Rapacki’s Motives Are As Mysterious As The Man

Lyle Rapacki

For seasoned Arizona Capitol watchers, whenever a conservative legislator acts in a way that runs contrary to what their ideology would likely dictate, a couple of names come to mind as the sources for the unusual action. Lyle Rapacki is one of those names.

In the case of some political operatives, it is easy to ascertain the motive at times; just follow the money. To do that, one need only to visit the Arizona Secretary of State’s website to see what organization they are lobbying for in any given year.

In the case of Lyle Rapacki, the motives are as mysterious as the man. The hulking man used to be seen at the Capitol on a daily basis. Over time, various leaders have made it clear that Rapacki is unwelcome.

Although he generally operates off the Capitol campus now, his influence on politicians can still wreak havoc. Whether it is to prevent good bills from being heard in committee, or wasting the Legislature’s time with meaningless bills based on nothing more than an extreme paranoia, Rapacki’s influence is unmistakable.

Who is Lyle Rapacki?

It is difficult to pin down exactly who Lyle Rapacki is, or was. There are so many conflicting “facts” out there generated by him and others that it is tough to sort through what is, and what is not real.

In an effort to ascertain what may and may not be true, we researched the information on the web, spoke to those who have worked with him, and finally asked him to confirm or deny the information we had.

Rapacki is best known for his “high priority communications” sent from Sentinel Intelligence Services, LLC. The consulting-type company has been registered at his home address since 2009, according to the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Confidential U.S. Intelligence Briefing: Illegal Migration and the Diseases Within
September 23, 2016/ by Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.

The attached report is a condensed form of the complete Intel Briefing Booklet I distributed to the attendees at the Arizona State Senate briefing. After submitting this report to a person with whom I have worked with over the past several years, and who now is an advisor on the Trump for President National Security Team, I was then requested to submit a one page only bullet point’s summary. There were several new items added to this briefing, like the two cases of Leprosy just discovered in Riverside, California; the 150-high school students in Manhattan, Kansas coming down with vomiting, bloody diarrhea, and coughing with school officials asking parents to bring stool samples to school for lab evaluations; the 100-cases of chlorine resistant bacteria found in pools in Arizona.

As I mentioned this report was sent to the person with whom I work with, and who serves on the Trump National Security Team approximately 1100 hours on September 9th.

Dr. Carson’s Senior Assistant was to be given a copy of this briefing, also.

His “confidential” and “high priority communications” rarely include original content. He generally repackages information he gleans from WND, and adds his own editorial touches including a list of organizations in which he claims membership. Holding himself out as a “Protective Intelligence and Assessment Specialist,” and a “Consultant at Behavioral Analysis and Threat Assessment,” as well as a “Private-Sector Intelligence Analyst,” Rapacki claims to belong to the U.S. Border Intelligence Group, ASIS International, the Association For Intelligence Officers, the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals – Arizona ATAP, and the International Association Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts, and the FBI InfraGard.

An official with ASIS International confirmed that Rapacki is a member. According to the group, he is listed as a forensic counselor. The only requirement for admission to the group is a referral from a current member.

Law enforcement experience or security clearances are not required.

We were able to confirm that he is a former member of the Association For Intelligence Officers (AFIO) having resigned last year for unspecified personal reasons. According to the organization, “originally AFIO was open to people who worked directly or indirectly for one of its 7 intelligence organizations” including the FBI, CIA, and NSA. Now membership is open to “select people who have an interest in intelligence matters.”

Law enforcement experience or security clearances are not required.

At least one of the groups he claims to belong to is either so super-secret that no record of its existence can be found, or it only exists in his imagination.

The FBI infraGard understandably does not identify members, nor will it deny or confirm a person’s membership.

He was a licensed private investigator until 2012.

He was certified as a Reserve Officer with the Flagstaff Police Academy in 1977. Rapacki was terminated due to the fact that he wore his Reserve Deputy uniform while attempting to collect past due rents from the apartment complex which he managed.” (Affadavit of Fred C. Smith, First Assistant District Attorney, dated Nov. 17, 1989).

Rapacki offered the ADI a confusing response in regards to the Flagstaff situation. He wrote, “I was fired from the police department for collecting rent in uniform. At the time of this incident, I was managing a large apartment complex, and yes, one time I did go and make contact with a renter who was delinquent and refusing to pay rent. I was in uniform; either going or coming from the police department, I just don’t recall. I did get written up for this, as it was seen as intimidation and/or improper use of a police uniform. I admitted to the event and a notice of reprimand was placed in my file. I was not fired. In fact…sometime a year later, I passed all tests and oral boards for promotion to the rank of Sergeant.”

However, according to AZPost, Rapacki lost his certification in 1978. [See his full email response below]

“Dr. Lyle” and Mr. Hide

When he is not pushing paranoid pabulum, Rapacki is hiding in the shadows until he is invited by one group or another to share his “intel.”

On the outside chance that he would shed his invisibility cloak, we reached out to Rapacki after thoroughly researching his highly unusual claims and the claims made about him. We advised Rapacki that over time we “have been able to independently confirm all of the information below and more with sources with AZPost, officials in New Mexico, and the Arizona Supreme Court.”

The following information was sent to Rapacki and we asked if he had “any evidence to the contrary:

His claims:

Lyle Rapacki earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Northern Arizona University and his Doctorate from Clayton College of Natural Medicine specializing in the treatment of psychological disorders with natural medicine.


“The Clayton College of Natural Health was a non-accredited American distance-learning natural health college based in Birmingham, Alabama, offering classes in various forms of alternative medicine. The school was founded in 1980 by Lloyd Clayton Jr. as the American College of Holistic Nutrition.[1] According to its website, the school at one point had more than 25,000 students and graduates.[2] The school and some of its more notable graduates have been the subject of controversy.

In July 2010, the college announced on its website that it was ceasing operations, blaming a number of factors but primarily the effects of the recent economic recession.[6] In November 2010, a class action lawsuit was filed seeking recoveries on behalf of thousands of students who were enrolled in prepaid distance education programs at Clayton College.[7] The lawsuit claims Clayton breached its fiduciary duty, was negligent, among other claims, and seeks compensation for the tuition amounts paid for programs that are no longer available. They are also seeking compensation for Plaintiffs’ “loss of time and opportunity”, among other damages.[8]

In November 2011 it was announced that as many as 14,000 former students of the defunct Clayton College of Natural Health would split up to $2.31 million in reimbursement for tuition, with part of the settlement to be paid by Lloyd Clayton, and the remainder being paid for by RSUI Indemnity Co. The funds were to be placed in an escrow account for which former students could recover a portion of their lost tuition.[9][10]” – Wikipedia

According to Dr. Andrew Lange’s article The Biggest Quack School in Natural Medicine Closes, “The Clayton school for years has been a classic diploma mill operation, offering doctorates and other degrees to students of natural health care, without providing clinical training or educational standards of any kind. They have unceasingly been opponents of accredited schools of Naturopathic medicine and licensing for Naturopathic Physicians who attend four year graduate schools of Naturopathic Medicine.”

“Well-known graduates of Clayton include television nutrition personality Gillian McKeith, controversial naturopath Hulda Regehr Clark, author Robert Young, and author Kim Barnouin, co-author of the diet book, Skinny Bitch,” continued Lange.

“The danger has been that Clayton graduates have represented themselves as Naturopathic doctors and have misled consumers into believing they are seeing a graduate of an accredited medical school. It has been this misrepresentation that has caused their discredit, not any attempt to limit the study or use of natural medicines,” wrote Lange. “The graduates of the Clayton school and other unaccredited programs have been represented and supported by the American Naturopathic Medicine Association.”

Others’ claims:

In an Alaska Police Standards Council application for instructor certification, dated 7/21/89, Rapacki lists his college background as “Northern AZ. Univ. 60 hrs. Counseling Psychgology MA., Trinity Bible College, 35 hrs. Pastoral Counseling, M. Div., Northern AZ. Univ. 160 hrs. Political Science, B. S. ” (Alaska Police Standards Council form F-9 APSC Instructor Certificate Application Dated 7-21-89. Signed by Lyle J. Rapacki) He does hold a B. S. in political science from N. AZ Univ. He does NOT hold a M. A. nor a M. Div. as his credentials state.

A State of Alaska Department of Corrections Memo dated November 30, 1989, states the following, “contacted the reference desk at the Loussac Library in Anchorage. The clerk gave me a list of all the Bible Colleges in the lower 48 that included the word “Trinity” in the name. Over a period of several days, I called each college or seminary to inquire if Mr. Rapacki attended and/or graduated from their college. Not one of the registrars I talked with could find any record either in files or computer record that listed Mr. Rapacki as having been a student, graduating, or receiving any kind of degree from their college” (Memo, State of Alaska Department of Corrections, by Sharon Komarek, Clerk Typist III, November 30, 1989)

His claims:

He enjoyed a 20-year private practice. Approximately one-half of his practice case-load was delegated to Behavioral Forensic Profiling and Threat Assessments, and he earned a Post-Doctorate Diplomate in Forensic Counseling. A former police officer, Dr. Rapacki assisted law enforcement from 1985 – 1991 regionally and nationally with intelligence analysis and investigations of deviant movement groups and taught at law enforcement academies nationwide. From 2000 to 2005, Dr. Rapacki taught in the Criminal Justice Department at Wayland Baptist University Phoenix campus. He briefly held the position of Director for the Public Safety Administration, Homeland Security and Crisis Management Programs at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona in 2008.

Note: Rapacki has claimed to be on the faculty of the Arizona State Supreme Court.

Others’ claims:

The State of Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners states they have no record of Mr. Rapacki being licensed. (Affadavit, Mrs. Peggy C. La Voy, Executive Director, State of Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners, dated Nov. 24, 1989)

He is not now, nor has he ever been, on the faculty of the Arizona State Supreme Court. After a lengthy correspondence between Mr. Rapacki and the Court, he signed an agreement which stated in part that he agreed to, “Immediately cease and desist from using or making any reference, written, verbal, or otherwise, regarding any past, present or possible future association with the Arizona Supreme Court … cease and desist from representing that he at any time had any faculty status with the … Arizona Supreme Court. To immediately delete from any and all correspondence and publications any reference to any association with the Arizona Supreme Court…” (Agreement between Arizona Supreme Court and Lyle J. Rapacki, dated April 24, 1989.)

Sorting it all out

We have been unable to substantiate the claim that Rapacki perjured himself in an Oklahoma courtroom.

Rapacki advised us that he would not “respond to the preponderant majority of what you have “independently confirmed,” I will share that I had no idea whatsoever that Clayton College had been sued upon closing, and former students won a judgement (sic) to collect some of their tuition.”

Instead Rapacki offered a convoluted and difficult to believe explanation of his travails. If he is to be believed, we must believe that he is not only a victim of a smear campaign by DPS, but of Satanists.

Rapacki in his own words:

Thank you for at least sending the information my way, there have been multiple times over the past 29 years when that was not the case, where I found myself having to respond after being blind-sided. One such time was seven years ago when I assisted then Rep. Judy Burges who was Chair of the State House Committee on Government Affairs. A member of Arizona DPS misled her and even had the audacity to patronize her in her office at the capitol, and in front of me. Then Rep. Burges asked me to be present, and at the conclusion of the presentation gave me permission to question the DPS Captain. In a rather simple, straight forward (SIC), and non-accusatory manner, my questions demonstrated that his presentation was not respectful or accurate. Well…you can imagine the “hit” I took, the same form of subtle (or not) character assassination I experienced periodically over the past 29 years. But the DPS Captain did not stop with then Rep. Burges, but picked-up steam and saw fit to talk with a couple of senators as well. It was quite a surprise being brought in and directly questioned about my life. As I mentioned, that was seven years ago and a good couple of those legislators are still serving and know this situation well. I copied now Senator Judy Burges on your email below, and my response here. I also copied Rep. Mark Finchem, as he and I briefly discussed all of this approximately two years ago just after the Bundy Ranch incident. So…I do thank you for at least having a measure of kindness and courtesy to send your message directly.

Twenty-nine years ago, I was among a handful of individuals who dared to stand and expose Witchcraft and the Occult in America. Along with this, I presented in public settings information, videos and overheads (no power-points in those days) specifics on the New Age Movement; you will know it today as Agenda-21, although, now even that has become too public so renamed as Agenda 2030. Anyway…I became sufficiently infamous to have launched against me a very successful, very multi-faceted, and very powerfully coordinated character assassination to stop and ruin me. In some ways it accomplished its task. Now you must know I did not set-out to become a Don Quixote. The Lord moved me slowly and steadily into accepting what was written in the Old Testament Book of Hosea, Chapter 4 verse 6: “My people die for lack of knowledge.” Teaching about and sharing my experiences with people coming out of the Occult was my intention, and I was quite naïve as to the effects doing so would have on me, my professional choices, my life. After having launched against me some of what you wrote below, and after four years of traveling and speaking nationally, I quit! I was sorely emotionally beat up. Each time I attempted to set an accusation correct, the results were worse, or accusations morphed into something new something else, I just could not keep up. Let me give you an example which you independently confirmed and presented below:

I was fired from the police department for collecting rent in uniform. At the time of this incident, I was managing a large apartment complex, and yes, one time I did go and make contact with a renter who was delinquent and refusing to pay rent. I was in uniform; either going or coming from the police department, I just don’t recall. I did get written up for this, as it was seen as intimidation and/or improper use of a police uniform. I admitted to the event and a notice of reprimand was placed in my file. I was not fired. In fact…sometime a year later, I passed all tests and oral boards for promotion to the rank of Sergeant. But the accusations go on and on, and here 30 years later, well….So, I quit defending and responding. It still has been costly to me. I have lost jobs, positions, professional standing, and more. But are you ready for this? A little over a year ago, while in Oklahoma making a presentation in a church, the Lord had me sit with a most mature group of three and submit to their guidance for a deliverance!! Yes…I had to go through a healing of memories and forgiveness to witches, Satanists, individuals I could remember who trashed me and from which I lost positions, money, standing in the community, etc. I had to forgive them!! That was rich, and this did NOT go down easy with me; seriously! Some eight hours later, I finally broke and allowed these incredible folks, who I remain in touch with to this day, to bring me to a point where I could seek the Lord’s forgiveness and healing. I was PISSED TO MY CORE at God for nearly 27 years, at that time, of periodic attacks and devastating character assassinations from people controlled by the underworld. After-all it was the Lord who asked me to teach His people for they die due to lack of knowledge. One other time over all these years, the Lord moved upon my heart by reminding me: “Good people die because no one stood for them.” Not only was I led (free will) to forgive the Lord, but then this small group began anew asking me to forgive witches, Satanists, mean-spirited individuals with hidden agendas, and worse. I was brought to a point deciding whether or not to forgive all with whom I could personally remember, and those I could not personally recall but had carried their attacks inside me. WOW! I was stunned at myself at the level of anger and shame and just plain grief built up in me.

I do appreciate your reaching out to me, and will not soon forget your small act of kindness. And while I will not respond to the preponderant majority of what you have “independently confirmed”, I will share that I had no idea whatsoever that Clayton College had been sued upon closing, and former students won a judgement (sic) to collect some of their tuition. I graduated in 1998, twelve years prior to Clayton closing in 2010. At the time of my enrollment, the college was Regionally Accredited waiting National accreditation. It was on the leading edge of teaching Natural and Holistic Medicine versus Allopathic. I had begun incorporating this approach in the treatment of depressions, anxiety disorders, and other presentations that historically were treated by pharmacology. Anyway…I never knew students brought suit nor won a judgement (sic) and could collect a percentage of tuition. Good for them.

Rapacki recalls hard to believe

Rapacki refers to himself as Dr. Rapacki. He frequently recites conversations he claims to have had with high-powered elected officials, in which they refer to him as “Dr. Lyle.” He shares stories of one august lawmaker after another asking for his wisdom: “’Dr. Lyle, should I….’” he says, or “’Dr. Lyle, what do you think….’”

His renditions of the nearly improbable conversations are made even harder to believe when he adds the “Dr. Lyle” touch.

Yet, because he is charming, and appears to play on the insecurities of mostly older women, there are those out there that will suspend disbelief and accept him and his intel as legit. The giant of a man appears to use his stature to terrify and comfort. He scares people, and then offers to be their ready sentinel.

If that were the extent to which Rapacki used his influence, he might just be considered one more harmless character drawn by the magnet that is the Arizona Capitol. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there and the man, who claims to be the victim of black magic practitioners, casts his spell on legislators, who in turn cast aside their principals to serve his whims.