Lasley On: National Disgrace?

Cartoonist/artist Richard Lasley is a native of Southern California, who attended Ventura College and the Art Center School of Los Angeles for Illustration and Design.

He has worked as a freelance artist for many agencies in Los Angeles, New York and was a member of The Illustrator’s Club of Los Angeles.

Currently he resides in Tubac, Arizona. His work is featured at Tubac Presidio Park.

32 Comments on "Lasley On: National Disgrace?"

  1. The Oracle of Tucson | October 22, 2017 at 1:05 am |

    What are the odds from the lone looser of Tubac, that he would force feed us with more graphite smudge hate spéch disguised as art?
    Lasley as a comic? I haven’t seen one fricking thing that you’ve sketched that is remotely funny. Just another partisan POS graphite smudge from the partisan POS of Tubac with dirty fingers and a soiled mind full of venomous hate.
    Lasley’s anti Trump hatred is so consuming and out of control that he’s conveniently omitted the harsh reality that William Jefferson Clinton, Harvey Swinestein, Anthony Wiener, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, Jacob Schwartz, Sen. Robert Menendez,
    Jeffrey Epstein, Scott Chamberlain (all dems by the way) who have made the Democratic party, the party of sex offenders.
    The hypocrisy over shadows the art, seriously Lasley wipe the rabid foam from your lips, put down the pencil, pick up the phone and call for some serious help.

    The Oracle

  2. What, Again | October 22, 2017 at 6:17 am |

    Don’t look here – one of the biggest donors of liberal democrats, best buds of the Clinton’s and Obama’s for whom Michelle called a wonderful man and now has actual investigations of rape;

    ‘I DROVE MR SEX PIG’ Harvey Weinstein’s former-chauffeur reveals more of the film chief’s sick secrets – including how he ‘had sex in the back of a car as woman begged him not to hurt her’

  3. Mike Putfus | October 22, 2017 at 6:54 am |

    The biggest National Disgrace is and always has been the left wing nuts in office as well in the media.

  4. Oh this week it’s the ‘sex card’…. that’s it? that’s all he can come up with ‘the man he touched my ass’ – well I guess he didn’t shove a cigar in.. was that with our without the wrapper.. Where is Harvey ? Or is that still a secret in Tubac?

  5. oh look its, slap butt of the week prezz…just another early indication , warning or example of bad vibes creeping are way from prezzy don…little slap here,little slap there,then slapping faces all over the place..WAKE UP BIG MR…. slap america silly will you? this guy must have slapped himself silly blind when he was a kid ..maybe slappin the bass guitar would have worked out better for our now crazy red headed president of the united states …….lasley’s art is amazing stuff..a d i is amazing ..put em together, you’ve got raw real news..the truth is out there ….

    • Still smoke’n them loco weeds Mr. Power… it’s going stunt your brain and it’s becoming noticeable… “it’s amazing stuff a d i is amazing.. ‘buckle up sir’, the ride is going to get bumpy.

  6. this could be a positive sketch pointed right at your face ..imagine big abe .L..who had large hands they say.. playing grap ass ………… .abe gripped the issues by the horns back then, didn’t point his large finger at some one to blame his political problems on….that could be it! trumps tiny hands, giving him low self esteem issues as a young spoiled man ..i guess he thought the only fix for this himself, was to play mr. BIG MAN of the world,and divert people from his personal issues..he had to.. …..that’s it!..that’s where he learned the fake news play card..all those constant diversionary tactics….wow………big pockets..big ego..and a big big life ahead of this guy..i say he handled it well, back in those day’s…….he could play touchy feeeeley grab ass and still be mr. trump towers man of the world..”not nowaday’s pal”..get a grip your on new reality factor donald..try controlling your self sir.trump …control the united states will you?…
    that’s another story…

  7. Don’t know why you Trumpster’s are so bent out of shape about this Sunday’s illustration ❗️The drawing reflects total truth about the Our President of the United States ❗️Time after time he has proven to disrespect women and to be a total Sleeze-bag❗️What a great example for our children 👎🏽 REALLY ????How can YOU except this kind of man to represent our nation? My only conclusion is that This behavior towards women is fine with you???

    • How you noticed his daughters and family? No drink, no drugs, quite nice, well spoken, intelligent.. it’s just the rich water they drink? Has he made any mistakes… I’ll bet he has with lots of opportunity to do so… so have I – I am a sinner.. how about you?

      • Give their mothers main credit for their positive qualities. They are fortunate to have had a good education. You have no clue if they take drugs or not. I do know that one son killed an elephant and held the elephant’s tail in the air as he felt so proud of his kill❗️🐘….wow what a sickening way to feel like your a big man👎🏽👎🏽

    • How could anyone, with half a brain allow obama to be potus? ruining our country and dividing us and walks off with even bigger bucks than when he got there, but you did, now didn’t you? so shut up and be a nice little boy.
      BTW I notice you usually only post on this one site lasly’s. All week I looked to see where else you might have posted but nope, not anywhere, at least not in any critical discussion. So mr lasly, having to defend yourself yet again?

      • The Oracle of Tucson | October 23, 2017 at 8:38 am |

        Aric: She’s little more then a carpet bagging cyber troll agitator who’s progressive left wing mind set only allows her to attack like a rabid dog anyone who opposes her point of view.
        Since she cyber commutes from Portland, she has no vested interest in “our” community which explains why she only post on the looser Lasley page.
        She’s hardly worth acknowledging and certainly never worth debating. Let her say her peace and hopefully she’ll be quiet by tuesday. Outside of her fellow posse members, no one agrees with or cares what she thinks, believes or says. I no longer read anything she post, it’s not worth my time or yours.
        It’s truly sad.

        The Oracle

  8. Is this Acceptable to You Trumpsters?? Please tell me? We are talking only of our present President Trump❗️Stay on subject of only him??

  9. p.s one more thing to the boy’s of az. summer…Donald trump, i know has a better since of humor, than all oracles buddy’s put together..this is a real factual fact…all the cahos trump is in the middle of..i have to admit..his disposition puts people like oracle to shame, who is a big complaining weeeener wyynnner……..


    • you have my bumpy ride sir… ROTFLMAO – really that’s all you got man – roll another big blunt sir – it’ll kill the pain of your existence – just medicinal you know..

  11. As usual Lasley ignores reality when creating his “cartoon” Correct me if I`m mistaken but didn`t Mr. Trump say that the rich and powerful can get away with doing things to women, things like that Lasley seems to depict, because of their wealth, money and power but he did not admit to doing those things himself? In fact wasn`t he simply describing the behavior towards women of Harvey Weinstein and too many others in Hollywood? As we know, Weinstein is also a close friend of the Clintons, and a mega million dollar donor bundler for HOLLYWOOD DEMOCRATS.

    • Like are you in denial or you have no clue about Trumps ongoing Sleeze-bag behavior ❗️? Wow❗️Didn’t you hear his conversation with Billy Bush?? Go listen to him taking with Howard Stern…Right from his lips again❗️Geeze…He had total sleezey behavior while interacting with 4000 beauty contestants for years❗️From his lips he brags about walking in on these girls on purpose for his jollies ❗️He has paid women off for his sleeze-bag behavior ❗️There is ongoing reports from reputable good women❗️Don’t forget he cheated on first wife & Married Marla and another kid then cheated on her…now this wife another baby❗️Geeze… Lasley’s illustration really happened❗️Our President is disrespectful to women and a sleeve-Bag. FACT❗️


  13. WHAT IS YOUR BUMPY RIDE MR.BBBBbbB…mmmmmmm lets see…Rare…Old.. Fun ..Left ..Arizona….Oracle…?

  14. that’s it billy b figured it out….. Rare Old Time Fun Left Old Man

    Arizona’s Oracle….your brilliant mr. bbbb.!

  15. to billy b’s a little splainin to your last question……,i’m a picker,i’m a grinner,i’m a lover, and i’m a sinner…i play my music in the sun…i’m a joker,i’m a smoker,i’m a midnight toker….don’t wanna hurt no one …

  16. you guy’s are boring…excuse me while i retap in to the brilliant section of my mind for next week’s sketch topic commentary’s ..i call it the oracle section of my brain…mmmmmmmm let me think…………………………………………DOYYIIIII

  17. When I first found the ADI I thought I had found a good paper to read, especially after the raggedy red star, but now it seems we have another raggedy red star and I will not read here again. The war of words that I have had to sink to is too low for me. So adios, and have fun degrading yourselves.

    • The Oracle of Tucson | October 23, 2017 at 8:50 am |

      Aric: your up against two idiots who thrive on pissing everyone off, just skip over anything that it’s written by Michelle or Rick. They are both. Pathetic cyber troll agitators and not with acknowledging or responding to.
      A lot of good people post here that still have relevent input. Just ignore the two trolls and you’ll find ADI is still with reading. I’ve had more intelligent conversations with my dog then reading her constant victimized hate speech followed up by his drug induced attempts at rapper relevancy.
      Talk about them, but NEVER to them.

      The Oracle

    • Aric… it seems that
      There has been “war of words” because you Trumpsters continually get pissed off at others that don’t share your Red State opinions. You all want to get off the subject matter of Sunday’s illustration. Plus, this Oracle loves to bounce around with his insults and assumptions as he tries to act as if he is smart. He has has no common sense. Why not address the illustration and stay on the subject matter of this behavior of our President in office right now? Is this Sleeze-bag behavior okay with You? Simple question & none of you will address this about our present President.

  18. YOU ARE PATHETIC MR. BIG Oooooooo You are the meanest miserable old man ever❗️You get off on causing trouble and putting people down for their personal views that don’t match yours❗️I have told You to schedule appointment for a SHRINK❗️Why didn’t U sit in the sunshine and listen to the birds sing? 🎶 Go listen to The Beatles love songs🎶🎶. You poor miserable being 😜❗️

  19. oh well aric and oracle are upset again…just remember this my good friends…your right… a d i .. is a great organization for all ….but don’t forget this little interest from day one months ago, was the comic or humor section of this paper ..just stumbled acrossed the”the funny art.. section….i read some comments”first thing i noticed was some people were not so positive with responses..then i realized these are mostly republican comments… so big deal.. i said.. i read little more until i came to a real negative and nasty comment directed right at the artist that was a little odd ,then the subject point of the sketch had been lost.. this was the first flag up that something was aammiysssss ..i learned how to commentary battle for the respect that is deserved for all professional artitsts of any kind…lasley is good…….politics is mostly aggravating bull shit… ” oracle ” thanks for teaching me how to be a effective commentator….ya see sir O.. you were shit slinging way before i came around… this a bad thing ?…..naaah…..unusual and crude responses towards adi’s comic that has turned out to be a real personal problem with big O…your a smart guy big O….don’t be a rreeeeeeeeetaaaaarrrrrdddddd

  20. Well said Mr. Rick….Mr. Big OOO is a waste of energy as he is over the edge and filled with hate❗️Others who have been following this site are very aware of his poor soul..

  21. David Thompson | October 25, 2017 at 7:19 am |

    It will be interesting to see if Lasley has the integrity to do a piece on the the Dems with egg on their face now that it has been revealed who was behind and paid for the Bogus dossier.

  22. can you convince MOST people how smart and wise you republicans are regarding the future of our u.s.a.? lets see how long you ignore that question..chomping at the bit maybe? explain to us your way or the highway approach………not here in america ,my fine featherd friends…think again,and again..fumble this thought around awhile………………………………………………………………………doiyyii

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