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The Washington Post, on May 15 of this year, published an article stating President Trump revealed highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador in a White House meeting, according to current and former anonymous U.S officials, who allegedly stated that Trump’s disclosures jeopardized a critical source of intelligence.

Who are the so-called U.S. officials? The Washington Post has fabricated anonymous sources in the past. What prevents the reporters, Greg Miller and Greg Jaffe, from fabricating sources now? Who was in the room with President Trump, H.R. McMasters, and the Russian diplomats?  The Washington Post does not provide details.

H.R. McMasters met with the press and flatly stated the Washington Post story was false. Then the paragons of propaganda attacked McMasters: Katy Tur, NBC News; Jim Acosta, CNN; Kristen Welker and Chris Matthews, MSNBC News. These people were not in the room with the President yet they all claim obstruction of justice because President Trump legitimately fired former Director Comey.

Where is the obstruction of justice? Not one investigation has been stopped.  Andrew McCabe, Acting Director of the FBI, testified before Congress that no one has interfered with the so-called Russian investigation and additional money for the investigation was neither needed nor requested, destroying another radical left media lie.

The myth of the Russian interference is fake, as outlined on page 395 of the book Shattered Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign: “ . . .Hillary declined to take responsibility for her own loss. ‘She’s not being particularly reflective,’ said one longtime ally who was on calls with here shortly after the election. Instead, Hillary kept pointing her finger at Comey and the Russia. ‘She wants to make sure all these narratives get spun the right way,’ this person said” [emphasis mine].

“That strategy had been set within twenty-four hours of her concession speech. Mook and Podesta assembled her communications team at the Brooklyn headquarters to engineer the case that the election wasn’t entirely on the up and up. For a couple of hours, with Shake Shack containers littering the room, they went over the script they would pitch to the press and the public. Already, Russian hacking was the centerpiece of the argument” [emphasis mine].

Next, we know that John Brennan began feeding false intelligence to Congress regarding Russian meddling in the election. We also know that President Obama changed the intelligence sharing protocol to ensure that more people and agencies would have access to the false intelligence.  We also know that the CIA had the capability to hack other countries and systems and make it look like the Russians did it.

Now, the propaganda arms of the Democratic Party step into the story. What is clear is the Washington Post released stolen classified information, property of the United States government, and may have endangered a critical intelligence source. Outside the Washington beltway, receiving stolen property is considered a felony.

Even Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized several media outlets, including CNN and the New York Times for fake news. The Washington Post, New York Times, CNN and other media, are no longer believed to be “real” news organizations. But they brought their own demise out of the shadows. When the Washington Post news room erupts in cheers and applause for anti-Trump attacks, the Washington Post has lost all credibility, as has CNN, New York Times, MSNBC, ABC, NBC and CBS.

The great danger America faces stems from uncontrolled leaks. The Washington Post and other media encourage the leaking of classified information and fake news, such as Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s threat to quit, the false story of Director Comey requesting more funding, CNN’s claim that Donald Trump was under investigation, CNN’s connection of a grand jury subpoenas issued to associates of Michael Flynn, and the multitude of inane media comparisons to Watergate. The end result is what we see today: a disorganized, unhinged, chaotic and thoroughly dishonest news media.

Congress needs to pass legislation making the receipt of stolen property a felony. Reporters and their employers should be charged for endangering the United States. The First Amendment does not allow news organizations to declare war on any presidential administration.

Congress should pass a second piece of legislation making it a felony to publish fake news. And Congress may want to enact legislation establishing standards of behavior for news media personnel as they only way to counter the increasingly political attacks and fake news so rampant today.

The Washington Post and other radical left media present a clear and present danger to the stability of the American government. We need not worry about Russia and North Korea when our primary enemies are within our own borders.


  1. Americans elected Donald Trump last November because he was a political outsider who gave them hope that the American Dream. Now political insiders (from both parties) and the mainstream media are defying the will of the American electorate through their overt attempt to overthrow a duly elected official, President Trump.

  2. Amen, and it will get worse. We will have 3 1/2 more years of the crap before the next Presidential election. Its been like lets get the bastard impeached and then we can put Hillary in the WH. Stupid is as stupid does. We have a prime example of the worthless media right here in River City. The ADS is one of the worst papers that I have read. There is no need to subscribe because they back every democrat, bond issue, dumbass tax money giveaway that the COT and Pima County come up with. Investigate and protect the taxpayer, not so much.

  3. Very nicely said, a refreshing article by Richard Brinkley, the truth speaks volumes of the full extent of the coordinated attack against the Trump administration and the right as a whole, by the blue pill driven media, on par with a totally out of control shark feeding frenzy.
    The firing of Dick Comey is a total “who cares”, mute, non-issue. Comey, like anyone one else who serves in an appointed government position serves at the pleasure of the president. Comey was no longer in favor, so he was dismissed. End of delusional fantasy.
    It’s totally insane to think that the entire FBI is stopped still, dead in its tracks at the prospect of its director being fired or replaced. What if instead, Comey had suddenly died? Would the FBI be thrust into a complete melt down? A professional inability to function? Only if your IQ is in single digits and you read (and believe) the openly left leaning Washington post does this left driven narative make any sense. On the local level, the ADS serves the same purpose for TUSD alumni who are purposely under educated, depriving them the ability of self sustained analytical thought.
    For those who accept reality, it’s simply party driven bias talking points, insanity in print to anyone capable of thinking for themselves. The fix has been in for decades. The left openly accepts that only the complete control of all news outlets, the complete thought control by indoctrination at all levels of the educational system is justified to ensure the left prevails unopposed at the cost of true freedom.
    The combined full press by the left for control of every aspect of decent is a hollow victory for this nation and for humanity.
    The cost of partisan politics has eroded the liberties of freedom into near extinction. One can longer publicly offer an opposing point of view against the left without fear of attack. Having a Trump sign in your yard during the election was considered justification to attack and damage or destroy your personal property by the brown shirt protectors of liberty of the left who feel justified in their actions. A totally amazing concept by those claiming to embrace and protect diversity.
    While the right, locally failed by Flake and Mclame pretend to be involved in an improvised parlor game of charades, Rome burns.
    The red pill is slowly turning blue from holding its breath waiting for the real leadership of right to simply do the right thing.
    Trump, love him, hate him or despise him, still he is the lawfully elected president of the United States. While the the left attacks him with every aspect of its arsenal, the right who currently controls the seat of power in the Senate and the House fails to rally around it’s own president. A truly sad day for American values and American liberty. Such discord would never have been tolerated by the godless morally bankrupt left even against the chocolate Jesus himself.

    In the next installment of the DC sewer, the dreaded swamp creature builds political alliance’s with Mr. beaver on the right to fight the gate keeper to prevent the draining of the swamp. It’s a must read, only available in the Washington post….

  4. this is nothing more than an attempt to overthrow the Gov’t of the United States – a political COUP is underway – this is ‘war’ and it is for the future of the nation as we know it, as the election was for same – they have not stopped every attempt to take over at any point with any means to the end… to which I say NYET!!!!!!!

  5. BTW – if the russians did want to interfere in the course of our nations future – they would intercede “with the Democrats” to overthrow the current government – an enemy of my enemy is my friend

  6. If the source is anonymous, the story is a more than likely fabrication. If it’s true, then it’s probable the deep state is spying on the oval office.

  7. This reads like damage control. Every president can be expected to be put under a microscope and must act beyond reproach. Most do not, and pay a price. I think the media, for the most part, does a lousy job, but not because of any left-wing conspiracy. They are mouthing the sentiments of their corporate masters who see an unstable White House as a potential threat to the profits of their class mates.

    Leaks and Freedom of Information Act discoveries help keep governments — left or right — more honest than is their natural bent. It has been well-said that if every government told its citizens the truth they would all fall within 24 hours. The answer is not to criminalize truth-telling, but for governments to tell the truth.

  8. “Congress should pass a second piece of legislation making it a felony to publish fake news.” I would caution against any such law. Who decides whether any particular news item is “fake?” The government? Let it be worked out in the marketplace of ideas, the truth usually comes out soon enough. I agree that publishing classified information should be against the law, and I think it already is.

  9. Americans did NOT elect Trump. No disputing he did not win the people Vote.

    I suggest it reminds me of Pima County. We vote no on bonds and yet they do it anyway. We say no to World View , they do it anyway. We say no to raising our County tax they do it anyway.

    Trump DID NOT win the the majority of people votes. They did it anyway.

    Impeachment sooner than later.

    Finally for all of you love attack a Independent, the Democrats your as dirty as the day is long. Republicans we can’t trust you as far as we can throw you. Examples real quick say Comey , all lies Trump says and if you fact check ( use US Government official site confirm ) you will see he is a lieing sack of beep!! Lots and lots of beep.

    I don’t mind a Republican in White House I Voted for few over my lifetime. I do mind a liar. Once again fact check he did NOT will the Vote of the American people. Undeaputed fact.

    Impeachment impeachment impeachment.

    • The Constitution is clear on how we elect our Presidents. It is by a majority of electoral votes. President Trump was elected fair and square. End of.

    • Get a grip, Richard. Surely you know how the Electoral College works. Plus, do the math on the numbers of illegals who voted in that last election. It will turn out that Americans DID elect Trump.

    • Richard, Richard, Richard.
      Your opening sentence.

      “Americans did NOT elect Trump. No disputing he did not win the people Vote.”

      Should be grounds for a six month suspension from posting in the ADI. That sort of drivel is acceptable at the arizona Daily Star.

      However fortunately for the rest of us the ADI allows us to comment on the absurdity of the things you say.

      Sometimes I think The ADI compensates you to spout off as I tell myself that is the only reason you would do that.

    • ROTFLMAOOL!!!!!!!!!!! but the electoral college did… surprise surprise surprise.. as GOMER PYLE would say it… GGGG Willllickers how’d dat ever happen – doesn’t matter

  10. I couldn’t agree more with JDfast about the Arizona Daily puppy pad!

    Every time I hear someone pronounce gravely “We are a nation of laws”, I want to toss my cookies. If we were a nation of laws Hillary, Holder, Lynch, Rice, Jarrett, Lerner Koskenin, and possibly Comey and Obama would be in the slammer. The only thing Trump is guilty of is sending stupid tweets and making dumb moves.

    I like Trump more and more as I become aware of the swamp critters that oppose him: like McCain and Flake.

    • Unfortunately, we have no way to unseat a senator the constitution does not allow Recalls of Sen or Reps. they took care of themselves. Hopefully Flake will get caught in whirlpool of the drain.

  11. Have you sen the last couple of episodes of QUANTICO? Yes its a fairly tale,but watch them and see how they portray the government ‘leaders’. Its kinda thought provoking because its a play on the current left/right politics and it is not a pretty picture that they display. They portray people who support the government as traitors, they also portray what is currently the ‘enemy’ of the supposed poor/unrepresented as being the power players. No indication if they are left or right wing idiots, but they portray them fairly clearly.

    As to the r’s supporting the president, well when have rinos ever supported the party. yes guys like mcflake, mclame, the other idiot mclame runs around with pontificating on everything. The reps are no better. Just look locally, the idiots approve a tax hike and the greedy idiots at the county immediately need to get into the game, although they cannot explain where the $$ went from the previous years from the gas tax! I heard they got some number starting with an 8 but only spent an amount starting with a 1 on the roads! and no the amount was NOT greater than 8.

    We need someone to initiate a recall on these clowns and for the state to investigate the crony corp that the huckster works for as we know its not the taxpayer. cluck, deamond, all the rest of the so called power players need to have the light shined on them so they can scramble like the roaches (apologies to roaches) they are. They are not here to help to county or city, they are here to help themsevles and thats about it. mclame and company have been bought and sold (with proof as in the keating 5), and the d’s are not sitting pretty either when they eat their own to stay in power and rob the people (think south tucson election over turn). no the turd and company again are in it for them selves, he had his princess practing the art of the job at tusd and look where that has gone!

    Time to get rid of all of them.

  12. If they refuse to disclose their sources AND all present at the meeting deny the accusation/charge, the Post is no more credible than any other gossip column and is just another example of the propaganda rag the Post has become in the hands of Jeff Bezos. The writers are not journalists, they are merely propaganda workers disseminating the Dem Party line.

  13. Hey you hate it true that people did not elect the Trump. It is true electorate college did.

    Impeachment will happen sooner or later. I recall the attack by so many abou Joe Arapio, how about many of you who did. Now he should send maximum time in prison!

    I enjoy facts even when I don’t like them. The people I. This great Country did NOT elect Trump. Simple and joyful you all know it.

    Everyday we witness another bold face lie from him ( Trump ). I am certain we will find again again again and yet again abuses, lies , let us hope the impeachment is sooner than later.

    BTW I am Independent I do not follow the party lines period. The joy of being American is you can do what right even if it not politically correct.

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