Patriotism Under Fire

It is increasingly apparent that the liberal movement is doing everything possible to destroy public respect for the bulwarks of our Nation’s loyalty. Every day the fake news media attack the symbols of our patriotism. Professional football players who have an average salary of approximately 2.4 million dollars a year would be better off to fund programs from their own salary to assist their local communities and youth to escape poverty rather than insult the music and words of our National Anthem by not standing with their right hand over their hearts as do the football stadium attendees that came to watch a game. Whatever these players do to aid their cause should be done on their own time.

The lists of liberals who erode our fundamental freedoms are almost endless as they appear to be against just about everything. The word “patriotism” is defined as “a strong supporter of a faction, party, etc., and is a label of a guerrilla fighter.” The liberal troublemakers are not loyal to any symbol of patriotism that reflects loyalty to our Constitution or our rich heritage. They do not respect our Constitutional First Amendment with regards to freedom of speech as

they wish to ban what they do not want to hear. They want to tear down statues depicting historical heroes of bygone days to rewrite history with their biases, while shunning the patriotic tasks of Making America Great Again. These troublemakers claim racism as a need to ban books from libraries that include such well known literary stories such as Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn that described the South as it really was and how slavery was un-American.

Another such incident occurred recently when our First Lady, Melania Trump, sought to donate Dr. Seuss story books to a school children’s library.  The anti-Trump librarian refused to accept the donation on grounds that they contained racial images. I think the school district needs to look for a new librarian. When looking at the wide spectrum of radical liberals and their attempts to destroy patriotism, it is easy to conclude that they never have gained fame for attempting to make ‘America Great’ or written a book supporting patriotism and therefore want to destroy our heroes.

Patriotism is the love and zealoting support of one’s own country. This definition covers a very broad range of values. Even the economic health of our nation can be considered an issue that involves patriotism. A ‘bull’ stock market and the gross productive market (GPM) are indicators that our conservative system of finance is working when compared to the debt producing liberal mindset. Even for those who strive for wealth, which can be acquired by all citizens, could also be looked upon as a bond of patriotism. The liberal left promotes a welfare state whereby the citizens rely upon a “dole” and have no incentive to strive for the betterment of either themselves or the country. It is easy to see that radical liberals are like spoiled children who resort to a tantrum of violence. Radical liberals only observe what President Trump’s programs that appear in  their mind to not be making America Great Again, and endorse violence as a method of resistance. Also, our American ethic of patriotism is in real danger from the radical liberal media that generates fake hate news with the intent to create panic that also encourages violent resistance.

David V MacCollum

To overcome the constant resistance of our patriotic traditions, I advocate the need for a national populist newspaper that is published just on weekdays. This newspaper’s primary function would be to tell the truth, and needs to be available to conservative professionals, business executives and the public. Current established newspapers are infected with an anti-Trump virus. A pro-Trump populist newspaper has a ready market. Pro-President Trump patriots are generaly silent but are always on the lookout for support in their beliefs. There is a real need for this national populist newspaper that documents how President Trump and other populist patriots are making America Great Again. In all reality, President Trump is a true modern day patriot.

The symbolism of standing at attention with our right hand over our heart when our national anthem is played is to give thanks to our national freedom. Patriotism in many ways is all about our blessings of freedom that provides our citizens the opportunity to succeed.


  1. I think the best way forward regarding the kneeling players controversy is to just leave it to the NFL, the owners and the players to work out. It has been over a year now and we all have made our judgement about what it is really all about. If anyone cares, my judgement is that it is simply a matter of politics and the players are the willing or ignorant tools of the radical, Democrat Party resisters, ditto the NFL and most of the owners. Debate and reason will do nothing to change what happens on the NFL football field, so lets just leave them to it and decide, as fans, what we want to do. It`s over for me. However, I would suggest that because the players are the most important asset in the professional football business, they, not the Commissioner of the NFL nor the owners should take the lead as spokesman on the subject and have a veto over what to do going forward. In fact, I am surprised, given the critical importance of the players to the NFL, that they don`t even have a profit sharing arrangement with the owners and the NFL and, to my knowledge, get no share of the ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS and ESPN business profits derived from their unique talents and extremely difficult performances week in and week out. My only question is, can we get a truthful answer from the owners as to why none of them have hired Kaepernick so we can put an end to his wasting media space?

  2. when they are in the locker room do they have a girls bathroom to go in – so if they feel like girls they can go in their to do their thing… or has that not yet met the complaint list in the NFL locker rooms?

  3. Thank you Mr MacCullum for putting the situation right where it belongs. I have always believed and respected that you stand at attention during the National Anthem

    Interestingly after cutting back on NFL viewing last year because of Kapernick and now going totally off of NFL viewing I don’t find myself missing it and I’m enjoying more effective time usage.

  4. They tried IMO to have a national news system, it was called FOX NEWS and even it has devolved into the catagory of insignificant. Much like cnn, usa today profits for its owners rule the day and the news is anything but populist anymore.

    Then the question becomes on who decides on what is populist vs liberal news? None of the current media types can agree and so all are just looking out for themselves at the expense of the rest of the country and people. Again just my opinion.

  5. Mr MacCullum. Another fine piece of pros. Succinct and to the point. Let me be the first to agree with your recommendation for a national populist newspaper. . I also agree there is a ready made market. It would dominant the printed news cycle as most Americans are sick of the “fake news” media outlets that fill the airwaves and headlines with their hatred of traditional values.

  6. Well David the media hasn’t told the whole truth in a very long time, but has used a political spin as often as they could.

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