San Diego Real Estate Executive Acquitted On All 17 Federal Charges

Government misconduct including witness intimidation led to the dismissal of all charges 

(TUCSON, AZ) August 29, 2017 – On Thursday, August 24, 2017, Peter Cash Doye, a real estate investor who was charged with 17 federal charges of money laundering, conspiracy to commit fraud and wire fraud and faced 340 years in prison, was acquitted of all charges by a federal jury. The acquittal came after an 8-day trial in the United States District Court where key evidence from the prosecution showed negligence and misconduct by the prosecution, which included witness intimidation and inconsistent testimony by the federal government’s own informant.

“I’m grateful to be exonerated from the baseless charges, brought out by false accusations from individuals who I once considered friends; driven by an overzealous prosecutor who was more focused on trial wins than on achieving justice” said Doye. “I’m thankful to my family and friends for their love and support. The exoneration has left me with the freedom and the power to rebuild my life.”

“My client was clearly the victim in this case and instead of being allowed to seek restitution, he was aggressively prosecuted by the government. The jury correctly saw the truth and found Mr. Doye not guilty,” said Brad Roach, lead defense attorney in the case. “The government’s contentious prosecution of Mr. Doye made him a victim twice over.”

Rami Burbar, Consultant for the firm Piganelli & Associates, assisted the defense of Mr. Doye by managing enormous amounts of data produced by the government and providing strategic advice on trial approach, such as cross examining federal testimony and analyzing key trial evidence. “We were honored to be part of the process to secure Mr. Doye’s freedom,” said Diane Piganelli, President of Piganelli & Associates.

Cortland Gettel, CEO of Variant Holding Company and his attorney Jeffrey Greenberg pleaded guilty in 2016 to committing federal crimes.

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