Combs High School Medical Professional Students At Leaders Camp

Anna Maria Dehaven (left) and Victoria Schmidt (right) make presentations at the Future Leaders Summer Camp in Flagstaff  

Two Combs High School Medical Professional students were awarded a full scholarship to attend the Future Leaders Summer Camp in Flagstaff, Arizona June 11-17.

Victoria Schmidt and Anna Maria Dehaven had the opportunity to work with state leaders in the field of health careers.

These two students had hands on experiences in health careers for the future, toured Northern Arizona University, and participated in hands on medical lab experiments and much more.

The focus of this camp was for them to return to CHS and lead their peers in their learning from this camp.

Anna MariaDehaven said “This camp was a lot of fun, I was able to become a better leader, learn new skills, and make new friendships with students from all over the state of Arizona.  I hope I get to go to camp again next year.”

Medical Professions is one of 12 programs in Career and Technical Education at Combs High School where students apply their learning of the content directly to their academic work at school.

This camp opened my eyes to more opportunities and I was able to learn more about scholarships for college. said Victoria Schmidt. I was able to work on communication skills, leadership skills and was able to make new friends.  I would strongly recommend this camp to other ststudents.

Once students graduate from CHS, they have the opportunity to receive certifications that can be used when they join the professional workplace.




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