Woman Advertised On Backpage.com, Refused To Be Sold For Sex

A Texas man pleaded guilty Thursday in federal court to transporting a person for the purpose of engaging in prostitution.

Markell Quashan Sweargin, 19, of Lubbock, Texas, was arrested in June on a criminal complaint charging him with transporting a person in interstate commerce for the purpose of forcing the person to engage in a commercial sex act. The complaint alleged that on June 14, officers of the Hobbs (New Mexico) Police Department arrested Sweargin on state charges after responding to a domestic disturbance call from a woman, who claimed that Sweargin strangled and assaulted her during an altercation arising from her refusal to engage in a sexual act with another man for money.

According to the criminal complaint, Sweargin, the woman and another person traveled from Lubbock to a hotel in Hobbs, New Mexico. Once in the hotel room, Sweargin attempted to coerce the woman into having sex with other men for money and became angry when she refused.

When Sweargin and the other person left the hotel room, a man came to the room with the expectation of having sex with the woman. After the woman refused to have sex with him, the man departed the room after telling her that he had come in response to an advertisement on a webpage known to advertise prostitution services.

Once Sweargin returned to the hotel room, he was very angry because the woman did not have sex with the man in return for money. He hit her, and blocked the door to the hotel room to prevent her and the third person from leaving. The woman and a third person fled from the room when Sweargin stepped away from the door.

During Thursday’s proceedings, Sweargin pleaded guilty to a felony information charging him with transporting a person across state lines for the purpose of engaging in prostitution. In entering the guilty plea, Sweargin admitted that on June 14, he traveled from Lubbock to Hobbs with the woman with the intention of having her engage in prostitution in New Mexico.

At sentencing, Sweargin faces a maximum penalty of 10 years in federal prison. Sweargin remains in custody pending a sentencing hearing, which has not been set.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) special agents investigated the case. The Hobbs Police Department assisted with the investigation.


  1. This is why there’s a lot of no Blacks/African Americans in backpage ads. Once again another black male strikes. Sorry to sound racist but it’s what is shown on many ads.

  2. Taxpayer…ICE only investigated the case…of 2 women taken to New Mexico by a Texas man….

    the women were the victims of the crime…not the perpetrators…but yeah…lets blame Obama

    why be reasonable?

  3. This isn’t local news. Why is it in ADI? Hope ADI isn’t trying to emulate the Star. Half of their garbage isn’t local news. I guess Tucson and its environs is a pretty boring place. When you choose not to cover the venality and misbehavior of city and county officials, there’s not much other news to report.

  4. Don’t tell me this is another one of
    Obama’s “best and brightest.”

    Don’t get me wrong. There are these types of
    scumbags that are both legally and illegally
    present in the country.

    The difference is that the percentage of illegals
    that engage in criminal activity is much higher than
    the general populace.

    This makes sense as they have already committed a
    minimum of one felony by being in the country illegally.

    • Oh the irony, “If I had a son he might look like Markell Quashan Sweargin, 19, of Lubbock, Texas”.

      The Oracle

    • So this young black man is here illegally why? Oh wait because hundreds of years ago, your White ancestors decided “we” are good for free labor, “oh look at those big, scary black men, he looks like trouble, he’s a bad one, gonna have to taze that thing!”

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