CBP Serves Search Warrant At No Mas Muertes Camp Near Arivaca

TUCSON, Ariz. – U.S. Border Patrol agents using surveillance technology Tuesday detected four suspected illegal aliens wearing camouflage and walking north on a known smuggling route. Other agents then tracked the group into the No Mas Muertes Camp near Arivaca, but could not find any indication that the individuals passed through or left the camp.

Initial efforts to resolve the situation were unsuccessful leaving no other recourse but to request a federal warrant to enter the camp and search for the suspected illegal aliens. A search of the camp and interviews of its occupants revealed that three of the occupants were Mexican Nationals illegally present within the United States and a forth individual, also a Mexican National, was arrested attempting to abscond from the camp. All individuals were arrested for immigration violations and escorted off the premises without incident.

The group was assessed on scene by Border Patrol agents trained as Emergency Medical Technicians and found in good health, but were taken to a local area hospital as a precautionary measure. The professional medical staff at the hospital determined that the individuals did not require any further medical attention.

One person in the group, identified as Lucindo Diaz-Hernandez (attachment Diaz), is a convicted aggravated felon for drug charges – possession with the intent to distribute over 600lbs of marijuana. He was also previously deported from the United States. Diaz will be presented for prosecution. Border Patrol later determined that Diaz also spent five years in prison Aquiles Serdan, Chihuahua Mexico for drug trafficking.

A month prior, a similar incident occurred involving eight individuals detected going into the No Mas Muertes camp. In this incident, the subjects were voluntarily turned over to Border Patrol without incident. While in Border Patrol custody, it was determined that two of the illegal aliens had prior criminal records in the United States and two others required hospitalization.

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  1. Only for a better life, right?? Yea, thought so.

  2. This is what needs to keep happening, more raids and illegals picked up and deported. They should also arrest the US citizens running such camps and homes that help and shield these criminals. We the people have had enough! No more of these criminals leeching off our system, no more mexican gangs terrorizing the populace, no more criminals murdering our people. Enough! Bleeding hearts don’t like it? Then change the system otherwise follow the law or go to prison.

  3. Years ago, I did an interview at the home of one of the former spokespersons for No More Deaths. Interestingly, he had two occupied pup tents set up in his yard. When asked who occupied them, he moved our interview to another area of the yard where the tents could not be seen.

    Many of these bleeding hearts have not only been aiding illegal aliens but housing them as well until they are picked up by another transporter.

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