Arizona Goes To The Highest Bidder: Sunday’s Comic

Ratepayers Can’t Compete With APS For Access

Nearly every week, the battle between Arizona Corporation Commissioner Bob Burns and Arizona Public Service makes headlines. Burns is fighting the behemoth utility service for increased transparency in its political spending.

While Burns has significant support from the public, he has met with significant opposition from his fellow commissioners. Commissioners Tom Forese, Boyd Dunn, Andy Tobin, and Doug Little appear to use their power is support of Arizona Public Service (APS). In fact, it seems they have made a concerted effort to throw roadblocks in Burns’ path every step of the way.

Many other elected representatives are privately supporting Burns, but with a few exceptions, that support has not been evident in the public square. They complain vaguely about “dark money,” and the ethically challenged “captive commissioners,” but rarely mention APS….

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