Arrested For Assault in Mesa, Earl Has History Of Abuse In Seattle

Dion Earl

Dion Earl, age 45, of Mesa has been arrested and charged with three felony counts of sexual assault, kidnapping and sexual abuse, two misdemeanor counts of assault and sexual indecency. According to Mesa Police two women reported two separate assaults that occurred on September 12 and October 22.

According to the latest victim’s parents, their 18-year-old daughter was in Earl’s residence to babysit his three small children. Those children were in the next room when the alleged incident happened. In the September incident, children were asleep in the same room, in which the assault occurred.

Both victims were hired through a babysitting services site.

While both victims fought Earl, he was not arrested until after the October incident.

Those familiar with the cases say that Earl presented himself as a successful businessman. Nothing about him raised red flags. However, Earl raised more than red flags while living in Seattle, Washington.

The Seattle Times reported in December 2014 that “members of a fledging (sic) Seattle indoor soccer team” quit after a lawsuit accused their owner, Earl, “of sexually assaulting two female employees.”

“That’s when 22 players quit the Seattle Impact FC after only one regular season game,” reported the Seattle Times. “They followed the squad’s “Ladies with Impact” dance team, which had also resigned to protest the alleged assault of two of their own by Dion Earl. A former college soccer star, Earl, 42, has a history of sexual- and behavioral-misconduct allegations against him spanning nearly two decades since his days as a high-school coach.”

Earl’s LinkedIn profile indicates that he is an Executive Account Manager at Core 3 Technologies, LLC., in Phoenix.

Earl was arraigned on November 9, and will remain in jail until his next hearing in December. Maricopa County Attorney’s office will be prosecuting this case.

“Sexual assault and sexual exploitation has many faces, reporting it and speaking out at the time of the incident can save future victims. This case is personal. I know the family of the victim and this happened in my neighborhood,” said Kathleen Winn, Executive Director Project 25. “We will continue to fight to end sexual exploitation of minors and all those effected by this egregious crime.”

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