More March Madness – AZ Star Blames Human-Caused Climate Change For March Heat

People's Climate March: A Demonstration Of First World (March) Madness Saturday April 29,2017

On Sunday, April 30, the Arizona Daily Star published a front-page story by Tony Davis which proclaimed “Greenhouse gases called a factor in March heat.” (View to online version)

The story begins: “Human-caused climate change was at least partly to blame and probably mostly to blame for Tucson’s record-setting March heat, says a researcher with expertise in this field.”

This story is another example of speculation based on computer modeling and cherry-picked data rather than physical evidence. The Star consulted Dr. Geert Jan van Oldenborgh of the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute who analyzed possible factors for explaining Tucson’s March temperatures. “He concluded that long-term temperature trends point almost certainly to human-caused greenhouse-gas emissions as a factor. The unresolved question, he said, is how big of a factor they are.” The article provides no physical evidence to support that conclusion.

Ignoring the high temperatures during the 1900s to 1930s, van Oldenborgh examined the record beginning in 1950 and found “a clear upward trend in the March high temperatures started in the middle 1970s.” (See my article: March 2017 – Hottest Ever in Tucson? for earlier temperature data. That article shows Tucson’s temperatures steadily rising, probably due to the urban heat-island effect, while temperatures in rural Tombstone remained level.)

From the Star: “Looking across Southern and Central Arizona high temperatures for March, van Oldenborgh found they seem to be warming across the region but that Tucson’s temperatures are rising faster than in nearby cities Casa Grande and Willcox.”

“The urban heat-island effect often accounts for differing temperatures between larger and smaller cities. But van Oldenborgh said he tried to account for such differences by focusing his analysis on daytime high temperatures, not nighttime lows that are most commonly affected by the heat island effect.” So he didn’t study the heat island effect.

Oldenborgh looked at computer models. One model set “showed that March high temperatures have risen at a point near Tucson at about 2.5 times the rate the global average temperature has risen since about 1950. The model shows that is the local effect of global warming.” (A new term: local global warming?) The other model set “showed that Tucson has received on average less long-term warming than shown by the first model.”

The article contained much “expert” speculation, but from the material presented, I see no physical evidence justifying the conclusion nor the headlines that could attribute the high March temperatures to carbon dioxide emissions. If it was not just a quirk of natural variation, then maybe Tucson has its own evil cloud of carbon dioxide hovering above the city. Of course, there was lots of hot air expelled by local politicians in March.

In my opinion, this type of story is, to put it politely, junk science, designed to stir up alarm about a subject that has become purely political.

Since I wrote the MORE MARCH MADNESS article, I found the old temperatures records from the USHCN station at the University of Arizona. The top red line shows the March high temperature spikes. Not much different from this past March. The rise in average and night temperatures shown by the other lines are consistent with the urban heat island effect.

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  1. me thinks the cause is the ‘frijoles effect’ to much gas being produced – eat less beans or expect an early spring in your seat..

  2. in all seriousness this is just mother earth syndrome – it’s a cult religion with earth to be worshiped god – no problem man

  3. Albert Lannon | May 2, 2017 at 6:45 am |

    Readers might be interested in this interview with a conservative former climate skeptic:

  4. As my late cousin Howard always told me; if you want the TRUTH, do your own research.
    That way you pick up on the scientists who lied to make Al Gore look good.
    Then, they admitted they lied. And no one cared. So who does care? I do.
    Apparently now one. The Liberal media does not care. UNETHICAL scientists don’t care.
    WHY? These is way more money in perpetrating the lie. Al Gore got rich from it, as well as thousands of other greedy unethical thieves.

  5. Look to even deeper financial ties to the UN as they attempt to extract money from US taxpayers to “fix” the world.

    Why not fix are $%#^*&@ potholes?

  6. Heather Dale | May 2, 2017 at 12:49 pm |

    I always ask one question. What happened to the glacier that covered North America? People weren’t even here yet!

  7. SilverTones | May 2, 2017 at 7:32 pm |

    Thanks Jonathan for providing information that is backed up with citations and logic. It’s a refreshing contrast to self-serving articles written by TD.

  8. this is ‘the globalists’ who want to control the world.. nothing less – each and everyone. This is the means to force this upon the people and population – each and everyone.

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