Show Low’s The Trumped Store Hit By Vandals

The Trumped Store [Photo from Facebook]

The Trumped Store in Show Low, which specializes in Trump regalia was vandalized Wednesday night. According to the store’s Facebook page post, the owners “woke up to the new “artwork” on the Trumped Store banner and on the building walls.”

Vandals spray painted over the store’s “Make America Great Again” sign with the words “Nazi Scum.” The vandals also spray painted the phrases “Fraud,” “All about $,” and “Resist the 1%,” on the walls.

“Amazingly the police had already been here along with a Good Samaritan who was already cleaning the walls and the banner,” wrote the owners on the Facebook page.
“Let’s stand for what is right and good in this Country and protect our President and his family from these anarchists!!! MAGA!!!” MAGA stands for “Make America Great Again.”

One Facebook “friend” called the attack “intimidation at its worst.”

The store is located at 1041 E. Deuce of Clubs in Show Low, Arizona.

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  1. The Oracle of Tucson | August 18, 2017 at 1:18 am |

    I could almost understand all of this rabid hate directed at Trump had he personally been out there goose stepping, marching hand in hand with the flag waving neo-Nazis over the past weekend in VA.
    This recent attack in Showlow, like others on people and their private property is primarily fueled by the media and its endless mono-themed message of hate, Trump hate. The media (this site included) delivers Trump hate, some weekly and others 24/7 to a mindless audience who soaks it up like the gospel and subsequently acts out in emotional frustration with a grand sense of purpose or a devine sense of duty as they slide into criminal lawlessness.
    I’m still left wondering just who is that mysterious definitive expert, the denouncement official who judged the presidents comments to be totally insufficient only to then be labeled a nazi?
    What strikes me as truly ironic about these people out attacking “Nazis”, is they oddly appear and behave almost identical to those shown in old black and white news reels of the Nazi brown shirts burning books, attacking Jews in the streets, breaking windows and damaging Jewish businesses along with other so called enemies of the state in the early 1930’s. Infact (IMHO) I see very little if any difference from the Nazis of the 1930’s and the present day alt left progressive crybabies protesters out “policing” the country with vandalism, insulting and shouting down those that they oppose.

    The Oracle

    • “O” it won’t be long till this alt left is in active prosecution of Christians – a different nation it will be Mystery Babylon

  2. These fascists hate our Constitution. They hate it because it stands for Limited Government. They are against it because it needs a Moral People to be governed by it. They are filled with hatred against the Constitution, whether they acknowledge it or not. They hate it because the results of our last Presidential election rejected what they stand for. They are so desperately trying to overturn those results. This is the way the fascists work. This is the way the Democrat Terror Organization known as the KKK worked. They are just continuing a family tradition.

  3. Stupid, fat Grihalva going to protest Trump? I would like to protest Grihalva and all his like minded cronies. He needs to Go!

  4. I agree wholeheartedly with the above posters. I didn’t support Trump initially, but the idiots who oppose him make him look a lot better in my eyes. The KKK and Neo-Nazis as opposed to Black Lives Matter and Antifa are just opposite side of the same coin. They are all dangerous thugs.

  5. Elliot, Tucson | August 18, 2017 at 9:24 am |

    In a weird twist of faye the BLM has attacked Obama after the fact for deporting so many illegals. Now they accuse the government of destroying SS and Medicare. They have become anti government.

  6. Arrest, charge with destruction of property, assault, battery, mayhem, attempting to take over the duly elected government, try, convict, with an automatic mandatory 5 year prison sentence of hard labor, for all of those of the liberal left who engage in the aforementioned activities. The only way to handle an unruly child is to say, “NO!” to their behavior and send them to their room without supper. In the case of the Liberal Left Antifa who obviously don’t know the definition of “Fascism,” the BLM,, and all of the other Soros-backed NGO’s. Arrest Soros, freeze his assets, charge him with attempt to take over and destroy our government.

  7. Cheryl V Tucson | August 18, 2017 at 4:00 pm |

    The country is falling into the hands of mobocracy. They destroy the democracy they pretend to cherish. They will attempt to destroy the Electoral College so they can punish southern states. The problem with the social justice crowd is that they want to define justice to benefit them. That’s not how it works. The big lie is that they desire revenge. I do not recognize that as an American attribute. The more they hate the haters, the more all we have is more hate. How ignorant of these crybabies.

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