Our Hard-Earned Tax Dollars At Work

World View Enterprises and Kentucky Fried Chicken recently announced plans to send a Kentucky Fried Chicken Zingler sandwich to an altitude of 15 miles in its unmanned balloon system on June 21, 2017.

Pima County tax payers financed the construction of World View’s $15 million headquarters and launch facility, courtesy of Chuck Huckleberry and members of the Pima County Board of Supervisors.

Why are the citizens of Pima County subsidizing this publicity stunt with their hard earned tax dollars, when these funds could have been better spent repairing our roads or providing better schools for our children?

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David F. Briggs is a retired geologist, whose work is feature by the Arizona Geological Survey. Briggs intermittently worked on the Rosemont project between 2006 and 2014. He has authored articles on Arizona’s mining history.


  1. When is city and county government going to cut back on their own budgets rather than raising taxes all the time. They’re so much waste and no attempt to control their own budgets. Water bills go up garbage bills go up sewer bills go up never any attempt to reduce the size of government in this town. Everybody around here is taxed to death.

  2. Given the impact on operations in Tucsons’ and DMs’ class C airspace, the FAA could only allow the launch late at night, or early morning.
    No info on where the balloon will land. What goes up, must come down unless it’s tethered. The jet stream will blow this high altitude balloon very far east of the launch site. Has World View made arrangements for a recovery site?
    Where did the Page, Az launch land? Maybe I missed it.

  3. Published reports on launch date state the reason for the delay was wind and there’s been no update since. Lots and lots of hot air blowing Pima County tax dollars out of their pockets.

  4. KFC should file a defamation of corporate character lawsuit against Chucky and worldview.

  5. Thanks for the updates that it hasn’t happened. How apropos to the crowning achievement of Pima County to launch a chicken sandwich into space, they found out that chickens don’t fly too well. And it only cost $15 million!

  6. By the way. the Weather at the time of the launch (June 21 @ 5am) was 86 degrees with winds listed at 4 mph, and clear skies. Will the weather ever be better? Honestly, how can “Journalists” and “the news media” just go along with this failure knowing it is a publicly funded facility that costs the taxpayers a lot of money? Heck, even this site has not updated the story. PLEASE SOMEONE INVESTIGATE AND REPORT!

  7. Perhaps the payload on the next flight should include Huckleberry and members of the Pima County Board of Supervisors so that they can properly assess their investment.

  8. This article needs to be updated to state that they cant even fly a piece of chicken because it has not happened. KFC says still in a weather delay. Something is not right here and for some reason no one is covering it.

    • The reason is obvious…the ADS, the local news and even Pima County with its 2 million dollar PR Department can’t spin it enough to admit the truth!

  9. It is my understanding that this launch, planned for the $$$$ launch pad out by TIA, was moved to a location some 40 miles away. On top of that, I heard it was scrapped and has still not taken place. On top of that I heard the FAA has not, and may not ever, give World View clearance to use the launch pad by their headquarters. Anybody know anything different?

  10. You ask why, David? It’s so we can attract tourists from The Thing out east on I-10 to something even stranger — the offspring of the Pima County Board of Snoopadvisors — maybe we’ll finance a new museum for, DA DA, Space Chicken!

  11. This may be the single greatest achievement by King Huck, using Pima County taxpayer dollars, millions of them, to send a chicken sandwich into space. Take a bow Chuckie and the Board of Stupids. All of Pima County is so proud, and so broke.

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