A New Study Says Fats Are Good For Heart Health

By Mia Atkins

PHOENIX – A new study shows people with heart disease still may be able to enjoy fatty foods. Increasing the intake of fats could be good for heart health.

Brooke Haack considers that good news. She and her daughter Haley have the same genetic condition –  alarmingly high cholesterol that puts them at risk of heart disease. They avoid eating foods like bacon and french fries, and have missed out on countless milkshakes and burgers so they can lower this risk.

“Her modifications are going to be a little less than what mine was at her age, but still it’s one of those things where you don’t want your child to have the same struggles,” said Brooke Haack.

Both women have completely changed their diets to reduce fats, but a new study shows that may have been unnecessary.

The European Society of Cardiology’s results were published in The Lancet in August, and stated a moderate intake of fats is related to a low risk of deaths from cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Ayman Jamal, an Arizona cardiologist, believes it changes guidelines to keep the heart healthy.

“It will change the future of recommending a more moderate amount of fat in your intake,” Jamal said.

Haley Haack, 16, said the study gives her a new chance to be healthier without sacrificing food that tastes good.

“I guess it’s just a couple (of) other things that you have to take out of your diet and some things you have to add back in,” she said.

Brooke Haack, 44, was diagnosed with heart problems at age 14, and is optimistic about the freedoms she could gain through this new diet.

“Since I was diagnosed, they said, ‘keep your fats super low,’” Brooke said, saying it was drilled into her.

Jamal said the study isn’t a prescription for a heart patient to eat just anything: they should still make sure to consume a healthful daily intake of fruits and vegetables.

About 35 percent of a person’s energy and daily calories should come from fat, and no more than 60 calories per day should come from carbohydrates, Jamal said.

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  1. Lord, make me to know mine end, and the measure of my days, what it is; that I may know how frail I am. So a with the time of man’s birth, the time of his death is according to the purpose of God; and all things (good and bad) that will come to man throughout the whole course of his life.. they all fall under the appointment of God and are according to his decree, design, purpose and will. SO keep the lamp full.

  2. I like the mango filled ones – Delicious

  3. Not that I need yet another reason to eat a creme-filled, chocolate-covered donut, mind you!

  4. The Oracle of Tucson | September 13, 2017 at 11:16 am |

    Its carbs and processed foods that are making prople fat and sick.
    Eat real foods, fats included and you’ll live healthier and longer.
    The liberal nightly consumption of Irish Whiskey is a big help to longevity as well.

    The Oracle

    • ah yes the medicine Jameson – with doughnuts ‘ Caves ‘ are the real thing ; AND THEY ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS !

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