not to engage in a partnership or arrangement with a profit-making company in a manner which could be competitive with other businesses in the area.

Second, GVR is limited to providing services within its authorized boundaries and the site of Kino Landing is outside the current boundaries and any revision of those boundaries requires a vote of the membership, not the Board.

Third, any operation of a facility as described that is not a GVR facility appears to be outside the scope of GVR; and any member services within the boundary would require that living units involved would necessitate payment of Initial Fees for each such unit.

Therefore, the proposed action is outside the scope of proper Board action at this time, if ever.

22 Comments on "GVR Could Be Stepping Out Of Boundaries"

  1. It’s “Mission Creep” and “Empire building” rolled together to create a disaster for the future – unfortunately, with uninformed members, the train keeps rollin’ on and the cost to the membership is spiraling.

  2. One of the first things Kent did when he arrived to fill the Directors position at GVR is to change his title. He is now CEO with a parking space designated especially for him. He’s a sycophant of Huckelberry’s & Ray Carroll. Watch out Green Valley and hold on to your wallets. Huck is good separating people from their money.

  3. County Administrator Huckelberry and GVR CEO Blumenthal formed a bond following Blumenthal’s employment. Both men understand and exercise freely indentured servitude. A former GVR president recently took measure of Blumenthal as the bureaucrat that he is! GVR membership polls in the local newspaper overwhelming oppose Blumenthal’s actions and the direction they are taking the member’s money. Members want a return to core services. With three vacancies on the GVR Board and a March 2017 election, there is hope for a turn around.

  4. A huge THANK YOU to the Arizona Daily Independent for publishing this
    story! The link went out to many, many GVR members.

  5. Wake up GVR! Blumenthal must GO! He should not control GVR. Huckleberry and Blumenthal should be exported………far away!

  6. The GVR board needs to rein itself in and get ride of Blumenthal as quickly as possible. He is definitely not a “match” with the membership and needs to be sent somewhere else where he can build his empire (not at our expense). Anybody on the GVR board who brought this guy into town should be held accountable for their terrible judgmental skills. Let’s get on with the mission of the GVR, as per the charter, and stop this nonsense.

  7. If Kent’s big visionary future turns out as well as the Verizon Cell Tower at the West Center, we’re all screwed.

  8. Its turning into a timeshare we cannot get out of.

  9. What if we all stopped playing our dues? GVR seems to be violating their social contract with the members by abandoning their stated vision and charter; therefore, that should release the members from the dues obligation. Lien my property? Go ahead. I’m not going anywhere. GVR can have it after I’m gone. They can try to operate on zero cash flow for awhile, which is what GVR is forcing upon those with fixed or very limited incomes, many of whom do not even use the facilities. It’s time for some civil disobedience, and to take back our recreation centers from a tyrannical minority.

    • We agree with you David. Lets start stop paying dues. We;re in our 80’s and our kids don”t want the house, so let GVR have it when we;re gone.

  10. Now that Kent Blumenthal has made his move to a profit organization and won’t listen to the members maybe this could be grounds for leaving GVR on a legal basis. After all, we jointed this club because it is not for profit and that would keep our dues more reasonable but that has all changed. This not what we signed up for.

  11. Better yet, everyone that came into the GVR before 2017 would not receive an increase in Dues.
    When they sell the house, the new people can deal with it.
    GVR should be a majority before moving ahead, what ever happened to that concept.? Not a board that in the middle of the night passes conditions we all have to live with because “They” want it. Our Dues can certainly go into a trust until this is settled. Maybe that way someone on the Board will listen to us, the “MAJORITY”.

  12. The behavior of these people who are supposed to be fiscally responsible is appalling and so VERY disappointing. Many of our seniors chose this particular location because they did not care to live in a “resort” atmosphere. GVR is not set up to service all of the surrounding area. It is supposed to be a “closed” environment that we have all bought into and continue to pay for with our limited incomes. So, we need to get rid of Kent and his cronies and get back to basics. Also, shame on those Board members that are simply rubber stamping what is going on in GVR!!!

  13. Les Shipley | March 19, 2017 at 9:15 am |

    Our “CEO’s” statement that” we grow or die” is just not true. We need to do what is best for our members, and continue to provide the best operating, well maintained, facilities! We should add programs, and activates as the need arises. We are a community based organization that has provided these services for a very long time, with a great deal of success. You know the saying, if it ain’t broke….

  14. To all the naysayers, I would ask you to compare your dues to those of other associations. Want to make a guess at the difference? 1/4 the cost at Quail Creek, Sun City Vistoso and Saddlebrooke – to name a few. Sadly, there are needs to be addressed and that means expenses. Do you think that Kent wants to get people upset with him when he makes these proposals? Or, do you think that he has the best long term interests of the GVR in mind? I firmly believe that he has made the difficult choice to keep GVR’s long term interests in mind. It seems like the personal attacks on him are a further evidence of the lack of civility pervasive in our country today.

  15. GVR4US has instilled so much hatred in the community. Every town strives for progress. When a community become stagnant it dies. I hear some say they don’t need GVR because they don’t use the facilities. Why, then, are you here? There are plenty of cheaper places to live without having the great facilities we have. You could have bought a house that wasn’t in GVR. You knew when you bought that there would be dues and activities to which to participate. Complaining about small increases in dues? No organization keeps their dues the same. Young retires nowadays don’t sit and watch television or play cards. They are active. If GVR doesn’t plan for future retirees do you really think the younger folks will buy your homes? They’ll go where they have the facilities. Stop complaining and start being proud of your community.

  16. I think GVR provides a host of services at a very reasonable cost. But I doubt it can keep on growing without incurring a lot of expenses. I think it should not increase it’s membership, but increase the dues as need arises. I know the facilities are old and probably cost a lot to maintain, but I am not sure that Blumenthal has our best interests at heart. Everything is done in a very high handed manner since he arrived.

  17. Stan Hackett | March 20, 2017 at 1:27 pm |

    I don’t want to live in an up scale community like Quail Creek or Sun City. I want to live in Green Valley a down to earth friendly community that does not feel the need to be a destination for rich people.

  18. Although we are certainly aware that GVR is a good deal for its members, and considered that when we built our house 15 years ago, we do not want to see this area become a “premier destination” mainly for snowbirds….and it seems as if that is happening. We like a small town atmosphere, and are concerned that the “CEO” of GVR is using this to build his reputation at the expense of the year around GVR members, and the small town of Green Valley, all of whom are slowly being driven away from using the facilities. The opinions of snowbirds and how to attract more of them often seem to be the only consideration that GVR will listen to, while any member that disagrees with the “long term goal” is ignored or criticized. We do not need to have elaborate activities that are expensive to operate, and if put into motion, may destroy the atmosphere so enjoyed by the people who truly have an actual long term interest in preserving the future of this city. Not people who show up for 6 months and then leave, while driving up the costs of our economy, clogging our parking lots, crowding our restaurants, causing our stores to run out of basic things, and making our GVR difficult to use due to people who wouldn’t consider actually living here.

  19. Patricia Campbell | March 22, 2017 at 9:56 pm |

    There was an article in the GV news today in which the writer suggested that for a 90 day period, members be allowed to opt out of membership. Works for me! Someone here suggested that if we didn’t like the house bound to GVR that there were plenty of other homes to purchase. Not true. There are not always homes that meet the needs of the purchasers. We looked at over 20 different houses that met our space, financial, and health needs requirements. ALL required GVR membership. Kent Blumenthal is up to no good. He and his cronies are acting outside the GVR charter. He needs to back off.

  20. Jim bergstrom | March 24, 2017 at 8:16 pm |

    Trust is something that Kent blumenthal is going to have to work on, …….

  21. GVR is going way off the track with this “Premier Destination” nonsense.
    Our dues should not be used in any form of promotion and growth. That is up to the Chamber of Commerce and any other business that wants growth. I see nothing wrong with expanding the pickle ball facilities, within reason. The membership deserves it. The funds are there. The administration has been tripled in expense over the past years. Too many chiefs! Too many BIG IDEAS. Get back to maintaining what we have, expand only to serve our membership needs. I have been a member since August of 1979. Our GVR members really need to work on our Board, they are supposed to govern the operation, not be puppets for administration.
    Everything they do now is oriented to make a profit, not to serve the members! The admin. heads should be replaced.should be

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