Norton Cleans House: Sunday’s Comic

Reportedly Norton is scrubbing his Facebook page…. removing all references to Doug Ducey, Sean Noble and the whole sleazy gang…

Ex-Regulator Pierce, Lobbyist Norton, Utility Owner Johnson Charged With Conspiracy, Bribery, Fraud
By Evan Wyloge and Jim Small | Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting

Federal prosecutors on Tuesday charged former Arizona Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce, his wife, prominent lobbyist Jim Norton and utility owner George Johnson with conspiracy, bribery, mail fraud and wire fraud, over what prosecutors lay out as a scheme to pay off Pierce in return for favorable regulation by the Corporation Commission surrounding a special $18 million wastewater plant deal.

According to the charges filed in U.S. District Court on May 23, Pierce, his wife and Norton set up a scheme to have Johnson, the head of a Pinal County water company, make regular payments to Pierce.

In all, Pierce got $31,500 from Johnson, prosecutors allege. In return, Johnson got a $18 million wastewater plant added back into the company’s base rate – essentially putting the entire cost onto ratepayers. Pierce also spearheaded an effort to allow Johnson’s company to recover income taxes by passing the cost on to ratepayers.

Norton, who at the time worked for the lobbying firm R&R Partners, and an unnamed, unindicted co-conspirator agreed to arrange the payments between Pierce and Johnson. The co-conspirator created a consulting firm that contracted with Johnson International and was paid roughly $7,000 per month. That consulting firm then paid Sherry Ann Pierce $3,500 a month for 10 months in 2011 and 2012 for what amounted to a job that included little more than “simple tasks.”

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  1. Just another sad pathetic circus act in the endless parade of the betrayal of the publics trust by disgraced publicly elected officials.
    I truly hope they all serve stiff prison sentences, but most likely the insiders boys club will spank them with a slap on the wrist and a stern verbal reprimand.
    See boys and girls, crime really does pay.

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