Save Our Schools Gets Closer To A Spot On General Election Ballot

Save Our Schools Turn In Over 100K Petitions To Force Voucher Expansion On Ballot [Photo from SOS]

Save Our Schools, a group opposed to the expansion of Arizona’s school voucher program, announced on Friday that the Secretary of State’s Office has certified 108,224 signatures. The signatures will now be sent to county recorders.

The county recorders now have 15 working days to check on the signatures’ validity.

“By Monday, 108,224 signatures will be forwarded to the counties – every one of them is a testament to Arizona’s commitment to strong public education. Every signature represents an Arizona parent, retiree and business owner who spent 90 days in the summer heat to stand up for our schools, for students and for the very future of our state. Every signature represents a rebuke of Governor Ducey and the state lawmakers, who chose profit over people,” said the group in a statement on Friday.

Supporters of the vouchers are expected to challenge the petitions in court.

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  1. Choice for me, but not for Thee!

  2. What, Again | August 19, 2017 at 6:11 am |

    Silly people. Haven’t we all learned that when we allow ourselves to be led by liberals that the only ‘choice’ allowed is killing the unborn. All other decisions will be made by your friendly government for you.

  3. Awe poor babies, loosing head count in screwools because of crappy outcomes, always crying schools are under funded, should say the fat cat admin is under funded instead, pouring more money to the thieves and it never reaches kids or teachers.

    New plan, kill the voucher system and force the kids and parents to the crapmills anyway.

    They should waste their time on pounding their crooked unions and get the house cleaned out and dead weight thrown out and not worry where parents put their kids.

    Provide a good service and product and the headcount will rise.

    Step one- get the leftists outta control and take back the schools,

  4. The Oracle of Tucson | August 19, 2017 at 11:23 am |

    As long as the public school districts are under progressive control where indoctrination over education occurs, any parent with an IQ in double digits who truly loves their child over a party, will favor rewarding that child with a lifelong education.
    Learning how to think is far more beneficial than learning what to think.

    The Oracle

  5. Listen to a Mom | August 19, 2017 at 3:08 pm |

    Money buys control no matter the level of government. Already other states with vouchers/ ESA whatever-the-name have watched the state’s “standardized testing accountability” enter into their private schools along with other things. Might be bathrooms and more down the line. Other states are a guidebook to state control in private schools.

    If you favor state control in private schools, how can you be a conservative? For years, I have read ADI comments on education stories where readers state how awful the public schools are. If that is your view, why would you favor introducing same rules and regs to private schools? Why would you not favor better things coming to public schools that some private schools already offer? The slippery slope is inviting the control mechanisms into private schools that make public schools a red tape nightmare in many places. I know there are good/bad public schools and good/bad private schools. We can’t paint one big brush stroke.

    Many legislators in AZ and other states have the impression the ends justify the means–giving parents a choice of which school building to send their child. Once inside, with Common Core still widely adopted here and in other states, CC still controls and influences the marketplace of curricula choices ie textbooks, tests, workbooks, software, apps etc–the common market looks, feels, and smells the same. The big fat cherry on top for the edu profiteers is the state mandated tests. Already half dozen states REQUIRE private schools to take the same test that the public schools take. The outcomes…scores then determine whether the school is “good enough or not”. While today, the AZ ESA expansion doesn’t yet require private school students to take the AZ State test, other states show us that over time that is a real probability in AZ. What gets tested is what gets taught especially when your school rating depends on it.

    We also know that university tuition has sky rocked over the past 20+ years due to the loans/grants etc that are available. Schools build that “free money” into their budgets. Is it too hard to imagine private K-12 schools will fall into the same “free money” mindset and tuition will rise accordingly?

    Choice of what happens IN the classroom is what matters. If parents or grandparents want a classical education, that is already very hard to find in AZ -The School Choice State.

    If Arizonans want the ESA expansion, the ballot box will reveal this. There is going to be a media/lobbyist explosion of ads and junk mail coming our way on both sides of this issue. Lots of money to made on education issues as always.

    There are rumors that Republican lawmakers may try to change the ESA law to avoid the issue going to voters…but then try again next session to expand once again. If this is true, and Republicans try to skirt this referendum by introducing legislation to negate the bill that started the expansion, they take a big risk in making voters feel ignored. Over 100,000 signatures were collected to take this issue to the ballot. The largest voting segment in AZ are Independents. Do R’s want to alienate them? This will affect all races. Republicans can’t rely on just R voters anymore. Many Republicans are also not for this expansion for a variety of reasons. Remember the Silent Majority that felt ignored and voted Trump? It is very possible another Silent Majority will band together and be motivated against the ESA expansion and those that ushered it in.

    One main conservative concern is the State requiring testing scores to be reported once a school admits 50 ESA recipients. All kids even without ESA’s will have to have their test scores reported. Before the expansion, the Legislature and AZ Dept of ED didn’t dictate ANYTHING to private schools. How is it a Republican idea to invite the state into a private entity like a school? And to top it off, add a regulation? Gov Ducey has a hotline to suggest lowering regulations in the private sector. So this really a slap to private schools. Gov Ducey is in favor for more control over private schools.

    ESA expansion is a slippery slope. Be careful what you wish for.

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