Ash And His Zany AZGOP: Sunday’s Comic

Bruce Ash leads his zany AZGOP brigade

Anything but United4Victory
Posted by Arizona Freedom Alliance

If you ever wondered what kind of person would work for John McCain, inarguably the most hated man in the country even before his thumbs down vote on Obamacare replacement, here is a list of those in Arizona to get you started. We’ve combed through the list. Some are on the list of the most hated PCs in the AZGOP like Gayla Coletto for her nasty comments about Trump or Sheila Muehling, who never met a person she couldn’t condemn. Neither of these two are State Committeemen and have no voice in what happens to Lines even though we have eye witness testimony from those who saw them voting at the AZGOP meeting in January. A district Chairman on Lines’ side told us the credentials report reported more SCs than number of those who actually signed in at the meeting! Wouldn’t put it past them or Graham. Others are not even PCs. Some are unconnected to the AZGOP and have no clue what they put their name to. AND SOME HAVE SAID THEY DID NOT KNOW THEIR NAME WAS GOING ON THIS LIST AND DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS MESSAGE!!! We smell desperation on the part of Lines. Of course, all costs involved in this little charade comes from donors to the AZGOP.

If you have read The Smear by Sharyll Attkisson, you will immediately recognize the hidden smear tactics used by Soros and the progressive left like Alinsky.

Note the first name on the list: Bruce Ash. Ash is a long time National Committeeman. His name should not even be on there but of course, no honorable NC would put their name on this. You certainly do not see the name of the National Committeewoman! We are wondering, how many hands are in the till and how many have been promised other goodies.

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