Bill Nye Is Coming For Your Kids! Sunday’s Comic

Bill Nye: Should Parents Be Penalized For Having ‘Extra Kids?’

Comedian Bill Nye suggested that saving the world from climate change might entail punishing people in developed countries for having too many children.

Nye asked one of the panelists on the Tuesday episode of his Netflix show “Bill Nye Saves The Earth” if it would be a good idea to have the government penalize having “extra kids.”

“Should we have policies that penalize people for having extra kids in the developed world?” Nye asked Travis Rieder, an academic for Berman Institute of Bioethics at Johns Hopkins University.

“I do think we should at least consider it,” said Rieder, who believes that limiting the size of families is paramount to fighting global warming.

Bill Nye: Should Parents Be Penalized For Having ‘Extra Kids?’


  1. Nye, is actually an entertainer who is passing himself of as a man of science, sadly he fails in excelling at either.
    The left is always stealing proven ideas from Comrade Stalin’s play book. Yes even uncle Stalin understood that if you hear something long enough it eventually becomes the truth no matter its origins. And since the left almost entirely controls the media, why should we expect anything new?
    The sky is falling.
    Dingleberry is honest.
    It’s hot outside in AZ.
    The Russians alone elected Trump.
    Bronson can float.
    The moon is made entirely of processed cheese.
    Graftjulva works for us.
    Farting cows are to blame for the heat.
    Lasley has talent.
    Coal use far worse then atomic power.
    God is dead.
    Worldview is a great thing for Pima county.
    McCain is sane and cool.
    Democrats know best.
    Ice cold lemonade is enough to combat global warming.
    Real food is unhealthy, eat soylet green.
    Pelosi is sexy.
    Mark Kelly owns an AR.
    Mayor and council win math awards.
    The planet never changes.
    Plants have feelings but aborted fetuses don’t.
    Globalism is best.
    UFOs are MIT pranks.

    Yes the endless parade of lies from the left controlled media never seem to end. The main stream media is starting to make the national enquirer seem legit, perhaps against the Arizona Daily Star it is.
    It’s truly inspiring that the left feels the need to educate people to help make them smarter, but its truly insulting for the left to justify attacking those who can already think for themselves. What you teach is as important as how you teach. But just presenting the information is no longer an option, the left doesn’t just control the story, they Adobe exclusively control the narrative now to.
    Given the 50/50 balance of conservatives Vs. liberal, the right Vs. left (the right Vs. the wrong) if there’s too many people on the planet perhaps the tree huggers on the left should do what’s best for planet earth and opt out with self suicide for the greater good.
    The left is always full passion, of great intentions, but always short of results and real change. The left is never judged by their dismal failures, but instead only by their lofty intentions.
    The left has stolen the schools and the media from TV to print in an effort to control everyones thoughts, their lives and their actions from cradle to grave, and yet with all of this full press of influence, all the control and sway they alone control, the conventional wisdom is lost on the left that your can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Because even a stupid old uneducated non left leaning horse knows when the water is poisoned.
    I used to enjoy watching Nye with the kids, but when he stopped educating minds and started indoctrinating them to his leftest agendas he lost my attention.
    Perhaps Nye will one day be the Sr. science bubble head at CNN and his orbital journey will be complete.


    • TOoT, this is an absolutely brilliant comment which should be turned into an article for ADI! Thank you for sharing your insight!!

  2. Bill Nye has a degree in mechanical engineering.

    He’s no scientist.

    Hypocrisy abounds in the community that screams about the climate.

    Look at the pictures of the mess left behind after their protests and rallies.

    They care about the planet when the cameras are rolling.

  3. Bill Nye is nuts. Why has China rescinded its One Child policy if this works so well? Yep…its in everyone’s best interest to abort vast numbers of unwanted females.

  4. This desire to control population numbers with junk science, fake news,Planned Parenthood, and Progressive, liberal, Socialist, and or Communist ideology is evil!

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