White Cartoonist Calls For “High-Tech Lynching” Of Black Radio Show Host Harris

James T. Harris 104.1 KQTH

After he stated that the First Amendment protected unpopular speech, Tucson radio show host James T. Harris became the victim of what he described as a “high-tech lynching” at the hands of white cartoonist David Wayne Fitzsimmons. Fitzsimmons called on Harris’ co-workers to do a “profile of the Nazi-loving radio hosts that work in the same building where you all work.”

Fitzsimmons, a white male baby boomer, appeared to have removed his post from his Facebook timeline shortly after Harris exposed it while on the air. The day before, he had posted an ominous message to Harris’ advertisers on Facebook: “104.1 advertisers, do you really want to financially support a station that defends Nazis? Tune in.”

Fitzsimmons, a male baby boomer, appeared to have removed his post from his Facebook timeline shortly after Harris exposed it while on the air.

Contrary to Fitzsimmons’ allegations, Harris offered no defense of white supremacists.

Harris’ co-workers and listeners were shaken by the unfounded attack, but Harris turned the tables on Fitzsimmons by mocking the cartoonist. “You can’t make this stuff up. I wonder if Fitzsimmons knew if he was calling me Dave Chappelle’s blind black white supremacist Clayton Bigsby? The monologue wrote itself. Sometimes art does imitate life,” said Harris with a laugh. “My biggest challenge was to try to keep a straight face through the monologue. I failed.”

“On a serious note, to think that a man like Fitzsimmons, whose cartoons are the very unpopular speech that the First Amendment protects, would try to suppress other voices is chilling,” continued Harris. “We live in the 5th poorest metropolitan area in the country and this “liberal” is trying to destroy lives and livelihoods by going after advertisers? He is deplorable.”

Fitzsimmons is one of the few remaining employees at the failing Arizona Daily Star. Fitzsimmons made news last week, when his name showed up among those receiving illegal purchases made by the Pima County Sheriff’s Department with RICO funds. Fitzsimmons was the recipient of red footed-pajamas with a drop seat for his performance at an award ceremony for the Department. The misuse of RICO funds has resulted in federal and state investigations.

The aging hipster cartoonist appears to be obsessed with Trump and has a penchant for demonizing Christians.

Fitzsimmons’ warning post remains


  1. I cancelled the ADS and told them that Fitz’s cartoons were not suitable to be seen by children. They are in my opinion “R” rated. ADS tried to keep me as a subscriber by offering me the ADS for $10 a month permanently. Had to tell them rather spend my $10 on toilet paper.
    James T. you are amazing and the bright light of my afternoons and I am sure of many others who live in Tucson and across the Nation!

  2. As time and public trends repeat themselves. 30 years ago we had a popular television character promoting his and popular views of established standards. Then Archie Bunker had his run so will Fitz.


  4. Notice should be given to all the groups who predictably use Fitz as a MC for their fund raisers. He will depress sales and participation; in other words, Fitz is POISON.

  5. The scary and baffling thing! Is this supposedly journalist doesn’t know the first ammendent. To call for the radio staion and advertisers to abandon JT, there are no words for this.

  6. wow! with all these comments I would have to say “BREAKING NEWS”!!!! FITZ SUCKS! by popular disdain.. no paper for you.

  7. Jon Stewart, Colbert, David Wayne Fitzsimmons, These guys are like the class clowns who play groupie to the Jocks. Come up sucker punch in the nose then say only kidding them run behind the big protector, then you have to suck that much more for some kind of validity at something.

  8. I am truly sorry that Mr. Harris has to be harrassed for being a man of character and truth! These other morons are having to pay for their “truths” that are coming to light!!

    • You make everyone else’s arguments for them, Mr Campas. When you have no substance to bring to the table you resort to hysterical name-calling.

  9. Well Fitz is a TUSD grad, and working for the Star knows all about boycotts. Smart people have boycotted the Star for years now!

  10. I can’t understand why any legitimate business would keep advertising in a rag like the ADS.

  11. jdfast, you spoke for me too.
    Mr. JT Harris has more class in his pinky finger than Fitz will ever comprehend.

    Thank you for joining our community here James T Harris. You are a God send.
    Thank you ADI for being a true and forthright news alternative to all of our local lame stream media, to include the Star. You too are a God send.

  12. Sounds like a bad case of jealousy on Fitzsimmon’s part. Mr. Harris is intelligent and thought provoking. Seems like Fitz could take some lessons Mr. Harris.

  13. Thank you ADI for putting this out. We need to stand up to this kind of hatred from those who try and use anything they can to ruin and defame. It has absolutely no truth at all in the accusation and this stone thrown will cause glass to break but it won’t be James T’s.

  14. David, if you post something and then take it down when called out, you are a coward who is unwilling to stand up for his convictions. This being the case, have your momma buy you some more panties.
    James, keep on doing what your doing; it’s evidently bothersome to certain people.

  15. James was right on on his station. Any one who attacks him is using the SAL ALINSKY maneuver in hopes that mindless people will. They say it over and over to program the mindless few.

  16. Sadly, when I realized who made the comment, I knew why. Fitzsimmons has always made a living degrading others he doesn’t agree with. If I am not mistaken, he was not being allowed to post his nasty thoughts for a while due to outrage from the public. He’ll be gone soon enough. Mr. Fitzsimmons, your evil ways are not wanted or needed anymore.

  17. Unbelievable. James T., an articulate man who researches all sides, but some nut goes after him. No tolerance, The one agenda is to destroy EVERYONE who does not fall in line with the media driven agenda — Google/Eric Schmidt (The Groundwork) direct link to Democratic Party, FB “I want to be president” Zuckerberg, and of course the beautiful George Soros who is as beautiful inside as he is out (Google pic). Grow a pair Arizona. Despite your senators you are better than this.

  18. I would invite you to come to Canada James but the insanity has made its way across the border. Our only hope is our cold Canadian winter kills it, Oh shit wait Al Gore says no more cold Canadian winters. I think were all screwed. Keep fighting James.

  19. It is really unbelievable the abuse that conservative blacks experience at the hands of so called critics of racism. They don’t support all blacks, only the ones that will vote with them. Isn’t that their own brand of slavery and extortion? Vote for us and we will get you stuff….for 50-75 years they have believed that and gotten no where.

  20. I am no fan of Fitz, but his attack on Harris is an example of free speech. He is protected in the same way Harris is protected by the First Amendment. No matter what he says, unless it is construed as a verbal assault, he will not wind up in jail. That is the extent of the protection offered by the First Amendment. As we learned during the whole Duck Dynasty fiasco, the First Amendment does not protect anyone from the non-governmental consequences of their speech unless there are state laws that do this…as in California. In most cases people can be fired, advertisers can pull their ads, etc… simply for saying stuff their employers or advertisers find objectionable.

    Currently, there is a case where an internet service provider is refusing to give the US Department of Justice the personal information on the roughly 1.2 million Americans who visited a website set up to discuss disrupting the Trump inauguration on First Amendment grounds. That is a real case of protecting people from being prosecuted for exercising their First Amendment rights as Americans and an attempt by the federal government to inhibit free expression. The DOJ has a right to prosecute the 200 or so folks who were arrested for being violent during the inauguration, but that is because they broke laws…not just read about what other people were suggesting or even planning to do. I would hope that ADI readers would support the First Amendment rights of these million plus Americans from being threatened by the federal government.

    • He may not end up in jail, but he could be held civilly accountable for defamation, given the obvious malice displayed in his false and hate-filled attack.

      • Amen… they have proven that over and over since President Trump was elected. JAMES Harris is a fine man with upstanding character and morals. Something the left knows nothing about!

  21. For those who have never had the opportunity to meet Fitz, I can tell you firsthand, the man has serious psychological issues. Of course the adoring left simply say, “He’s an artist! They’re supposed to be zany, even crazy.” One only need look at the loonies on the left like Cathy Griffin, Rosie O’Donnell, Ashley Judd, Cher, Michael Moore, etc. Creative people? Yes. Psychotic based on their actions? Absolutely. What do these noted individuals have in common? They are driven by their emotions, not cogent thought. They FEEL rather than THINK. Such is the case with Fitzsimmons. Having talked to the man I walked away confirming the fact that he is ‘certifiable’. A complete nutcase who depends on those with heads filled with fecal matter to support his Byzantine viewpoint of life. A viewpoint that best represents people who suffer from mental illness.

  22. He is the reason I left the “failing” ADS, years ago his vile hate was more than even I could handle. I got tired of defending the targets of his hate. He has no sense of humor, and just spews hate, maybe because he is a third rate cartoonist,

  23. The no talent hack just exposed himself for what he really is and that is a alt left racist that won’t admit that the alt right and alt left are total idiots and he is a leader of the pack on the alt left. What an idiot and yet the liberals love him because they think he is funny. He is nothing but a waste of humanity IMHO.

  24. the “RED STAR” Daily, now a dollar for about 4 or 5 pages of fish wrap is over priced at best, rarely read, a waste of advertisement dollar, a building coming on the market soon, a press that has used up it’s lifetime. I remember my days of youth throwing and selling the star on Sundays.. wonderful days – like the democrats I didn’t leave them they like my youth left me. Now its a rag – I still read the sports from time to time, but that time is much longer in between now… soon it seems to be never. Adios – for the Red Star has imploded to be gone from its own cause. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of Aholies.

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