Amazon Gifts Sun Corridor Cactus To Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Sun Corridor had always been the butt of jokes but when it sent a cactus that had been rescued from a trailer park to Jeff Bezos at Amazon in an effort to lure the company to southern Arizona it became a national embarrassment. That embarrassment has been compounded now due to the fact that Amazon has had to gift the cactus to the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum.

According to a tweet by Amazon News, because the company cannot accept gifts it has regifted the 21-foot Saguaro cactus.

Sun Corridor Inc., which passes itself off as an economic development group, admitted that the cactus was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

When asked in an interview on the James T. Harris radio show what he thought of the cactus gift by Sun Corridor, Pima County Supervisor Steve Christy said, “I’ll tell you what Amazon thought of it. They donated it.”

10 Comments on "Amazon Gifts Sun Corridor Cactus To Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum"

  1. OMG, this is truly pathetic. I gotta move before my yard kills me in protest.

  2. Sun Corridor Inc., which passes itself off as an economic development group, admitted that the cactus was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

    What a gig Joe Snell has. A salary in the Huckelberry range and a staff of get this EIGHT flunkies to work for him doing nothing. Stupid is as stupid does. Lives off our tax money and sends a cactus as a joke. How absolutely pathetic and this man and his crack staff are the “leaders” for economic development in this area. Is it any wonder that this is the 8th poorest area in the state and the worst city to live in which to live in the state with the most in poverty and highest crime rate??? A cactus for God sake. How utterly stupid but keep up the good work Joe, the county will still pay you millions to keep businesses out so that the cost of labor doesn’t go up and the cronies won’t have to pay a real wage instead of 10-15 dollars per hour. So proud of this area, I could just puke.

  3. What have you done to promote Tucson?

    • I’ve tried to vote in fiscally responsible candidates. Ones that would be accountable for there actions in order to prove Tucson can be a viable place to do business. Whoever you are, what have you done? This guy Snell makes WAY too much money!

  4. What can we expect from Huckelberry and his Sun Corridor cronies? Economic development is a big fat joke to them.
    Ally Miller has called out violations of the gift clause more than once. A goofy balloon venture comes to mind. If no one calls out the violation-they must think it isn’t one.

    Thanks Sun Corridor for nothing. You make Tucson the butt of jokes.

  5. This outcome was as predictable as the decisions made by the board of supervisors majority and Chuck Huckleberry…you can’t make this stuff up.

  6. Why does Amazon know it should not be given gifts paid for by taxpayers but Huckleberry and the three stooges do not?

  7. All we need to do is recall Bronson and elect a fiscally responsible person in her place to break Huckleberry`s strangle hold on Pima County.

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