The Curse Of Obama

Even after he left office, Barack Obama still tried to inflict harm to the United States with his agreement to the Paris Climate treaty. He refused to submit it to the United States Senate for ratification, as required by the Constitution, because the Senate would never had approved so bogus a treaty. President Trump’s brave decision to withdraw from a bogus treaty not only preserved the sovereignty of the United States but also it preserved our future.

President Obama tried to lock-in the United States to lowering its emissions by 27 percent below 2005 levels by 2025. This would have lead greater regulation and taxation through a carbon tax. Raising the price of energy may be good for the international socialist cause but it would hurt our citizens. Raising the price of energy is regressive.

In other words, the bottom fifth of the income distribution spend 25 percent of their income on energy compared to 4 percent for the top fifth of income distribution. Raising energy costs by 10 percent means the bottom fifth of income distribution would increase energy spending another 2.5 percent while the top fifth of income distribution would only increase their energy spending by .4 percent.

During this period, over half the states sued the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan and federal regulations on methane emissions from oil and gas drilling. Two months before the Paris Climate treaty was signed, the Supreme Court took the astonishing step of staying the so-called Clean Power Plan before the lower court even reviewed it. This represented not only a huge win for the twenty-nine states that sued the Obama administration but also it revealed the vast illegal overreach of Barack Obama.

Chris Horner and Marlo Lewis, senior fellows at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, concluded that despite the fact that the Paris Climate treaty met the State Department’s criteria to be called a “treaty  by virtue of its costs and risks, ambition compared to predecessor climate treaties, dependence on subsequent legislation by Congress, intent to affect state laws, [and] U.S. historic practice with regard to multilateral environmental agreements,” Obama illegally ignored the State Department criteria.

As previously mentioned, Obama never submitted the treaty to the Senate because he knew the Senate would not ratify it. So Obama executed an end-run around the Senate, in violation of the Constitution, called the treaty an accord and claimed it did not need Senate ratification. Very simply, Obama should have been impeached and John Kerry prosecuted for high crimes against the United States.

Toward what end is all this climate change brouhaha? Christiana Figueres, former climate chief at the United Nations and an avowed extreme left international socialist, admitted that climate change is the vehicle to achieve a new world economic order: “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for the, at least, 150 years, since the industrial revolution.” In other words, the climate change agenda is the destruction of capitalism, and in its place a new world order of international socialism. And destruction of the fossil fuel industry is the first target.

President Obama, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton are all in favor of destroying the economic engine of the world, the United States, in order to have their international socialist new world order. They violated every oath they took to protect and defend the United States of America.

To that end, the Obama administration added more debt than all previous presidents combined. Obama had no way to pay this debt than printing more money, which taxes everyone secretly. The result, other countries are beginning to talk about another reserve currency.  Obama knew exactly what he wanted to do. This serious undermining of our currency was, in my opinion, premeditated.

I do not need to repeat the lies Obama repeatedly told about Obamacare.  Many of you could not keep your doctor, could not keep your health plan, could not afford your Obamacare plan, and now cannot even find an Obamacare plan. Obamacare was never about healthcare. It was about population control, forcing people into a government run health plan that rationed healthcare from the start and having the government take over one-sixth of the economy, as a step to a new world order.

Obama has organized and recruited a 30,000 strong Organizing for Action (OFA) with headquarters in his personal home. What is OFA? It is a left wing political activist organization funded by George Soros. It is behind many of the left wing riots across the country. It is the Obama army with which he disrupts the Trump administration.

Best of all, Obama’s legacy is one of an all time low in trust of government and media. One has to ask the question: can someone screw up so badly unintentionally? I don’t think so. Pre-meditation is behind a large part of this. Obama’s hostility against the United States has been palpable for some time.

Name one thing that Barack Obama has done to leave America or the World in a better place. He left the Middle East in shambles. His exit from Iran actually fathered ISIL. Lybia is now a failed nation state. Yemen is half controlled by Obama’s ISIL. Iran now has clearance to build a nuclear arsenal with American money donated by Obama. We’re in a new cold war with Russia due to Obama. Our relationship with Israel was damaged.

Obama allowed an increase in terrorist attacks on American soil only he called them workplace violence. On his watch, the Office of Personnel Management was hacked, leaving millions (including me) vulnerable. Then the State Department was hacked, the White House was hacked, and the national Security Administration was hacked. It makes one wonder if they were hacked from the inside.

The most lasting damage to our country was in directing CIA Director John Brennan to spread false intelligence about Trump colluding with the Russians. Then Obama altered the intelligence protocol to allow lower level people to access raw data, which was then leaked to the press. Obama continues to direct this attempted coup d’etat.