Red Handed In Pima County: Sunday’s Comic

Pima County Leaders Went To Great Lengths To Send KFC Into Stratosphere With World View

This week, World View announced that the company is pairing with KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) to send a chicken bucket payload on-board World View’s maiden multi-day Stratollite mission. Emails recently obtained by the Arizona Daily Independent reveal just what lengths Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry has gone to in order to make chicken fly.

In February 2017, Pima County Superior Court Judge Catherine Woods struck down Pima County’s contract with World View Enterprises that would have required taxpayers to foot the bill for a new facility for the company’s luxury tourism business. According to the judge, the County was required to have the building appraised, hold a public auction, and set the lease rate no lower than 90% of the appraised value.

The judge’s ruling was issued in the Goldwater Institute lawsuit against the County on behalf of Pima County taxpayers.

The judge’s ruling surprised no one. The County’s violation of state law had outraged taxpayers and Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller. Miller was supportive of the Goldwater lawsuit, but in her capacity as supervisor, she was a defendant in the lawsuit. As a result, Miller was very careful to express her disapproval of the World View deal in order to avoid putting the County at risk in relation to the lawsuit.

Over the years, Huckelberry has grown accustomed to controlling the narrative in Pima County through a compliant press and large in-house communications team. However, emails written in August 2016, reveal a panicky Huckelberry willing to attack a lawyer with a stellar reputation and strip Miller of her right to represent her constituents.

Huckelberry’s plans, as laid out in his August 12, 2016 memo, are so contrary to the basic tenets of decency and democracy, that Deputy Pima County Attorney Regina Nassen practically begged him not to send the memo to anyone…..

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  1. A county wide taxpayer revolt is in order. Dingle berry and his stupidvisors need to spend the money wisely, not on their pet projects. If their pet projects are so inportant, let them take their personal paychecks and pay for it. Why are we paying these fools, anyway?

  2. For the few that profit from this crony capitalism I am sure you like things just the way they are. For the 98% rest of us we owe more and more in taxes and one by one every taxing authority is lining up to raise our taxes. To be overseen and run by clueless boards and council majorities. In short order pima county & city of tucson have succeeded in raising our taxes. And just in the past week TUSD and PCC have announced their plans to raise taxes as well. At this rate I won’t have any paycheck left over for necessities. Much less disposable income. When will the party faithful wake up to this nonsense? And for the record it was reported just recently that tucson lost 100s of high paying jobs year over year in the annual state economic analysis (PHX up TUC down.) Doing the same thing and expecting different results is plain stupid. Prepare yourself for a different kind of apocalypse zombies. That is who is running the place into the ground around here.

  3. Ah, how many times has he been caught red handed and still has a job. Everyone knows what the Sonoran Parkway is all about, that he hates Ally Miller and will do everything (including breaking the law) to reign her in. We all know he hires ADS hacks to be his PR team for millions of dollars a year for a crack PR crew of 20 or so. You got that right Pima County has a PR crew of 20 to sell the BS that Huck puts out. The county gifted Gabby Giffords husband a new building and office furniture on the public dime and got sued and lost and still hasn’t settled the law suit. As I always say, the list goes on and on and the taxpayers continue to get screwed and must like it. SSDD in the Pima County Sewer.

  4. This is beyond simple.
    We just need to stop retaining those that support Dingleberry on the board of stupidvisors.
    The two biggest lies in Pima county is that Chucky works for the board of supervisors, the second and even bigger lie is that the board of supervisors works for the voters of Pima county.
    As long as the totally clueless party faithful vote straight down party lines, Pima county will continue to be little more then a slum built in a wash bled dry by blatant corruption.
    Just another benchmark example of epic failure brought to you by the proud southern Arizona democrats.

    • The Dems do not control Pima County and Tucson because of a clueless Democrat Party faithful and any meaningful failure on the part of the electorate. They control it with lucrative govt jobs for some 11,000 residents, most of which have extended family and friends who vote Dem to help protect those people`s jobs. In addition, the U of A, another large employer, is almost completely staffed with Dem Pty faithful who also have politically loyal family and friends. Add to this, the donors to the Dem Pty who sway thousands of votes in return for govt favors and it is almost impossible to free us of the Dem Pty death grip on govt in Pima County. BTW, the real clueless are such thanks to a local media, with only a handful of exceptions, almost devoid of ethics and journalistic competence, but these are not the biggest part of the problem.

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