Spain: What’d I Miss?

Gentle reader, I apologize! The day job is not affording me much time to keep up with current events. Please accept the following collection of thoughts as a meager apology, and as an amuse bouche for the mind, until the next installment.

Ally Miller and the Board of Animus

Sharon Bronson, enough. Seriously. You’ve duped your district into reelecting your predictable, surefire, vitriol-spewing countenance back into that chair too many times (one reelection was more than enough). But how dare you–how bloody dare you–sign your name to an attempt to rally protestors against another district’s duly-elected representative? You don’t represent anyone in this county but moneyed cronies, and the pathetic, paltry showing your little flyer garnered is proof positive that people are tired of your anti-Miller rhetoric.

And then there’s Ray “The R.C. never stood for Republican Conservative” Carroll. You were irrelevant on the Board, and you’re irrelevant now. Thank God for Steve Christy who is doing a damn sight better in that seat than you were, you vile mess of sinew and spite. Stay out of politics, stay out of District 1, and, while you’re at it, stay out of Board chambers. You have nothing of value to contribute.

Supervisor Miller: You’re a better person than I for being able to hold your tongue against the two aforementioned hacks. And Pima County and I are grateful for your tenacious and unyielding commitment to all residents of the county!

The Caca that is DACA

Former President Barack Obama: The things you did to the Constitution during your eight-year reign of terror should land you on the permanent sex offender registry! First you say you cannot circumvent Congress to codify anything like DACA into law, and then you go and do it anyway. And now you’ve got the whiny, whinging ultra-left media in a frenzy over the fictional “cruelty” that ending the program will cause. You’re out of office. Have the dignity and decency to stay out of politics, as did your predecessor, in spite of you blaming him for every problem you could imagine, right down to your wife’s dress making her a–nah, I won’t do it.

Here’s the reality: If these “dreamers” did not arrive legally, how do they have Social Security Numbers or any other documentation that allows them to work? How are they subsisting? How are their employers avoiding embargo on further business activities? Oh, that’s right: They’re effectively wards of the State. Except, how is the government tracking them to send them entitlement checks? Sounds like the government is tacitly allowing this garbage.

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The day these criminals turned eighteen, they faced a choice: Pursue citizenship and get right with the law, or perpetuate their criminal activity. Every single “dreamer” who hasn’t undertaken the work to naturalize him- or herself–because, believe it or not, it is possible to become a citizen of these United States–is a criminal and gets no sympathy from me. Instead, I demand these illegals remunerate the people of this nation for what we’ve wasted on keeping them here.

That Blows

Al Gore’s wet dream is the active Atlantic hurricane season, without doubt. And yet, I remain a climate change denier. Yup. The statistics are on my side: The Atlantic basin has recorded storms of lower pressure and equivalent winds numerous times over the past 100-plus years. Weather is a stochastic process that even our finest supercomputers cannot accurately predict–did you see how dramatically the ensemble model forecast tracks for Irma shifted eastward over 24 hours from Tuesday into Wednesday?–so no scientist can in any way, shape, or form demonstrate experimentally that the present activity in that area is anything but happenstance. Maybe those forecast computers can pick up the common thread for this column so far: Shut up, Al Gore, and go back to inventing the internet or eating donuts or something.

My thoughts and prayers are wholeheartedly with the victims of Harvey and those who have already fallen victim to and who have yet to fall victim to Hurricane Irma. Unlike the climate control freaks who want to use these storms to impose further government control on you.

President Trump and the Gasbag Ol’ Parliamentarians (GOP)

Apparently the art of the deal includes throwing your adversaries the occasional bone. Why else would Trump have needed to “strike a deal” with the Democrats in Congress? And on something that no politician would ever fight, relief for Hurricane Harvey victims (that includes lifting the debt ceiling), no less. I hope this gambit pays off, but I suspect the left will stab him in the back. And that will be the one shot they get. President Trump won’t make that mistake again, and will then begin a fusillade of political ploys that will undermine and dismantle the Democrats in Congress.

If only he would tear apart the spineless Republican establishment that cannot seem to get out of its own way.

This party lavishes money on lackluster candidates in the primaries, blowing its wad before the general elections, and leaving you and me, the voters who actually want good candidates, picking from the lesser of the two evils come November. It’s no wonder the party has no cohesion and no ability to lead, even when it has the plenary majority: The representatives are too busy looking for funding for their next campaigns to coalesce on a platform and commit to the work the electorate demands of them. Or they’re just looking to pad their own pockets. Regardless, the establishment serves to perpetuate itself (on both sides of the aisle), and we the citizens suffer for it. At least the left has figured out how to put up a united–if not utterly mindless–front.

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell: You’re fired! (We wish.)

Revisionist History

They want you to believe the Civil War had one and only one cause: “Keep the negro a slave.” Just like they want you to believe that the modern Democrat party has no interest in keeping people under its thumb. So keep tearing down statues, you imbeciles. You’re not fighting evil and you’re not doing anything meaningful. So stuff your false indignation.

Enough is Enough

The legacy media, the lousy politicians, they all need to learn when to stop. I don’t expect them to follow, but I’ll set the example by leaving this column right here.