Bill Would Settle Water Rights Claims Of Hualapai Tribe

Last Thursday, S.1770, The Hualapai Tribe Water Rights Settlement Act, was introduced in the U.S. Senate to settle the water rights claims of the Hualapai Tribe. The water settlement bill would ratify a settlement agreement negotiated between the Hualapai Tribe, the State of Arizona, and several water providers in the state.

Under the agreement, the Hualapai Tribe would quantify their Colorado River rights and accept 4,000 acre-feet per year of water from the Colorado River. Having this agreement in place would ensure that the tribe’s previously outstanding water claims could not potentially displace water used to serve 5 million water customers that also rely on the Colorado and Verde Rivers.

As a result of the settlement, the Hualapai Tribe will receive authorization for infrastructure projects that would provide a reliable water source at Grand Canyon West and Peach Springs. Currently, Grand Canyon West employs approximately 300 tribal members and 300 non-tribal members and attracts over 1,000,000 visitors annually.

“The Hualapai Tribe is proud to be the leader in economic development in northwest Arizona, and we know the prosperity of our people benefits so many others,” said Hualapai Chairman Dr. Damon R. Clarke. “The Hualapai people, including our past Chairs and Tribal Council members, have worked previously with many other stakeholders to help us reach this next phase of our growth. And now we are grateful to Senator Flake, Senator McCain and Rep. Gosar for their vision of economic growth for the Hualapai Tribe, Mohave County and the State of Arizona. We stand behind their efforts and are ready to work with Congress to ensure the passage of the needed legislation.”

“With the adoption of Resolution No. 2017-063 at our May 15, 2017 meeting, the Mohave County Board of Supervisors unanimously conveyed their support of this water settlement and encouraged the Arizona Congressional Delegation to pursue passage of this legislation,” said Mohave County Board of Supervisors Chairman Gary Watson. “Mohave County recognizes that the Hualapai Tribe Water Rights Settlement Act of 2017 will allow the Tribe to create hundreds of jobs for both residents of the Hualapai Reservation and non-reservation residents of Mohave County.”

“Freeport McMoRan has been working with the Hualapai Tribe, the US and the various Arizona parties to find mutually beneficial solutions to the water supply needs of the Hualapai Tribe and the region. We are extremely pleased to be a party to the Agreements and fully support this Legislation and the benefits that it brings to all parties,” said Freeport McMoRan Vice President for Land & Water Francis McAllister. “We appreciate the leadership of Senator Flake and his staff for stewarding this legislative process that will bring water and jobs to the Hualapai Reservation, along with resolving current and future water conflicts between state and federal parties in the Bill Williams watershed.”

“Salt River Project (SRP), like many other parties in the state, has long supported efforts to resolve the Hualapai Tribe’s claims to water in Arizona through negotiated settlement. We applaud the efforts of Senator Flake to finalize the settlement,” said Dave Roberts, SRP’s Associate General Manager Water Resources. “Much like SRP, the Hualapai Tribe has a claim to water of the Upper Verde River watershed and the settlement of the Hualapai claim will add certainty to both tribal and non-tribal water users as well as create opportunities for further economic development in Arizona.”

“Central Arizona Project (CAP) is pleased that the Hualapai have a water settlement which resolves the Tribe’s claims to the Colorado River, the same water supply CAP delivers, and provides certainty to water users that are dependent on CAP for water,” said CAP Board President Lisa Atkins.