Extreme Heat Coming, Prepare Yourself And Vehicle

With extreme heat in the forecast, the Arizona Department of Transportation is reminding the public that it is especially important for drivers to plan before taking to state highways, starting with having a fully charged cellphone as well as extra drinking water for all passengers, including pets.

Even though your vehicle has air conditioning, be ready in case you must spend extended time on the highway due to a breakdown or some other reason for delay. That starts with having sun protection, including sunscreen, an umbrella for shade, a wide-brimmed hat and loose-fitting, light-colored cotton clothing.

Keep your tank at three-quarters full. Running out of gas, especially in a remote location, is dangerous in extreme heat.

Take a cooler to keep extra drinking water cold, and consider adding several frozen bottles of water to use for cooling off or to thaw and drink if needed.

If your vehicle breaks down in extreme heat, call for assistance right away to reduce wait time, and run the AC. If the AC isn’t working, roll down all windows.

Other recommendations if you are stranded along the highway:

DRINK WATER. Make sure everyone, including pets, stays hydrated.

If temperatures inside the vehicle become too hot, everyone, including pets, should exit carefully and seek out or create a shaded area as far away from the travel lanes as possible.

Be careful walking on the road surface, which can be hot enough to burn skin. Keep your shoes on and try to keep your pets’ paws off the pavement.

Raise the front hood and turn on hazard lights.

You can help avoid breakdowns and blowouts by making sure your vehicle is in good operating condition. Check your air conditioner and coolant levels, top off any vital engine fluids and make sure your battery is up to par. Check your tire pressure, as the combination of underinflated tires and hot pavement can lead to a blowout.

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  1. Please don’t go on a hike, don’t leave your kids in the car, bring pets inside and keep fresh water for them in the house. It pains me every year when children die because some stupid parent leaves them in the car( just for a few minutes) BS. Born here I know the heat in a car, When I was a young mother, If I had to run to circle K just for milk, I went the extra mile and all three of my kids went in with me ages 4,3 and 6 months, Yes it was a hassle to undo car seat belts and then back in the car with wiggly little bodies as I put car seat belts back on then off again when we got home, but my children are alive and grown up and given me such wonderful grand children
    Please don’t forget the kids and dogs.

    • Thanks for taking time to bring this up Aric. I might add, NEVER give a second thought to taking out a window if you see a child in left alone in a hot car. This once happened to me on a very hot summer in Vegas. As I setting up to watch fireworks out side my apartment I noticed across the street a baby in a car that wasn’t running and the windows were up I was stunned. My mind was racing, thinking will the parents be right back? Has this child only been in there for a few seconds? Should I really break out his window? All this going through my head as I was running to the vehicle I found the doors locked and then I broke out the window. As I was in process of this emergency vehicles were pulling in and other citizens who had noticed what was happening were coming to help to do the same thing. Someone had taken the time to call for help, but for whatever reason didn’t take action. In their defense they may not have been able to. Thank God the child was fine and the Dad was arrested (when they found him). Obviously a window isn’t easy to break out and concern for hurting the child with glass is a chance that has to be taken. I can guarantee you won’t get in trouble because there is nothing to justify leaving anyone , young or old in a hot, closed vehicle. Imo I see it as murder if someone dies like this. I always have a seat belt cutter/window breaking tool in my vehicles now.

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