Pima County Supervisors Set To Increase Property Taxes On Strapped Residents

The Pima County Board of Supervisors will consider and likely approved a property tax increase proposal by County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry. Huckelberry is demanding a Property Road Tax of 25 cents per $100 valuation for road repairs and maintenance.

While 25 cents doesn’t sound like much, for the residents of the fifth poorest metropolitan in the country, those pennies will add up to approximately $200 a year. For rural residents, who live in the County’s unincorporated areas, the $200 a year will not provide them with paved roads. For those people living on a fixed income, the $200 could put their homeownership at risk altogether.

Despite this, Supervisor Ally Miller, who had previously blocked Huckelberry’s efforts to raise taxes, is now on board with his plan. According to the supervisor in a Facebook post, Miller says that the “crisis situation” created by Huckelberry and a majority of supervisors, is forcing her to support the tax.

Miller wrote:

Here is my position on the Road Tax being recommended by Chuck Huckelberry:

I received County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry’s proposal for a Road tax that will be assessed against property valuations on Monday afternoon.

I have reviewed this proposal and I will reluctantly support this tax as we are in a crisis situation in terms of the roads in Pima County. 20 years of neglect by the Board of Supervisors have gotten us where we now find ourselvers (sic). As a result, there is no good way to dig ourselves out of this mess without some increased burden on the taxpayers.

Here are the highlights of the plan as I understand it:

• The Revenue will result in approximately $19 mil revenue per year. These monies will be dedicated to neighborhood streets. Arterials and Collectors are not included for repair in this pot of money. Arterials and Collectors will continue to be funded by HURF and VLT monies.

• Monies will be divided up among all jurisdictions based upon Net Assessed Value since this is a property tax.

• The property tax will be 25 cents per hundred dollars of Net assessed value (NAV) The county administrator has advised me that 11 cents will be offset by lowering other department spending. So this year will taxpayers will see a net increase of 14 cents per hundred of NAV for this road tax . Next year there will be an offset of the 14 cent increase making this increase tax neutral in Year 2.

• This tax will sunset in 5 years.

• The Supervisors in each district will have the authority to determine where the road monies are spent. I intend to devise a transparent and fair process to determine where these monies will go.

The root cause of our failed roads is the fact that HURF and VLT revenues are NOT getting to the roads. It is my opinion these monies should be spent directly on road repairs as intended. I intend to lobby the state legislature prior to the next session to add audit and enforcement provisions to the statutes. This will be a tough battle and I will enlist the aid of Pima County residents to contact the legislature. It is way past time to address the root cause of our problem.

The residents of Tucson passed a sales tax on Tuesday to repair road in the City, so Miller’s position might receive some support. However, the members of the Green Party and Tea Party that offered her support during this last election will probably not be forthcoming. That resistance will spring from the lack of evidence that the County has spent money in a prudent or equitable manner.

Just recently, a judge ruled against the County after it had violated the Gift Clause and Arizona’s procurement laws when it financed a risky near-space travel company. The County provided a $15 million building and hundreds of thousands of dollars in furnishings. At the same time, the County was warning residents, who can’t afford to travel across the state much less into near-space, that they would have to pay more property taxes if the Legislature would not allow an increase in gas taxes.

According to the Metropolitan Pima Alliance, “County Administrator proposes the new 25-cent primary property tax be offset by lowering the primary property tax rate. However, for Fiscal Year 2017-2018, the full 25-cent rate can’t be offset due to unavoidable personnel and operations costs in the Sheriff’s Department’s budget, including mandatory payments to the public safety retirement pension fund. The entire 25-cent rate will be offset in years two through five of the plan.”

Contrary to the claim that the costs were “unavoidable,” County leaders were aware of the personnel and operations costs, but did not have the political will to address them during this past election cycle.

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  1. Working Man Blues | May 18, 2017 at 2:57 am |

    And the drum beat for more and more taxes continues in the fifth poorest metropolitan in the nation. Like sheep being led to sheer I say. And in five years the BOS will have their hat in hand looking for another round of tax increases. They are simply punch drink from how stupid “we the people” are at reelection time.

  2. and the ‘simcityites’ lights grew dark, there medicine cabinets empty, their lives on the thin line bleaker… it is what the United States is becoming, this is just a micro example.

  3. The reasons to move away far out number the reasons to reside in Tucson and Pima county.
    This “crisis” is no accident, it is the result of willful intentional and deliberate mismanagement by the BOS and their love affair with Chuckles the county clown.

  4. There is a reason I no longer live in Pima County. Massive systemic corruption. It’s not that the entire nation isn’t suffering from a lack of honor by it’s leaders, both demo’s and repubs. The problem with Pima County is that it is in a race with COT to see who can get to the bottom first.

  5. Let me see here. PCC is going to raise our secondary property taxes 3%. Pima County is also going to raise our sewer rates, the idiots voters in the COT raised the most regressive tax that man has ever come up with and now we are going to get hit again but the stupidvisors because they can’t and won’t figure out how to spend money wisely. SSDD in the sewer that is Pima County and the COT. Thanks for making my house payment go up one more time you asses. Bryan, you are right, there is no longer a reason to live in Pima County. As long as the dumbass voters keep thinking that the democrats and cronies are right this area will always be a sewer. How utterly pathetic that these ignorant voters don’t have a clue what their stupidity is the root cause of the major, major problems in this area.

  6. Ally you should be ashamed of yourself. You are the one bright spot on a board of incompetents who kiss the Huckster’s butt. What happened to all the money that was supposed to go to the roads from the last property tax increase and how can we guarantee that this money won’t be diverted for something stupid like another professional soccer field? I say take away the power of the purse from the BOS

    • Amen Howard.

      I’m in ally’s district and have always supported her, but now omg are you kidding me.

      Alley what in the world are you thinking, are you pulling a Steve K on us.

      Here’s a idea Ally, how about you guys pull the money you need from your side of the fence for once.

      Yep, big fat cuts to everything, hell you could even close the maintenance dept and the king huckster COMMUNICATION dept for starters.

      No more hikes on us, it’s time to cut your side of the gravy train.

      I’m in shock at you Ally, did the crooks finally break you down, your excuses sound just like the rest of the puppets, it’s an insult to the ones that voted for you.

      And you really think your boss King chucky isn’t going to steal all this money after sticking it to the sheriff dept also.

  7. We dont need a in place tax to divert monies to Hucklberry proposed 1-11. It is not doubt that Pima county is going through come hell or high water with this plan. What we need is a complete different management system of transportation management. The contractors doing the work in Pima county are long time names. Most go to work for or with dad then the company gets turned over to them. These people some go to work inspecting Dads or relatives company. RTA already has the management team ready to hand our contracts. This is very dangerous as it now makes the County the contractor and builder for design build operations with no cap. This property tax is the slush fund for all the county to city interchanges that cant be estimated right now as the environment there.

  8. What, Again | May 18, 2017 at 6:47 am |

    No growth, no jobs, no future. Welcome to liberal utopia.

  9. Albert Lannon | May 18, 2017 at 6:56 am |

    For residents of rural Pima County like Picture Rocks, where I live, this tax is just plain theft. Most of our roads are dirt, are in bad shape, and the county refuses to maintain them. They are considered utility easements, even though they have county street signs.

    And the county administrator also wants an increase in the state gasoline tax, putting a further burden on rural families who live here because they can’t afford to live in town or upscale developments.

    And, of course, he wants to double the present sales tax — excuse me, I forgot that Mr. Huckelberry says that Pima County is the only county without a sales tax: we have a “transaction privilege tax” to fund the Regional Transportation Authority. Transportation…doesn’t that include roads? So…we already have a sales tax in place dedicated to “roadway improvements.” Howsabout using some of RTA’s $1.5 billion instead of robbing We, the People?

    • Don’t whine Albert, you had a chance to make a big change in the BOS but Bronson lied again and you bought it hook line and sinker. Silly you. You deserve what you voted for. And you still got one of the most stupid people on the planet, bought and paid for by the cronies. How does it feel???

  10. It is TIME For A Revolution! This is a call to action! Taxation without Representation! We don’t get a Vote – Then is time to Remove these Supervisors from office – by force if needed! Their laugh and smile make my blood boil. How about you?

    • Mike, I hate to say it but it is taxation WITH representation. We may not like it but whether we voted for these bozo’s or not they won and are in power. I hate it as much as you do but the only way we get a vote on this is to either force it onto the ballot whic the ignorant voters of Pima count may or may not pass it. They caused the bond initiatives in November to fail at least or we get it on the ballot to force the Bogarde to put everything they do when it comes to spending money in a special election by getting it on the ballot to take away their ability to generate revenue with the permission of the voters

  11. Richard Hernandez | May 18, 2017 at 8:29 am |

    Don’t you all see all roads lead to Chuck Huckleberry. Who is responsible for the 20 years of neglect? Chuck Huckleberry.

    Who controls / orders the bos? Chuck Huckleberry.

    Who orders cheating on election results? Chuck Huckleberry.

    I bet some of you might have figured out what Pima County has to do return County Government back to its rightful owner, I hope anyway.

    • Richard,
      The only way we’re going to get rid of Hucklebertry Hound is to make the County Manager an elected position and Barr him from running I cannot see any other way short of a violent overthrow of the BOS to get rid of him

      • Devilsown | May 18, 2017 at 12:42 pm |

        Or we just pretend it’s the 1880’s and hold a necktie party for him. Gosh, but I miss those Wild West days when the voice of the people meant something.

  12. Take a look at he demographics of employers in Pima County. Like just about all they live in a credit world. like all they need to see increases in pay to off set the regularity fee increases. Increased interests rates old major items need replacing college around the corner. So let go the the people we are taxing to give them a better life to the people the see the benefit of the tax increase. Either it be by regulatory fee sales property tax the effect is the same it only benefits a few as the past has shown. The few are getting smaller and smaller as Tucson drains the well and poisons the ground water for years to come.

  13. Thanks a lot City voters. Now the County has their hand out for more. Where did you spend our road money? Cut the budget until you find it.

  14. Heather Dale | May 18, 2017 at 10:21 am |

    And Oro Valley wants a property tax as well. Double whammy for those residents.

  15. I give up! We’ll never win with the current BOS and COT…come on retirement!!

  16. Hey my fellow citizens – Do you remember illegal $15 million of taxpayer funds used to buy into a private balloon ride company? That alone is cause for a revolution!
    If that money was in the county funds there would be little or no excuse to raise taxes! All the PSYCHOBABBLE as to the reason it is a natural thing is nothing put B.S. What are you nuts going to say when the roads don’t improved and the fools in charge are laughing at use from their balloon ride above? You can’t fix stupid or educate them – my fellow citizens.

  17. maybe, just maybe the bos and city clowncil will get a FREE BALLOON ride (surely you will be jesting) and when they ALL get up and away, they will land in OZ and destroy that place, or even better they will land in KANSAS and those folks will think they are ALIENS (which they are in reality) and put them in a pecial place when they claim to be from arizona!

  18. Same buffoons who blew several millions on a light rail, that no one in their right mind wanted. Now many are being physically injured from it. You’re taxes are being raised to help pay for those injury lawsuits too. It seems those who always vote for tax increases are those who never pay any taxes.

  19. 10% budget cut across the board. Too many employees in County government doing nothing. Unclassified, managers etc. This would save enough to work on roads. Even the sheriffs dept can cut that much by cutting and combining job functions. I work there and there are still many who do not have jobs that require 40 hours. A lot of socializing and personal phone calls is how many spend their day. Same at wastewater. Too many managers managing managers. What a waste and now you want to raise taxes again. How about cutting back. Taxpayers can’t do anymore. Huckleberry does not get it because he makes too much money and does not understand how hard it is to make ends meet. Please no more until you guys cut your own waste.

  20. Love Tucson, Hate the Taxes | June 11, 2017 at 8:01 am |

    I’d been interested in the Tucson area as a place to purchase a home. I’ve been watching as Marana taxes don’t just creep up but bolt up. I did an online search to find out why. Why would anyone from outside want to move to Pima County? If you can’t get people to move there and you can’t get people to stay, who will pay your salaries, (officials)?

    Please don’t say that Pima County’s property taxes are right in line with the rest of the country or better still, are lower.

    I live in New Hampshire and own .41 ac with a house on it. My taxes are about 5,800 per year AND WE HAVE NO SALES TAX in our State. Also New Hampshire residents are taxed on income ONLY when they make over a certain amount. Maybe this is something Pima County can learn from.

    Wake up Pima County! Your people can’t afford your screw-ups. It’s time the government officials take a salary decrease. Remember you work for the people, not the other way around.

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