Veterans for Peace: Generals Request More Troops For 16 Year Afghanistan War

By Buzz Davis, Veterans for Peace

Generals want another surge in Afghanistan.  Only 5,000 will do the trick to help the peace process they say.  Kill and bomb more people to encourage people to negotiate for peace.  Do you believe it?  The generals don’t say they need more troops in Iraq or Syria or Libya or Africa —- YET.

We Americans are persistent.  But when it comes to wars, we exhibit perseveration defined as “…the inappropriate persistence or repetition of a thought or action…”

“Repetition of thoughts” – example:  war is the answer to all diplomatic problems.  “Repetition of actions” – example: we accept lie after lie from our presidents pushing us into wars.

In Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, tens of thousands of Americans have died along with millions of Asian and Middle Eastern peoples.  One lying president after another tells us the sky is falling.  It’s the commies, the horrible dictators, the treacherous religious terrorists.  By late 1967 when the surge of American troops was really building in Vietnam, Pres. Johnson knew the war was a loser, as did Sec. of Defense McNamara, but both continued to lie and lie.  And people continued to die and die.  For what?  Pride? Corporate empire?  Presidents prey on our fears.  We citizens accept the lies and off our youth go to war after war.

These politicians aren’t really interested in communists or terrorists.  Politicians want the oil, gas, copper, tin, titanium, or markets for their 1%er corporate friends.  They know war is good for their political career.  And they will be rewarded by a grateful military industrial complex.  WalMart, GM and so many others do hundreds of billions of business with the “commies” in China and Vietnam without a blink of the eye.

The oil soaked Middle East dictatorships like Saudi Arabia and Qatar fund the schooling, training and operations of religious terrorists yet these dictators are our buddies — buying billions in American weapon systems.  Simultaneously, we send our youth to fight the religious terrorists our CIA and these dictatorships created.  And our military/industrial complex makes money providing weapons to both sides.

We have bled our soldiers and other peoples of their blood.  We have bled our Nation of trillions of dollars that should have been spent building a better life for all Americans.  War profiteers, CEO’s and share owners make hundreds of billions while the under funded Veterans Affairs hospitals try to take care of all our physically, mentally and morally crushed soldiers.  And military families pay the highest price of all – dead and damaged loved ones.

The CIA with its mercenaries, billions and bags of tricks is forever starting wars saying it is trying to “save” a democracy or promote democracy or freedom.  Then, American soldiers step into the quicksand of war.  Wars don’t create peace.  They create the silence of death.  Bullets, torture or assassinations kill people but cannot kill ideas.

These are illegal wars of aggression – illegal under our Constitution and the United Nations Charter.  The reason starting an illegal war is the greatest crime is because all other crimes will then be committed: murder, torture, rape, starvation, theft, religious, political or sexual persecution, genocide, repression…  Everything imaginable takes place during war.  Military leaders know wars are easy to start.  They also know — no one knows how to stop them.

And now Pres. Trump is supposed to decide if we need another surge of 5,000 American troops in Afghanistan.  AFTER 16 YEARS OF DESTROYING AFGHANISTAN, WE NEED TO GET OUT!

We must admit that in the present wars, we are on the side of the gangsters, drug kings, murderous militias, dictators, torturers and power hungry religious fanatics.

What we’ve done in these countries has NOT worked.  Our wars and weapons have pushed these countries from bad to worse.  Millions are homeless and refugees.  Their hatred will last decades or centuries.

We need to admit to the United Nations our failures and ask the UN to conduct peace negotiations in each nation.  We must support those negotiations, pay the costs, withdraw all our troops and military equipment, stop the bombings and drone attacks and stop the surveillance and training assistance.

There has been too much killing to feed the unsatiable greed of our military/industrial/politician complex.

Citizens, we must prove we support the rule of law rather than the rule of empire or whim.  We must prove we will NOT accept more lying and corruption.

We must impeach those presidents and generals who have led these illegal wars! We must make them examples of what America will do when elected leaders and generals forsake their oaths to preserve and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and when they betray the American people.

Between 45 million and 85 million died in WWII.  In a nuclear war with nations using just 1% of their nuclear weapons, it’s estimated tens of millions would die in the first hour.  Millions would die afterwards from radiation effects and firestorms.  Those firestorms, sweeping large areas creating dark dust clouds, would cause a worldwide, extended winter of possibly 10 years with drastically shortened food growing cycles.  Two billion would be threatened with famine.  Life on earth, as we know it, would be gone.

We must stop the wars.  Stop creating wars.  And stop supplying weapons to all sides.

We must request the UN take leadership in trying to peacefully resolve the quagmire we have helped create.  Or, our posterity will eventually suffer the same cruel fate millions of families are presently suffering in the Middle East. 

Buzz Davis

Buzz Davis, formerly of Stoughton, WI now of Tucson, was trained as an infantry officer during the Vietnam War & served in S. Korea.  He’s a long time progressive activist, a member of Veterans for Peace, a former VISTA Volunteer, elected official, union organizer, impeachment organizer, a former VP of WI Alliance for Retired Americans and a retired state government planner.

5 Comments on "Veterans for Peace: Generals Request More Troops For 16 Year Afghanistan War"

  1. Can you think of one single islamic terrorist group that the US has ever defeated? Theyll never give up, which makes them the perfect companion for the military industrial congressional complex. We’ll always be at war.

  2. Buzz Davis | June 6, 2017 at 10:57 am |

    Right Lance. Especially if a person thinks they must be defeated on military terms. If you approach them as potential criminals, then they are searched for them, or their accomplices are searched for if the terrorist is dead, case built, prosecution and jury decides. This is the 9/11 mistake. Mr. Bush etc handled that crime as a war and started war with Afghanistan.

    One point is the terrorists or religious fanatics want you to fight back. We pursue them as criminals we are playing our game under a world of law and order. 16 years i Afgh. has not won any military game when the Afghan leaders are corrupt. Thanks musc!

  3. It’s too bad we don’t teach history anymore. There have always been “terrorists.” And news flash!: Rich people usually run things. And, OMG, there are winners and losers in life.

    Best to just more or less ignore the terrorists–your word, not theirs). Like barking dogs, they eventually get tired and go away.

    “But what if they get a Nuke??!!” Even if it’s a nuke, it’s “a” nuke. One. Japan survived, so will we.

    The danger is to let the cowards and fear-mongerers and pissy-pants self-important worriers scare everybody into thinking the sky is falling. On the Left (climate change, overpopulation, guns) on the Right (Muslims, abortion, lazy people, fluoride–remember that?)

    I am going to deliberately misspell the operative word (trigger alert for baby Libs, people with diagnosed P.C. and sexually problematic Republicans. (See if you can spot the offending word!!)

    Stop being such stupid twwatts!.

    “Or, our posterity will eventually suffer the same cruel fate millions of families are presently suffering in the Middle East.”

    Geez. Take a pill.

    • You really think you are above the rest of us huh

      The morale that islamic exteremists have goes far beyond terrorists of any other ideology or political motivation. They have convinced themselves that if they kill us, or die trying they will still go to heaven and what they are doing is completely morally justifiable. This kind of enemy that believes they have nothing to lose and god is always on their side IS a threat.

  4. Wayne B (rain) | June 7, 2017 at 4:21 am |

    Veterans for Peace is among the “progressive” groups infesting local parks at their annual “Peace Fair“. All they can offer is incoherent propaganda and “occupy” 1% wackiness. They are “against” war but embrace Communism that kills 5 times more than war could ever accomplish. Veterans for Peace is the kind of group that makes one think “I’d like to see the DD 214.”

    Better get your tin foil hats on, Veterans Commies For “Peace.” The CIA might be beaming transmissions designed to pop your brain.

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