Medieval My Ass: Sunday’s Comic

The wall might be medieval but only as medieval as the system that forces a sheriff to go begging to a corrupt county board of supervisors – controlled by a megalomaniac – to get the money to buy equipment. Given the fact that the megalomaniac just gave over $15 million dollars to a balloon company… all you can say is medieval my ass… this is corrupt as hell!

AZ Sheriff Opposes Border Wall: ‘Medieval Solution to a Modern Problem’

An Arizona sheriff is opposed to President Donald Trump’s proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, calling it a “medieval solution to a modern problem.”

Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier said in an interview with New York Times podcast “The Daily” that lawmakers would be better off giving a fraction of the estimated billions it would take to build the wall to law enforcement.

“I think it’s kind of a medieval solution to a modern problem,” Napier said. “I mean, 10,000 years ago we were building walls around things, and here we are in 2017, and this is the best idea we can come up with?”

AZ Sheriff Opposes Border Wall: ‘Medieval Solution to a Modern Problem’


  1. Perhaps if Sheriff Napier thinks illegals should come here,he should move them into his house and support them. That is why Tucson is going BANKRUPT. Not right for we the Taxpayers, many who have lost their jobs to cheap illegals. DISGUSTING.

  2. ” “I mean, 10,000 years ago we were building walls around things, and here we are in 2017, and this is the best idea we can come up with?”

    If it works don’t change it. Yes here we are again with the Barbarians at the Gates, and once more we will build what works.
    We tried living without walls but illegal aliens don’t respect any law, so just like in the past, we BUILD the WALL!! What don’t they get?
    It’s simple and this country has enough money to do this. It’s just the greed of Congress and bureaucrats who want our tax money to line their pockets and for their pet projects, like why do monkeys screech, do lizards sleep and Planned Parenthood.

  3. The board of supervisors dont fund the proposed federal wall putting the two together in regards to funding is just off target, off mark, off base, off topic off consideration for a rational person. Let me go out on a limb here if the monies wasted on Boykin who didn’t show up for work for 20 years. The county personal office rubber stamping it not even a clue. Having 17 upper management retire then to hire them back as civil servant denying so many opportunities and advancement. Heck right there just in the last 5 years is 10 million not to mention the RICO slush fund. Napier want monies go after the robber Barons that took it. Only then might put stock in this sheriff’s administration. You can go outside the county attorney with your background you know it.

  4. Well with the state law on civil seizure going into effect the idea of patrolling for dollars will yield less profits.

  5. Only thing that a 20 foot wall will do is increase the sales of shovels and 21 foot ladders. No such thing as a wall too tall to climb over or too deep to tunnel under or too sturdy to bust through with the right equipment.

    • So your solution is to let the flood continue and let the taxpayer pay for the social services for the ILLEGALS, right Edward? Though so.

      • Do you have a citation of actual evidence that:

        1) There is a ‘flood’ of undocumented individuals coming in,
        2) That they use social services at a rate commensurately higher than native-born Americans,
        3) That a wall would stop anyone that our current border fence doesn’t?
        4) That the money spent wouldn’t better be spent on literally anything else?

  6. Wow, WOW, did I say wow, please lord don’t let it be true, have we got another Steve K amongst us.

    Really, what should we be doing, parking millions of brand new cars along the border with the keys in the ignitions.

    How about fully paid off deeds to brand new homes in the glove boxes.

    Get the walls, fences, barriers, moats, berms, trenches, lasers built already

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