Conscience of a Conservative–Really Now?

To the Editor,

Senator Flake started writing his book “Conscience of a Conservative” last summer.  His crystal ball predicted huge loses for Republicans in the 2016 elections, and he wanted a jump on the postmortem.  He was confident candidate Trump would drag the Republican party into miserable defeats.  History proved Flake completely wrong.

Throughput the 2016 election Flake was a staunch “Never Trump” groupie.  Flake campaigned against candidate Trump.  Since the election Flake has been a loud, non-stop, adamant opponent to everything President Trump has said, tried or done.

In contrast, from 2013 to 2016 Senator Flake uttered hardly a peep in opposition towards the Obama administration.  There was no loud, non-stop, adamant, headline grabbing Flake opposition to the numerous liberal, big government, anti-gun, anti-business, pro-socialism things said, tried or done by Barack Obama.  The years he served as a Senator under Barrack Obama’s presidency did not stir Flake’s conservative conscience to write a book.  During the 2016 presidential campaign Flake did not form nor join a “Never Clinton” group.  Flake did not campaign against Hilary Clinton’s run for president.

A detached observer would have to conclude Flake is more comfortable with, if not supportive of, Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton than he is with Donald Trump.  After all, Flake was content to remain in the background during the Obama administration and did not actively oppose Hillary’s run for office.  In contrast he has waged all out war against Trump.

Why?  Flake enjoys his current status in Washington D.C—Holding a martini glass at blue-blood establishment Republican party socials.  An outsider in charge threatens that status quo.  So Flake chooses to fire broadsides into the person who would drain the swamp in which he swims, namely Donald Trump.

“Conscience of a Conservative” is nothing more than a condemnation of Donald Trump and blasts not only those who support him, but excoriates those who do not actively oppose the Trump agenda.  Flake does not condemn those who failed to oppose Obama–avoiding self inflicted wounds.  Essentially, all Flake does is whine and complain how Trump is “changing” everything and “going against the grain” with “how things are done” in Washington.

Gee, I thought that was why most of us in fly-over country voted for Trump.  We are tired of “how things are done” in D.C. and want someone to “change” things.  Certainly for those of us who do have conservative consciences there has been only pain and suffering from Washington D.C. for the past eight years, and nothing to get excited about for the past sixteen or so years.

This book proves Flake still doesn’t “get it.”  He constantly pleads for Republicans to “reach across the aisle” to cooperate with Democrats to seek harmony.  He refuses to reach across the table to cooperate with his own President.

It was Flake’s prediction of huge Republican losses in 2016–something which would have cost membership for the Republican establishment he enjoys chumming with in D.C.–which prodded him to write “Conscience of a Conservative.”  Events proved him wrong.  Not only did Democrats not gain, the Republicans kept the House and Senate and took control of the White House for a trifecta not seen in over 85 years.  Flake totally misread the mood of the electorate.

Now Flake preaches how horrible the carnage will be in the wake of an unchecked Trump presidency.  Flake urges all to chain and shackle Trump at every turn.  He is more concerned with stopping the President than using this historic opportunity to truly shake control of the D.C. establishment from the liberal clutches they have been under since 1928.  After all, the D.C. establishment is Flake’s home and he fights redecoration.

History will, I think, again prove Flake wrong.  Trump is not a polished, professional politician who daintily floats around not offending anyone.  Always saying just the right things at just the right times to keep everyone warm and fuzzy.  He is a bit of a brute sometimes, and needs to learn a little about restraint and diplomacy.  But that is his charm, he is not the quintessential politician–a person barely one step away from a professional liar.  On the other hand, could anyone argue Flake is not the quintessential politician?

One thing we can all agree upon:  If there are indeed any conservative thoughts in the book “Conscience of a Conservative,” we know they were penned by a ghostwriter.

David Morse
Pima, AZ

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