Arizona Leaders Offer Prayers For Texas Shooting Victims, Quezada Thanks NRA

Social media sites immediately populated with those exploiting tragedy.

Arizona leaders immediately took to Facebook and Twitter to offer prayers and condolences to the victims of a deadly shooting spree at a Texas church. While most expressed sadness, Arizona State Sen. Martin Quezada offered thanks to the NRA.

Immediately after the shooting, rabid and insensitive anti-gun groups attacked the church members on Facebook, and a “Devin Kelley Family Friendly Shooting Gallery” Facebook page popped-up. However, Quezada is the first elected representative to cross the line according to his constituents.

Sen. Quezada, who serves as the Senate Minority Whip, is also a member of the Pendergast Elementary School District Governing Board in Phoenix, Arizona.

At least 27 people were killed on Sunday by a gunman, Devin Patrick Kelley, of New Braunfels, Texas, who opened fire inside the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs.

Arizona State Rep. Bob Thorpe stated, “As friends and families grieve today over the deaths and injuries of loved ones harmed inside a small town Texas house of worship, Senator Quezada should be ashamed of himself for his callus, myopic comments. Just like Hillary Clinton’s anti-gun statements immediately after the recent, horrific October 1st shooting in Las Vegas, Democrats waste no time in turning human tragedy into political folly. Isn’t it ironic that when an Islamic terrorist used a truck, instead of a gun last week in New York to maim and kill innocent bystanders, Democrats were uncharacteristically silent, because the weapon and the attacker’s ethnicity didn’t further their liberal political narrative. Reasonable Arizonans within my legislative district find the lack of compassion and blatant intolerance of Quezada and his progressive left to be truly nauseating.”


  1. Current already on the books federal law prohibited him from buying, owning or processing firearms due to his prior Domestic Violence (DV) charges.
    The Air Forces OSI has admitted that they failed to notify the FBI of his DV conviction resulting in his ability to bypass failing the Federal background check.
    It’s a further violation of federal law to knowingly sell a firearm to a person with a DV conviction, but a cash sale from a private party would have further bypassed that problem.

    The Oracle

  2. I want to thank the NRA too, but for the right reason. They protected
    the 2nd amendment rights of the citizen that shot the alpha hotel after he exited the church!

  3. Is Texas one of the states that makes houses of worship “gun-free” zones? Seems odd to me that not one member of the congregation was carrying concealed and prepared to offer resistance in such a situation. We’re told the killer paused more than once to reload.

    • Churches and synagogues are set up to welcome people right into the heart of the worship area. It took only a few seconds for this evil person to get into the church and start shooting. Folks had their minds on the service and had to process the initial shock before acting to save their own lives or lives of their families. I typically sit next to a side exit door at my church and carry a weapon discretely just about every Sunday. Posting a gun-free sign is pointless unless churches can provide better security than they do currently. They are unlikely to do so because most are financially strapped and can’t afford security personnel.

  4. He had a BCD Discharge from the AirForce for domestic violence so he couldn’t get a permit to carry or even buy a firearm. So where did he get them? Enforce all laws.

  5. Today’s article on the most dangerous states has more murders in 12 states than died in 9-11. Don’t know how many involved guns but my guess is a lot. The latest mass shooting with NRA-sanctioned weapons, coming so soon after Las Vegas, makes me wonder who the terrorists really are? Maybe we should apply that “extreme vetting” of immigrants to “extreme vetting” of gun buyers. At some point we as a society have to say: Enough!

    • The only thing that would accomplish is infringing on rights of American citizens, punishing them for their Constitutional rights.

      Such an ignorant assessment of not only the inventory of guns in the US but the process of purchasing them. “NRA-sanctioned weapons”? What a buffoon.

      • “NRA sanctioned weapons” sounds as illogical as saying that the next to latest mass murder in Manhattan on 10/31 was completed with a Ford-sanctioned (or Home Depot sanctioned) flatbed pickup truck. Please put the blame where it belongs…on the PERSON wielding or deploying the particular gun, knife, bomb, blunt object, pipe, brick, or Ford truck. Cars/trucks kill huge numbers of people annually…not because they spontaneously explode…but because the PERSON driving them is texting, drunk, falls asleep, isn’t paying attention, is driving too fast for the road conditions, or is wiped out by someone else who is texting, drunk, asleep, driving poorly, or not paying attention.

  6. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those hurt, and killed by this nut case who couldn’t get a permit to carry a firearm. Special thanks to the one that shot him.

  7. evil in incarnate – an anti Christ among us, doing what Satan wants – expect more – Satan is getting desperate knowing his time is coming to an end soon, a tantrum against Christ – that church must be one of great faith for them to be attacked in such manner… and the anti-Christian attacks increase – how long till the left joins in – no time – they already are.

  8. The killer has been accused of having an Atheistic Worldview. Wonder why someone would hate what they don’t believe in?

  9. At least Arizona State Sen. Martin Quezada had the courage to say what he was thinking unlike Rep Raul (Gordo) Grijalva who had to be cryptic about his position. Typical.

    • Your gonna get sent off to the cornfield when the progressive princess of Portland rears her ugly head in response…..

      The Oracle

  10. Arizona State Sen. Martin Quezada offered thanks to the NRA. Showing his true Chicago/Obama style of governing never to waste a good Crisis.

    Shame on you.

    • Why do you think it is that the Democrat Party which has spent years trying to brand the GOP as pure evil demands civility in our political dialogue? How can you call someone evil and then expect them to even want to talk to you, let alone engage with you in political dialogue? You can`t of course but calling for civility is just the Democrats means of distracting us from their poisoning of the political dialogue of the country with their hate speech. When the Democrats call conservatives racists and the rest, they don`t want a civil political debate, they
      want an emotional slug fest to fuel the divisiveness. Unfortunately, the Main Sleaze Media work for the Democrats and use the same strategy and tactics.

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