Sinema Expected To Run Against Flake

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Phoenix, at the rally calling for bipartisan compromise in Washington. She said voters are tired of “ugliness and division” and want “practical solutions.” (Photo by Andres Guerra Luz/Cronkite News)

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema has confirmed that she is considering a run against Sen. Jeff Flake. With one of the lowest approval ratings in the country, Flake is seen as an easy target

Currently Deedra Abboud is the only declared candidate for the Democratic Party. State Rep. Dr. Randy Friese is also considering joining the race, but his anti-gun stance and support from Big Pharma would not go over well in Arizona’s rural areas.

Unlike Flake, Sinema has not been critical of Republicans for the most part. A centrist, Sinema has been willing to work with Republican members of the Arizona Congressional delegation.

Flake is currently facing only Dr. Kelli Ward in the Republican Primary. Ward is popular with a small but vocal faction of the Arizona GOP. Ward received a reported $300,000 committment from Trump mega-donor Robert Mercer earlier this month. The pledge was viewed by many only as a shot across Flake’s bow. Ward’s frequent missteps have caused Arizona Republicans to call on State Treasurer Jeff DeWit, who served the chief operating officer for Trump’s presidential campaign, to take on Flake.

4 Comments on "Sinema Expected To Run Against Flake"

  1. The Oracle of Tucson | August 12, 2017 at 12:33 am |

    I’m hoping DeWit jumps in with both feet and sends the Flakester home.
    IMHO: He’s the best shot in both the primary and the general.
    Flake could realistically run unopposed, wasting his $4M war chest and still lose his seat.

    The Oracle

  2. The Oracle of Tucson | August 12, 2017 at 7:13 am |

    Gee thanks, what can I say, even a weed flowers.

    The Oracle

  3. Roll a turd in glitter and it’s still crap inside, i.e.; Flake.

  4. Simena is no centrist. She plays that by staying out of controversy.
    She was a very vocal cheerleader for Obamacare. Former (or current) Communist?
    Don’t be fooled by this “can’t we all get along” message. She will be WORSE for AZ than McCain or Flake.

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