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  1. The Oracle of Tucson | August 27, 2017 at 2:35 am |

    I stopped watching the NFL once this idiot acted out the first time in his disrespect to the flag and the national anthem.
    While I strongly disagree with him on this issue, I respect that it’s his right to express himself and it’s equally my right to boycott the NFL and its sponsors and deny them my money. Bud light is over rated anyway.
    He’s overpaid to throw the ball, not disrespect the nation. If he wants to protest he should do it off the clock and off the field.
    Sometimes it’s really expensive to be right.
    As for me I’m getting used to watching hockey and drinking Coors light.

    The Oracle

  2. The Dufus turned down a $900,000 contract as a backup QB. stupid is as stupid does.
    Perhaps he can get a QB spot in Pee Wee league.

  3. I watched an NAACP head complaining that Kapernick has to be hired or they will protest.
    He opined that it was racism that was keeping Kapernick from being picked up by an NFL team. When presented with the fact 70% of NFL players are black he retorted with, “Yes, but most of the NFL team owners are white. Really? That’s because they put up the money to buy the teams. There is nothing that says a team can’t be purchased by a black owner if they’re willing to put up their own money and put up with a bunch of whining, over-paid prima donnas who cry if they don’t get their way. They need to stop playing the race-card every time for everything. Believe it or not, not everything is about you or about race.
    I accept the fact that as a 68-year-old white guy with more metal in me than my car that I’ll never be offered a job in the NFL, unless it’s too help pick up trash after the fans leave the stadium. Should I claim I’m being discriminated against? Clearly this is age discrimination. No, the players in the NFL are hired for their ability to play and to generate money for the team owners. I have neither of those qualities – it’s not because I’m white or my age. If I could play on that level they would hire me; regardless of my color or age. Kaepernick isn’t a good enough quarterback to compensate for the distraction that he is.
    Perhaps there should be a group of white players trying to get into the NFL who should protest about the disparity of white players in the NFL. I haven’t seen a lot of Asian players in the NFL, either. They need to protest! This is a clear case of discrimination!

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