Tucson Voters Choose Higher Taxes

Proposition 101 City-wide
Registered Voters 254,532
Ballots Cast 66,709
YES 41,260
NO 25,413

Tucson residents passed a half-cent sales tax increase on Tuesday when they voted overwhelmingly for Prop 101.

The residents of the fifth poorest metropolitan area in the country were told by City leaders that they had little choice but to approve the regressive tax if they wanted decent streets and well-equipped police and fire departments.

A majority of residents in every ward chose the tax increase. The increase will cost the average family approximately $3 a month.

The City chose to hold the election during the month of May when turnout would be low in order to improve odds of passage. Of the 254,532 registered voters only 66,709 ballots were cast.

This year, the Arizona Legislature passed a law that would prevent municipalities from holding elections on tax increase measures except in November during regular elections.

18 Comments on "Tucson Voters Choose Higher Taxes"

  1. What a sad day for the informed voters of Tucson only to be over shadowed by the ignorant masses of the party faithful who fell for the party line at the kool-aid stand on city politics.
    You simply can’t fix stupid.

    • Simply love your comment of can’t fix stupid. You can’t and in this area, never will. Just too many liberals that want to spend other people’s money and not demand any accountability. SSDD in the Pima County political sewer. Now I will limit my shopping to stores out of the city limits.

  2. “The City chose to hold the election during the month of May when turnout would be low in order to improve odds of passage. Of the 254,532 registered voters only 66,709 ballots were cast.” Thank you ADI for putting this in writing. You never would get the City or their media hacks to admit this!
    So, 26% of the voters decided the fate of the remaining 74%. Looks like their ploy worked!
    I’m willing to bet Tucson will hide behind their “charter city” claim and fight the Legislature on the newly passed law and remember, this is exactly what Chuck does with his bond elections!

  3. And on top of all of the taxes kids, South Tucson wants the taxpayer of the COT to take over all fire services and policing for a 4 hour block at night. They are over 600K in debt and want anyone to bail them out. Wonder what Huckelberry is going to do for them. You already pick up their garbage, now the losers want more from the taxpayers. How utterly pathetic. How about just decertify the city? They can’t stand on their own two feet anyway. Yet its the home of Raul and Dan and their clans. Probably the worst thing that has every happened in Pima County.

  4. Working Man Blues | May 17, 2017 at 5:09 am |

    Ironic the democrats gripe about the GOP gerrymandering legislative districts In Arizona which historically leans right to begin with.. And then they arrange a sales tax proposition during a month banking on low voter turn out in hopes of improving the odds of its passage. And so we have even higher taxes. Continued high poverty. Even more bad government services at all levels. And we continue to reelect the same folks who ran it into the ground to begin with. The only conclusion one can make of this is we are sheep being led to the sheering. Early prediction. The sunset provision will come and go. And the city will have hat in hand begging to renew and extend for the next excuse of bad government services.

  5. Richard Hernandez | May 17, 2017 at 7:36 am |

    I voted no. Not that we don’t need additional to public safety. Question is why did we get to this point? Anyone,,, City Council choosing to ONLY take care of Democratic party not people of Tucson.

    Go ahead fools Vote all the clowns like Fimbres, Rothchild ete back into office. You like throwing away your money.

    • Richard, from what I know it got to this point because of the lack of leadership and guts from the Mayor and Council. It is their ultimate decision on when to replace an aging fleet. COT Fleet Services recommends to them vehicles needing replacement, i.e. “this vehicle is costing more to fix than to replace”, if they don’t heed the advice it’s their fault! If their excuse is “we can’t afford it” it’s their fault as well. Replacing a few vehicles at a time is easier to budget than waiting until the majority of the fleet is useless.

      BTW…I completely agree with your last statement!!

    • Richard in my district the ‘representative’ was not elected by the district – but by the at large city – he lost in his own district – had that representative been in the council ‘perhaps’ things like this could have been averted – but being that that is NOT the case… and voting for representation is meaningless because it simply does not count… we’ are in deed doomed to Bob Bear running the office…

    • I am very happy to see there are people aware of the illigal politics! Az. is a great state! deserves much better treatment of citizens! Term limits, and voter I D!
      God Bless you and your family!

  6. Once again, raise taxes instead of cutting out waste. Government in this town is really out of control and running the taxpayers into the ground

  7. Does this now mean a Tucson cop will actually show up for a residential burglary or other non critical incidents? Silly me, I already know the answer.

  8. My guess is that more of this money will go into the pension plan for city employees. Potholes will continue. Next they will raise property taxes. With turnout that low the worst is possible. It can’t be election fraud like the RTA was, or could it be?

  9. Lets see – Now we have higher sales taxes, higher property taxes (PCC wants more) and the taxes role on. Many of us are being taxed right out of our homes. I vote no and reason is simple, as a life long resident of Tucson I have seen the sales taxes increased many times for just the same thing (roads & public emergency vehicles) but the roads never improve and the cops and firemen are driving the same old vehicles as they where twenty years ago. I don’t have much faith in Tucson residents to keep a watchful eye on the City Council spending money. Want to bet they will ride the Balloon with the Pima County Super Visors. Oh, watch what happens when the Federal Government cut the federal dollars due to the Tucson’s Sanctuary City status – more taxes coming. Pay up suckers!

  10. We moved the county… better… like sitting on a red ant hole vs a black one

    • The County isn’t any better. In fact I heard today that Chuck, within hours of the tax passage, initiated an amendment to the already passed County budget. A 3% increase to property taxes to pay for road repair! Here’s the kicker…it only needs to pass by a board majority and not have to go to the voters like the City sales tax!!! Is everyone getting the picture? Chuck is flipping the bird to the voters because they didn’t pass his precious Bonds last year. Had enough? Next time you get the chance, CHANGE THE FLIPPIN BOARD!!!!

  11. I hope the great city of Tucson, county of Pima and any area effected by this, please do a RECALL on chucky!
    Please be safe and God bless Arizona!!!

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