TUSD Board Maintains Tradition Of Secrecy Despite Legal Opinion

Board approved timeline for superintendent selection:

Feedback gathered via forums, school visits, in-person interviews, emails
May 22-June 30, 2017

Candidate Recruitment
Ended June 30, 2017

Screening Committee
Five applicants identified and forwarded to the Board

Governing Board Paper screening (August 8) Finalists will be identified by alpha identifier to maintain anonymity. Finalists will be given 24 hours to notice employers. Finalists names and resumes to be posted on our website on August 10

Community Visits
Tentatively set for August 14, 15, 16 and 17  from 7-9pm at Catalina High School Auditorium (pending Board approval)

In keeping with its tradition of secrecy, the Tucson Unified School Board selected four potential candidates for the superintendent spot, but refused to reveal the candidates’ names at Tuesday night’s Board meeting.

The Board voted unanimously to consider the four secret candidates to fill the spot left by former Superintendent H.T. Sanchez, who was forced to resign last year.

Dr. Nic Clement was hired by the Board to lead the secretive process.

In 2013, TUSD lost a lawsuit filed by the Arizona Daily Star and was forced to reveal superintendent candidate identities. The Board revealed the names, but announced that only one candidate, H.T. Sanchez, was a finalist for the position.

5 Comments on "TUSD Board Maintains Tradition Of Secrecy Despite Legal Opinion"

  1. The Oracle of Tucson | August 8, 2017 at 11:36 pm |

    Let’s just hope that Dr. Zach Ruff the disgraced former Dean of Academics and assistant principal of Downingtown STEM isn’t on the short list. But this being TUSD anything is possible.

    The Oracle

  2. Dr. Ruff clearly lacks the temperament to be a superintended of any school district. But we live in a country where an individual with a similar inability to censor his own thoughts from being made publicly was voted to the highest office in the land so anything is possible.

    • Please Rich, Trump was elected by the people and don’t go there with the popular vote BS. This guy will be appointed by the three stooges. There is a hell of a difference. I have lost all faith in the board members, even Stegman and Hicks.

  3. The candidates for Superintendent have been invited to speak at next Tuesday’s Board meeting. Everybody who is interested should show up, if for no other reason to see if the candidates show up.

  4. If the candidates are scheduled to be at a public meeting shortly, isn`t ADI`s charge of secrecy just nonsense? Secrecy would only seem to be an issue if a selection was made before we know who the viable candidates are.

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