How To Refuse The New Transmitting UNS Gas Meters

UNS Gas is now installing transmitting meters throughout its service territory.

by Warren Woodward

They are not really “smart” meters because they only transmit; they don’t receive, and they don’t have the various functions that a “smart” meter does. But they are sending a microwave signal every minute. UNS has told some people the meters transmit every 6 minutes but that’s not true, at least with the meters that have been measured. UNS has also said the meters transmit only once a month. That’s not true either. Here’s a video of one transmitting every minute:

You can refuse this meter. But some customers who’ve done that said it was a lesson in persistence that took multiple phone calls.

My experience was that, when I took service last September, I had to write a letter to the “Director of Customer Service.” That was then followed up by a phone call from the Director who was obnoxious but at least so far has respected my request to not have a transmitting meter.

UNS’s new policy of installing transmitting meters is idiotic. As I said, the meters transmit every minute. They transmit every minute so that once a month someone can drive buy and capture the signal. Missing is someone sniffing for gas around the meter once a month. A UNS meter reader told me years ago that they actually had their sense of smell tested yearly. That safety precaution is now gone for customers who have the transmitting meter.

How do you know if you have a UNS transmitting gas meter? The transmitting meters stick out farther than the old ones. Have a look at the video I linked above.

How do you refuse a UNS transmitting gas meter? It seems there are two methods. Writing a letter and phoning.

I wrote to TEP, Director of Customer Service, SC122, P. O. Box 711, Tucson, AZ 85702. UNS is subsidiary of TEP in case you were wondering why I wrote TEP. The whole outfit is owned by Fortis, a Canadian company that loves “smart” meters. Anyway, I wrote that I did not want a transmitting gas meter, and I wrote I did not approve of their policy of no longer having meter readers sniff for gas. Like I said, my letter was then followed up with a phone call from Mr. Obnoxious who wanted to argue with me.

If you want to phone UNS, I am told people have been successful getting their transmitting UNS gas meter replaced with an analog one by calling Cara at 520 884 3651 (and calling multiple times).

At present there is no charge for refusing a transmitting gas meter, but apparently Cara has indicated that there may be a fee in the future.

Good luck!

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  1. Common Sense | April 17, 2017 at 6:34 am |

    Fixing something that is not broken, and usually cause’s more problems than the older system, especially when it is spying on citizens, seems to be the norm in this country now.

  2. I’m sure this is really sending this data to Russia…

  3. I’ve refused my TEP fire hazard electric stupid smart meter, now they are going to ding me 32 bucks a month to read the meter.

    Oh and they offered to let me read my own meter, I thought cool, I’ll just do that instead and save the 32 bucks, which they’ve done how many years for free now.

    Nope, we’ll let you read the meter, but we ain’t waving the monthly fee, I said then you get your backsides out here and read it yourselves then.

    TEP=Terribly Expensive Power-

  4. TEP has, and is, forcing Automatic Meter Reader (AMR) on its customers by (starting in May) extorting $26/month if you opt to keep your old analog meter…EVEN THOUGH TEP will not have to send a meter reader in person anymore. Since TEP sends one bill per month, why do these AMRs transmit every few seconds. Seem to me TEP should only need to read a cumulative usage once per month. Have you thought about what TEP or a hacker could infer about your lifestyle my monitoring your usage? It’s none of their (*$&#@+) business when you’re home, away, awake, asleep, etc!!!

  5. The Oracle of Tucson | April 17, 2017 at 9:58 am |

    Like many others I’ve opted out of the new smart meter. Last year they came around to install then and I was informed that I could opt out at that time.
    For those of you who did get the new meter, congrats, you’ll be saving the $26 monthly charge that TEP had decided to rape those who opted out. While I’ve never found TEP customer service to be overly customer friendly, this latest attack is a little over the top.
    First off the new meters have been linked to various health concerns and numerous fires. Sadly they aren’t UL certified for this reason. Secondly this meter tracks your consumption down to the minute. Some articles also link it to interacting with any other “smart device” in the house. I’m perplexed that with all of the new smart gizmos in the world why my electric provider suddenly needs to have access to the contents of my refrigerator or what’s on my TV or my web surfing history. Throw in the ability to turn on and off your power, or limit it by the hour all remotely at a whim from another location. Them there is always the hacking threat. No thanks, I’m looking at going totally solar with large storage batteries to run inverters for my nighttime consumption to rid myself from my unwanted new big brother, TEP who decided without my input to violate my privacy at will add only they are fit.
    I only use Southwest gas in the winter for heat and I could live without them if needed since I have a fireplace and tons of wood and acreage of more if needed.
    I truly don’t trust TEP to do anything in my best interest, they are corporate whores looking to only benefit themselves so either way they are selling my private habits or hosing me for $26 a month even if they are only coming quarterly to read the meter. Corporate whores at their finest.
    The meters have less to do with power consumption and more to do with customer control and the collection of private behavioral information.
    TEP once again is demonstrating they are not your friend.


  6. TooT, I’m in total agreement with you. I’m VERY disappointed AND mystified that these AMRs and TEP’s extortion have not caused a public outcry and backlash. Readers, please contact KGUN9 and other ombudsmen/investigators to try to get them onto this bullying.

  7. Wonder if you get one and make a temp box covered in aluminum foil would it act like a temp faraday cage and keep from transmitting out. eh Id do it just for a chance to actually have the meter reader pet the dog :).

  8. travis: I too have thought about covering the meter in foil, then uncovering it for one day per month so the *@*$#*#)$s at TEP can read it once per month….which is all they really need. But what if the rf signal goes out the back of the meter too?

  9. lol tooter. You have clearly been affected by the microwaves of the meters your neighbors have. I find it funny that you won’t let tep track you, but your internet provider can. That info is much more valuable than you elec meter. We can thank that idiot in the Oval Office for that.

    • The Oracle of Tucson | April 19, 2017 at 7:28 am |

      Hey Jim, I already have a pet, she’s a retired sheriff’s k-9. I really don’t need a troll. But thanks for following me around like a lost puppy. Speaking of idiots, seen a mirror lately?


  10. jim, yeah that IDIOT made 8 years seem like forever.

  11. Chris Jameson | April 19, 2017 at 5:08 pm |

    Way to funny

    I looked into those things … they put out less than a FM Radio, thousands of times less than a cell phone, hundreds of times less than your TV..

    But, in Sedona I get it….

    probably blocking the Vortex’s

    made me laugh my ass of though…thanks for sharing

    wear a tin foil hat, or get a hobby

  12. Mark-Sedona | April 20, 2017 at 6:19 am |

    Great point Chris!!

    The ERT they installed for me was a god send!!

    I have large dogs and my meter is in my yard, and my dogs always give the reader a hard time, so they have to estimate my bill, and get with me when I’m home to put the dogs up.

    Now I get an accurate bill, and no hassle.

    The guy was over last week “sniffing” my meter with a machine and let me know they have fed requirements to do so (with or without ERT)

    The video is incorrect, they are not “smart meters” and he is measuring in micro
    A MICRO WATT IS : a unit of power equal to one millionth of a watt. ….one millionth, for comparison a cell phone or house wireless router is 4000 constant micro watts

    I moved from Cal to get away from these people, they followed me… sorry. 🙂

    Think about technology in 10 years, these people will be freaked out

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